Tuesday, June 12, 2012

అవినీతిలేని సమాజమే లోక్ సత్తా ధ్యేయం

Courtesy: Sakshi

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  1. Corruption arises in a situation where powers are given without commensurate responsibilities for customer satisfaction. This kind of situation arises mostly in government, because there officers have been given powers to raise objections or deny due benefits to customers, but their pay & perks are not dependent on customers (but on coercive tax). Government domain therefore would be limited to law & order, justice, defense, currency, foreign relations, taxation, security-related industries, scientific research and overall facilitation and monitoring of economy.

    However, there would always be some people who would try to misuse their power, however good a system may be. So, stringent punishment will be imposed on the corrupt by setting up a comprehensive and autonomous body [like Jan Lokpal] which can investigate and prosecute the corrupt in the court from the PM to the peon in Government offices without taking any permission from anybody.