Monday, September 18, 2017

Delegates voice their views on various issues that need more focus

From assessment patterns and implementation of corrective measures to constant upgradation of school curriculum and from devising ways to increase enrolment in government schools to introduction of common grading system for both government and private schools, delegates, who donned the role of Ministers of the ruling party and members of the Opposition voiced their views on the problems that plague the current education system.

With ‘Reforms to school education in Andhra Pradesh’ as the theme, the ruling and opposition parties brought several issues in the field of education to the fore at ‘Youth Assembly’, a mock session of the State Assembly, held at Andhra University Platinum Jubilee Guesthouse on Sunday.

Delegates from Andhra University, St. Joseph’s College for Women (autonomous), Aditya Degree College, Timpany School and Kotak Salesian School debated key issues which need to be sorted out at the simulated Assembly.

While the opposition party pointed out concerns such as improper teacher training programme, unequal proportion of student-teacher ratio and poor infrastructure provided in schools, the Ministers of ruling party argued how concrete steps have been taken to develop the State into a world-class infrastructure on a shoestring budget, drawing inspiration from Singapore.

Expressing concern over lack of quality education in the country, Lok Satta Party founder Jayaprakash Narayan, who participated as chief guest, stated the present education system was more focused on scores rather than creating a stress-free environment for students. He encouraged the youngsters to be a catalyst of change and contribute their part however small it may be. Further, he added that the policy makers should shift their focus on quality-oriented outcome rather than good results that give way to increased enrolment.

HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao inaugurated the session.

Visakhapatnam MP K. Haribabu and others also spoke.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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