Saturday, April 11, 2009

JP's Never Before Historic Speech : 12 APR 8:30PM "Praja Chaitanyaniki JP Pilupu"

Dr JP is going to address the state in Exclusive TV5 Live show. Meeting will be held in an open function hall.

Venue for the meeting :

Tumu Padma Rao Patel Gardens,
Opposite Kukatpally Bus Depot,

Timing : 8:30 - 9pm (Entry till 8:15pm ONLY. Gates will be closed after 8:15pm)

As this is a live show on TV5 channel, meeting will be started on the dot ie., at 8:30pm. To minimize the distraction, the function hall gates will be closed @ 8:15pm. (This has been instructed by TV5 folks and entry beyond 8:15pm is non-negotiable.) So request everyone to be there on-time to avoid inconvinience.

Appreciate if all of you can keep your cell phones on silent mode during the meeting. As this is a live show, this can affect the audio quality over TV.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    A lot of people are waiting to hear from Dr JP.

    But many of his audience on the internet (all over the world) do not understand telugu.

    A english transcript of his talk/speech would be helpful to spread his ideas to a wider audience.

    This transcript can be posted on this blog itself along with the telugu video if adding english subtitles to the video itself is found to be cumbersome.

    Many of us would appreciate that.