Sunday, May 24, 2009

200 Karwan youth join Lok Satta Party

About 200 youth belonging to Karwan Assembly constituency today joined the Lok Satta Party in the presence of party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan. They were led by Mr. Manik Prabhu, Mr. P. V. Rao and Mr. Paramesh Kumar.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. JP called upon the youth to utilize the Lok Satta forum for contesting the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. The Lok Satta Party alone is committed to ensuring equal opportunities to every child irrespective of its caste and religion to realize its potential.

Dr. JP pointed out that for traditional parties politics begin and end with elections while the Lok Satta concerns itself with what happens in between elections also.

Mr. Nandipeta Ravinder, President, Greater Hyderabad Lok Satta unit, Mr.Dasari Ratnam, State Yuva Satta President, Mr. Ravinder Reddy and others took part in the meeting.

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