Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lok Satta Party and BC Front join hands

The Lok Satta Party and the Backward Classes’ United Front today entered into an electoral alliance and decided to contest on a common symbol.

Announcing this at a media conference, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and Mr. P. Ramakrishnaiah, President of the BC United Front, said that the Front would contest from 14 seats.

The Lok Satta President disclosed that his party was also working closely with the Muslim United Front.

Dr. JP said that both the old and the new parties pursuing traditional politics, reciting the social justice mantra, are fielding only candidates who can spend lavishly in elections. There could be real social justice only when every child irrespective of caste, religion and family has equal opportunities for growth, rule of law applies equally to all and when all classes and castes have proportional representation in legislative bodies.

Dr. JP said that the Lok Satta entered into an alliance with the BC United Front because of their shared ideals and objectives. The Lok Satta had offered its hand of friendship to all parties which committed themselves against inducing voters with money and liquor and against turning people into beggars. But none of the parties had made an unequivocal commitment. In contrast, the BC United Front, a party registered in 2004, has come forward to enter into an alliance with the Lok Satta Party because it too believed in proportional representation and opposed to offering inducements to voters.

Dr. JP asserted that a silent revolution fuelled by word of mouth is under way in Andhra Pradesh. The middle classes, youth, and women victims of the liquor menace are today determined to vote for the Lok Satta which alone could usher in new politics.

Mr. Ramakrishnaiah, quoting Dr. Ambedkar, said that the key to rendering social justice lay in acquiring political power. He said that the BC United Front and the Lok Satta Party would win a respectable number of seats in the coming elections. Mr. Jupally Satayanarayana, Vice President of the Lok Satta Party, spoke.

The following are the constituencies and candidates contestent on behalf the BC United Front:

District - Constituency - Candidate

1. Chittoor - Chittoor - Krishna Yadav

2. Chittoor - Kuppam - Chengaiah Lakshmi

3. Anantapur - Kalyanadurgam - Krishnamurthy

4. Anantapur - Uravakonda - Rudrananda

5. Anantapur - Raptadu - G. Sanjeev kumar

6. Kadapa - Mydukur - Gampa Tirupati

7. Kadapa - Badvel - Dr. Danam

8. Kadapa - Proddutur - Paluru Ramakrishnaiah

9. Kurnool - Allagadda -

10. Kurnool - Nandikotkuru -

11. Kurnool - Kodumuru - Sanjeeva Rao

12. Nalgonda - Nagarjuna Sagar - C.H. Mallikarjuna Goud

13. Mahaboobnagar - Shadnagar - K. Venugopal

14. Mahaboobnagar - Maktal - J. Suryanarayana


  1. Dear JP,

    I really liked the policies and thoughts of lok satta until I saw that it joined hands with BC United. I am manily against caste politics and parties which support uplifting of a particular caste rather than the country. I sincerely hope you would not associate Lok Satta with these kind of narrow thinking parties.


  2. While it's understandable that backward castes, being economically and socially weak currently, need their own political representation, this seat allotment should happen because of the individual's merit and not because of his caste. Since the BC front would apparently admit only BC people and fight for only BCs, why would other people be interested in voting them?

    Would JP join hands with a Brahmin front or a Reddy front or a Kamma front or a Caste-less front? If the answer is yes, then I think this is a right step forward. I hope such fronts, while representing their own narrow interests, do not affect negatively the other groups.

    I think the best option would be for Lok Satta to be the meeting point for all right thinking people from all such fronts so that the party itself represents the wishes of all groups.

  3. Please read what Dr.JP has said,
    Lok Satta had offered its hand of friendship to all parties which committed themselves against inducing voters with money and liquor and against turning people into beggars. But none of the parties had made an unequivocal commitment.

    He is ready to make an alliance with ANY PARTY which does not distribute money and liquor. But, nobody agreed to that.

    Would JP join hands with a Brahmin front or a Reddy front or a Kamma front or a Caste-less front?

    He is ready to join hands with them, if they do not distribute money and liquor. He is ready to make alliance with even religion based parties, if they also do not distribute money and liquor and encourage democracy.

  4. quite dissapointed by the move
    the only justification given was "they dont distribute liquor" . I thought Loksatta was against vote bank politics on the basis of caste and now aligning with a party who just caters to the needs of only a particular caste.

  5. i don't think loksatta will alliance with parties like BC front. these r purely cast based parties. how the money and liquor factors r deviating the voters mind set , cast is not exception from that. so i requesting pls don't go with above decision.

  6. Yes, I too also agree Veerareddy comments. because LokSatta is unique with no cast based politics. so , once its alliance with BC's then its again all other traditional parties to get the votes from cast based.

  7. dear sir,
    I am a strong supporter of lsp from kadapa district.Since,you formed alliance with bc united front..there is lot off buzz going on regarding the party.i don't want that to happen for lsp.I don't say alliance is wrong bcoz u must have taken the decision correctly.But the party shud give clear picture y it is alliance with that party...since most of our supporters don't know the reason.If it is not taken seriously we may loose our supporters.[arguement:the lsp supporters arguement is since ours is not caste based party why it had formed alliance with a party which is named "bc"..which represents a particular set of people]
    pls...pls...pls...reply for this in the media so they will not loose faith on lsp and we should prove that lsp is not like other parties which wont give replies for their acts.

    with regards
    lsp supporter

  8. Dear JP,

    I am extremely extremely disappointed with this move. At a point where you are applauded for you sticking to your ideals , this kind of movie will only diminish the credibility you have among public. So, I request you not to have any such alliance.

    Thank You,

  9. No need for this tie-up! No need for tie up with Muslim front either.

  10. One of the anonymous posters said above.. "Please read what Dr.JP has said,
    Lok Satta had offered its hand of friendship to all parties which committed themselves against inducing voters with money and liquor and against turning people into beggars. But none of the parties had made an unequivocal commitment.

    He is ready to make an alliance with ANY PARTY which does not distribute money and liquor. But, nobody agreed to that. "

    I don't think the anonymous poster is being accurate in inferring that the only pre-requisite for an alliance is not distributing money and liquor. There is the other important prerequisite of having policies that are against turning people into beggars.

    Essentially, here is how I'd read the pre-requisites:

    a) Distributing money & liquor is buying votes. People who buy votes can only be doing it with the intention of getting good returns on their investment. In other words, through corruption once they come into power. Stipulating that partners shouldn't distribute money & liquor means they shouldn't be corrupt.

    b) Being against turning people into beggars implies that not offering inducements such as color tv's and free rice/electricity etc. This requires the partners to have a long-term vision for development. Essentially, these are offers that are not sustainable. And, such promises are a form of vote buying too. The philosophy is that teaching somebody how to fish is better than giving them a few fish. In other words, create employment so that people can buy themselves color tv's if they choose to rather than offer them free color tv's.

    Basically, what Dr JP is saying is being against corruption and being committed to policies of development are the most important criteria. And, I agree.

    As a political party, Loksatta party needs to win seats / power. That's how they can effect change. To win seats, we need partnerships -- especially when we are starting out. And, partnerships require compromises as long as there is agreement on the core principles -- freedom from corruption and commitment to real development.

  11. What a shame for the country. Self proclaimed righteous person like JP has stooped to such degrading levels.JP is using his psedo-intellectual skills to prove his caste based politics. This tric will work on those illiterate innocents who have been fooled for 60 yrs.
    JP has shattered the hopes of educated people who supported him.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. if he doest include any other groups r sects of people we will say he supports his own caste.
    if he tries to bring in other cast we say he is bringing cast into the party ..vaaaa re vah hepocracy has been defined here..

    if u want narendra modi politics go to maharastra plzz non of tat shit in AP....
    most of u not liking the decison...i think would never have voted...just sitting home seeing the tamasha.... but all of u have big mouths...

    for heavens' sake be optimistic...and let the man do his work.....

  14. I SINCERELY FEEL this is a subset of TDP and as a ploy by Ramoji to ensure politics are within Kamma circles

  15. Can PRP reject a person from working for the party betterment with a motive to get the seat later when the fact is the party is just launched and the thought of allotting seats has not arise – Of course Not.

    If more than 1 person is asking for the same Assembly/Lok Sabha seat then to how many people can PRP allot a seat based on their confidence and party allotment criteria? ONE

    Will the remaining people who are not allotted a seat tell to the Media that PRP did not have the confidence in him/her so they were not given the seat? Of course Not

    Is there cost involved in running daily road shows – YES
    Is there cost involved in running Ads in the Media – YES
    Is there cost Involved in Running the Party Offices – YES

    Does this money have to come from Party Bank Balance – YES
    Does Party Bank Balance improve with out raising Party Fund – NO

    Is YSR justified in giving 80+ seats to Reddy’s alone and ignoring other OC castes completely? NO
    Is CBN plain opportunistic in a ton of ways with no integrity? NO

    Is YSR corrupt? YES
    Is CBN corrupt? YES
    Is Allu Aravind corrupt? For asking much needed party fund

    Did CBN Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? YES
    Did YSR Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? YES
    Did Chiranjeevi Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? NO

    Chiranjeevi earned money through his own hard work and talent - YES
    Did YSR family earn so much in just 5 years through plain Hard Work? NO
    Did CBN family earn so much in just 9 years through plain Hard Work? NO

    Majority of the Media Tycoons have affiliation to a party? YES
    Does PRP have a channel supporting them as in case of Congress and TDP – NO

    Will Congress be headed by an outsider other than Indira, Rajeev, Sonia…? NO
    Will TDP be headed by an Outsider other than NTR, CBN, NBK…? NO

  16. JP how could you do a pre-poll pact with a party which is solely based on caste based politics and one based on a particular religion. You have cheated educated youth who came long way with you. Instead you could have joined Congress or PRP, as there seems no difference.
    Shame on such politics.

    Saurabh Bharadwaj

  17. i voted for lok satta today at vengal rao nagar for jublie hills assembly and also for parliament too. I hope JP will gng to assembly this year and kick the cast,religion, region(andhra,telangana, rayaleseema) out of our state. lets have nothing like the above feeling. JP kick YS ass pls he is provoking regionalism. bull shit JP

  18. sorry its not bull shit JP but bullshit YS and his family corurptors

  19. Why single out the bc front for being an organization that furthers the interests of a particular community. Why not oppose the Yuva Satta and Mahila Satta that were specifically targeted for people of a particular age group and sex respectively. Here the people who are against lok satta allying with a party that represents a section of the people should understand that their opposition to caste based politics and allying with a party that represents the interests of a particular caste is not the same. This notion of people in general is a misconception that is a result of the misuse of caste by some of the parties.

    We need representatives from every community including those that are labeled BC, SC, ST and OC. If I am a muslim I will better understand the condition of muslims, their sentiments and aspirations. If I am muslim I would trust one my muslim brothers more because obviously he understands the ground scenario better. It is only a matter of proportional representation. I feel that being against BC united front is also narrow minded discrimination. I would not fault the people who are against it because I understand that their misconception arises out of the frequent misuse of caste against the welfare of the society.

    Our aim is to eradicate inequalities. But before eradicating them we cannot deny the existence of such inequalities. It is in everyone knowledge today that discrimination based on religion, caste, creed and sex is still prevalent. The govt of India named such people who are disadvantaged to be BC/SC/ST etc. Please do not explode reading this. But try to know if there is more truth to what I am saying. Find out how many SCs and STs are below poverty line and how many of the all other categories are. You will understand that these people will need special treatment and a helping hand. It is true that there are equally poor people in other castes too. Our aim is to finally have no divisions based on caste. Our JP is one (and only one of them I know) who came forward to ask for an incentive for inter-caste marriages. He will never go for caste based politics. In US any party candidate has the freedom to vote against the entire party’s decision and he is respected not expelled from the party. When you can allow such dissent then only you become a democratic party or country.
    I might not have expressed my views in the best way possible. But I would be happy if my Hero(DR. JP) does that to clear the air arising out of such a good hearted move.