Friday, May 25, 2012

వ్యాపారం-నిజాయతీ-ధర్మకర్తృత్వం కలగలిసిన చుక్కపల్లి యువతకు ఆదర్శం: జేపీ

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  1. Causes of inefficiency of the government & success of private enterprises:

    Government and public sector undertakings are generally inefficient and corrupt because their management and employees are assured of salary, promotion and perks even though their customers are not satisfied. Taxes collected by governments keeps on funding their inefficiencies. On the other hand, private sector must satisfy their customers, otherwise they would not be able to make profit and survive. Thus, efficiency is inherent in the private sector and inefficiency / corruption is inherent in government and public sector by their very nature. Hence, corruption cannot be removed by replacement of one set of politicians by another set of honest politicians; but only by replacing the present Government-run system by private enterprise system. It is the present system which makes politicians and bureacucrats corrupt -- hence the system needs to be changed, rather than individuals.