Saturday, April 4, 2009

Publicity in Kukatpally

Courtesy: Eenadu


  1. Definately Loksatta will win in kukutpally constituency

  2. Vijnulaina varu, badhyata telisina paurulu, tana chuttuu unna thoti oterlaku, chaapa krindi neeru ll okarikokaru cheppukoni, ee avineeti mayamaina raajakeeyaalu antham cheyavachchu. prabhutwaaninchingani, paarty gundaala ninchi gaani akramamgaa labdhi pondina prajalu chaala takkuva. ante 1% kuudaa undaru. atuvantappudu manam okari kokari cheppukoni, LOKSATTAA party ni gelipinchatam emee kashtamaina pani kaadu.EE comentlu chadive vaaru ati takkuva mandayinaa, vaaru okari kokaru cheppu kini pani saadhincha vachchu. aalochinchandi. Party pramukhulu, naayakulu manam kattina tax dabbulu panchukunte manaki prabhutwam nunchi ande saukaryaalu andavu. kaabatti, andaruu alochinchi, oka krama sikshana to loksattaani gelipinchukovachchu. Oka vela loksatta vaaru cheppina vidham gaa pani cheyaka pote manaki vachchi na nashtam emee ledu. Kavaalante malli vere party ni tarvvti ennikalalo gelipinchukovachchu. Ayite, intakante adhvannanga maatram SRI J.P. gaari adhikaaram lo Jaragadu. Idi ghantaapadham.

  3. Hi fellas,
    We can't sit in here and write comments about all the things JP sir has to do . We shoudl indeed take some initiatives and come out with some better ideas. Start telling each and every friendof yours, your family members, etc and spread da message of our party !!
    I hope we see JP sir win from Kukatpally .....

  4. When I went to join in this party, they gave application form in which the First Question is
    What is your caste?
    I paid some 10 rs or so but did not join in that party

  5. Loksatta wants to eliminate the caste in one generation. The reason for having the caste in the application form is to find out the potential candidates in the elections. In the elections, many constituencies/divisions/wards are reserved for few castes. If we have the caste data for our members, then it would be easy to get the candidates. If you see the last general elections, in Adilabad district, we could not contest at more than half of the places, because they were reserved. Till the constitution aborts the caste system, we also would need that data for something or other.