Friday, April 10, 2009

JAMAT-E-ISLAMI HIND declares to back Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in Kukatpally

This is a press release from Jamat-e-islami.

Jamat-e-islami hind, the biggest muslim socio-religious organization in the country, has announced its support to Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, as he is advocating a clean and value based politics.

Loksatta party made public its irrevocable and clear commitment in the form of its 50 garantees, which form the blue print of lok satta party's political and governance agendas. Lok satta party is un-compromisingly committed to achieve every single commitment listed within it. It is therefore our pleasure to inform you that the JIH’s People’s Manifesto and Lok Satta Party’s 50 Irrevocable Guarantees have much common, in terms of overarching political philosophy and governance agenda.

Lok satta party had a meet with the jamat president Mr. Malik Mostism khan and Mr Azharuddin media relations secratery at the jamats office, which was a great sucess. Mr Laxman Balaji, general secretary LSP represented the party and came on the understanding to work for the people of the nation for a corruption free country.

Later on, the jamat president Mr.Malik Mosatim khan along with the party senior members came to Loksatta office and had word of support with Dr. Jayaprakash offering their complete support to the party because of its credibility towards people friendly politics and a communal free ideology of the party.


  1. Alhamdulillah,
    Now muslims have taken the right path after long time.
    Islam clearly teaching the people be honest,don't lie,serve the poor and needy,promise to others if only you can fullfill those promises,don't show any differences between people and so many things.
    the ideology of LS is resembling the same.
    I wished muslims must support LS, and my wish is fullfilled.
    Thank you very much to JIH for their daring to call for a true and Honest polytics where every body should be treated iqually.They have taken correct and true path.

  2. It's a great success to LSP. I appreciate JAMT-E-ISLAMI HInd for taking such a great step. Lok Satta is going change politics, no doubt in it. There is already silent revolution in place in AP politics, this should turn into tsunami and all the rotten politics should be wiped off. I hope the day will come soon. I wish Lok Satta win more seats this time, be role model to other party MLA's and show them ethics. I also wish more org's like JEI Hind come forward to promote good. Every other party looked muslims merely as vote bank, but Lok Satta treated them as constructive member in society. Thanks for suporting lok satta.

  3. This is the nation every dreams of. We , the people, should realize the importance of Unity. We should respect each other's beliefs. When we are united sky is the limit for India. Politicians are just following divide and rule philosophy followed by British. It should stop with the current generation. We educated should take the leading role to awaken illiterates and fanatics. Bad leadership is the cause for social unrest in India. It will change once people are educated

  4. Hats off to JAMT-E-ISLAMI HIND for making such a bold decision for better future of INDIA. I wish this could be the first step towards a better united india throwing the politicians into BIN who are making politics on the name of Religion.

  5. JEI Hind, you may just have turned a new chapter in minority participation in Indian politics. For too long, we (minorities) have been haplessly clung on to our self-appointed political protectors. Time to realize that we are as much citizens of this country as any one else; no less. No need to vote out of fear. This country is ours. Rise up, and participate in building a society where everyone is respected, given full opportunities for the pursuit of dignity and happiness. Let's partake in the second freedom movement using the LokSatta platform