Friday, April 10, 2009

TRS charges absurd, says Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party this evening rebutted point-by-point every allegation made by TRS candidate Sudarshan Rao against the Lok Satta Party and its President Dr Jayaprakash Narayan in a TV channel interaction with Assembly candidates in the Kukatpally constituency today. Following are the allegations and Lok Satta Party’s responses:

1. That we talk a lot and do little.

Lok Satta’s response: There could be nothing farther from truth than this absurd allegation. If there is any party in the country with absolute clarity and conviction on the nature of our problems and precise solutions, it is only the Lok Satta. Just to name a few, the following are some of the significant achievements of the Lok Satta:

  • Right to Information law
  • Political funding law
  • Citizens’ charters in municipalities
  • Candidate assets’ disclosure law
  • Campaign against criminalization of politics which succeeded in arresting the entry of new candidates with criminal record.
  • Campaign for empowerment of local governments which drew the support of 1 crore people
  • At the forefront of debate on political and governance reforms in the country

2. What has Dr. JP done before and what does he intend to do for the constituency?

Dr.JP’s record as an IAS officer in different parts of Andhra Pradesh is well known. He has successfully rehabilitated the thousands of families displaced by the Vizag steel plant. As Collector, he bought 160,000 acres under irrigation through lift irrigation schemes in Prakasam district with very little help from the Government. He successfully turned around the AP State Co-operative Bank.

Unlike other candidates who do not have any agenda, Dr.JP has a precise plan for the Kukatpally constituency, which includes the following:

  • Ensuring consistent supply of safe drinking water to all areas
  • Comprehensive plan to tackle drainage problem
  • A massive housing plan to allow tens of thousands of people living in slums to live with dignity
  • Ensuring that every child has access to quality education from 1st to 12th grade
  • Ensuring that every citizen has access to quality and free healthcare
  • A massive re-skilling program to train the unemployed

3. That Dr. JP will be inaccessible to the people of the constituency

This is a ridiculous allegation coming from the conventional parties who are available only to goondas and land grabbers. Yes, Dr. JP will not be available to land grabbers and goondas. But he will be available to every citizen of the constituency 24hrs a day. He is the only District Collector in probably the country’s history who made himself available at all hours of the day to the common man. Even as a Secretary to the Chief Minister he made himself available at all times to discuss genuine civic issues. But apart from that we also intend to open a citizen service centre on a permanent basis for every division in the constituency, to assist the citizens obtain a range of civic services

4. Assuming that Dr. JP gets elected, what can he accomplish as a single MLA ?

First and foremost, we are going to win more seats than the TRS. A single MLA from the Lok Satta is equivalent to 100 MLAs from other parties, given our credibility and sense of purpose.

5. Where is social justice in the Lok Satta?

None of these candidates has any clue of this term ‘Social Justice’’; even if it is construed very narrowly only in the sense of nominating candidates, our record speaks for itself:

Out of the 249 candidates nominated by the Lok Satta, 88 are BCs, 42 SCs, 15 STs, 10 minorities, 28 women and one is physically challenged.
Out of the 33 MP candidates 7 are BCs, 5 SCs, 2 STs, 2 minorities and 4 women

More importantly a majority of the candidates nominated are from a modest background as opposed to other parties who have nominated only candidates who can afford to spend crores of rupees.


  1. It is sad to hear from loksatta a caste based candidate list...

    shame on you lok satta . I had been a die heart fan of lok satta...and you got me down today...

  2. Really sad you had to use caste lingo. :-(

    How long are we dragging these reservations. Another century ?

  3. People talking about "so called social justice" is really fucking irritating.. What is the need to give seats on caste basis.

    People just want "good leaders" who can improve the living conditions and can offer good future for the next generations. If my constituency leader is a "nice leader", why would I fucking care about his fucking religion/caste.

    All this stinking bullshit started by "Chiranjeevi" (in my opinion, he does not even have clear idea why he entered politics). Look at his party and allegations on his party (MLA for 2Cr. and MP for 5Cr.). What the fuck, will the elected leaders do to the society tomorrow? Did he give party tickets to any poor/normal guy? All his candidates are rich (ofcourse, they must be rich to buy a ticket worth 2Cr.). I feel, he can't answer about social justice, if someone asks him few tough questions regarding social justice. It is shame that "the so-called son of Mother Teressa" is selling party tickets. By now, He might have made more profits than his career in the movie industry. BTW, I am not against Chiranjeevi. I genuinely thought of voting for him when he founded the party.. Later after following his party keenly, I found it is just the shell and it does not have any content in it.

    No need to say anything about TRS. Whoever gives money, they will be allies with them. If someone really wants a separate state, he should be like "potti sreeramulu". But, our KCR can't even fast for half day.. and this fucking cunt talks meaningless against Andhra people just for provoking uneducated telangana people. Now, he is licking the shit on Chandrababu naidu's shoes..

    Congress and TDP just give free promises. How the fuck they are gonna get money for free color tvs. will fucking babu sell his property to do that? Cash transfer scheme is the worst of all. Has Chandrababu naidu lost his 'cow-dung' mind?

    No need to say about Congress. These people are also as good as TDP for giving promises. How are they gonna get money for implementing them. They will have to increase fucking tax money for employees. They won't put any rules on Businessmen.

    Communists: I really don't understand whether they support India or China. When the whole country was supporting Nuclear deal, these fucking cunts were against that. (Note: Only China and Pakistan were against that Nuclear deal apart from these brainless heads).

    I see only Lok Satta has good vision to drive the state in a successful way.

  4. Loksatta never selected any candidate based on caste. After selecting all the candidates, they just disclosed the candidates of different castes.

    One of the 50 guarantees of Loksatta is, abolishing the entire caste system in one generation.

  5. I hope you did not select the candidates based on their caste. Issues like these are being given importance these days, forcing various parties to show a number that they have uplifted so and so caste. Even after 60 years of independence how can some caste be backward, One suggestion i would like you to add in your manifestation is to reduce the percentage of reservation year by year, Deserving people are suffering like any thing. On top of that people who come on the basis of reservation are not even able to cope up with the respective courses. Hoping that you will take some action on it rather than just giving us a word that it will be done else it would be like selecting the best leader from the worst.

  6. Dont make irresponsible allegations on PRP without proper knowledge..

    relaxing in a couch, flippin over these biased news channels, dont make baseless conclusions..
    U believe all these 170 plus candidates, who are from minorities,SC STs and BCs can throw away 2 to 5 crores to contest for MLA seat ?
    If money making is what Chiru has been into politics for, then he can better take up 3 to 4 films, which would year him 100 crores in an year, rather than toil himself under sun for days and days. Even Allu Aravind can look forward to make movies like Gazini, which collected a couple of hundred crores, rather than selling mla tickets for 2 crores, once every five years.
    If money making is the only criteria, then Chiru and Aravind know better Business than Politics.
    It is NCB, YSR, and other crooks, who know nothin but politics, are playing with the life of people and yearning thousands of crores.

  7. why there are 60% of loksatta's OC candidates are from same caste?

  8. silly much can chiru make in movies.....he became old.....who wil watch him....politics is the best money making fld for these ppl...and he is entering only for money....huhhhhhh...god save us

  9. Nag,
    Loksatta gives seats based on the capability of the individual in terms of sincerity, dedication, and honesty towards public service. Please bring good candidates of the caste that you prefer, and if they are better than the present leaders, then Loksatta will definitely give seats to them.

    Going forward all the candidates would be selected by people. If you want your preferred caste candidates to get selected, please ask them to reach everyone in their constituency so that they can get elected.

    Criticizing here on caste is absolutely of no use.