Friday, April 10, 2009

TRS charges absurd, says Lok Satta (Telugu)


  1. The other day, i watched Harish Rao on 'Talk on wheels' show. The anchor asked him about his opinion on Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan's statement that TRS has also become a family party. He really mocked at Loksatta. It shows ignorance and arrogance. People like them come into politics only because of their inheritance and they are not at all ashamed of their position.Many capable candidates cannot even dream of contesting in elections despite their devotion to the truth and justice. Loksatta, for the first time has proven to be such a platform for people. It is our responsibility to support it. Vote for Loksatta

  2. TRS wants to solve the problem of backwardness in telangana region. They wish to do so by forming a separate state, a consequence of which would be full control of state and central funds. Their logic apparently seems correct.

    There are other factors which are to be considered, like misuse of alloted funds, increase in tax duties which telangana people have to bear as a consequence of being a landlocked state. I am not an expert on state's financial spending. If TRS can clearly show that the appropriation of funds after formation of separate state (hyderabad excluded) would be more than the status-quo (inflation/deflation accounted for), I would concur.

    If TRS's argument is flawed, they may end up with a less appropriation of funds. Instead of focusing on real problems, these leaders venture into publicity stunts by getting into slanderous calls. If they have nothing better, they get into 'Caste' based arguments, which are purely hypothetical or imaginative.

    A person's birth is not upto ones choice, but what he did or chooses to do; is purely ones own choice. The day TRS shows more grit in understanding public welfare, I would support them.

  3. As a much needed party, Loksatta is emerging the favor of many people in A,P. First of all, if any party or its leaders ask a question, if Dr. J.P. is available to a common man, it is ridiculous. For last 60 years, people of A.P had witnessed bad incidents like suppressing the struggles of people, ignored and the party in power went to the extant of Laathi charges, firings to say that what so ever they (ruling party) wanted to do, they did. why people are champaining so much and abusing other parties with eligations and what is necessary to do so much to come in to power? can a comman man believe that the leaders who are struggling to come to power are really trying to help people to wards development? Let them first inculcate the culture to educate people to know their rights.people want to come to power by paying ransum. whose money is it? who has a right to have a color T,V from the treasure of government and who gave the right to any party to bribe people off public money and get elected to power?