Thursday, September 14, 2017

JP to launch Yatra in TS, AP

Two websites launched; Yatra to begin at Vizag

Lok Satta 2.0 Founder Jayaprakasah Narayan has announced the launch of Surajya Yatra, (Rally for Good governance) in the two Telugu States with six main issues that will impact and transform people’s lives for the better.

The Surajya Yatra will commence from Visakkhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on September 15 and after covering all the districts in that State, it will be organised in the 31 districts of Telangana.

Speaking at the media conference here on Wednesday, Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan said that the rally being organised by involving all irrespective of political affiliations would mainly interact with four sections of people - youth, farmers, poor and dalits and middle classes and present solutions that would be implementable by the Governments immediately. The Yatra would cover each district for about four to five days, he said.

Mr. Narayan also launched two websites - and and called upon people and youth to highlight any discrepancies they noticed about food adulteration, irregularities in petrol bunks etc., and partner with Lok Satta in finding solutions to the problems. Though the Surajya Yatra was confined to the two Telugu States, the issues taken up were of universal importance and all political parties and States could implement the objectives of Yatra in their own States.
He also released booklets and pamphlets on the six issues to be focused during the Yatra and the achievements of Lok Satta in bringing about several Constitution amendments, facilitating legislations and policies for the benefit of people though it did not have single MP in the Parliament.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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