Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let us restore dignity in politics: Dr. JP (Telugu)


  1. I think cess levy on liquor is also a good way to increase its cost and thereby reduce its consumption among the poor. If the logic is that the increased cess forces the shop owners to do unofficial sales, don't we need a better law enforcement to control that? This unofficial sales can happen even if the Govt takes up running alcohol business as JP seems to be suggesting.

    I feel that Lok satta should support increased cess on alcohol and focus the energy on improving law enforcement.

  2. Increased cess on liquer is going to lessen the supply of earnings to family utility.Addiction is such a thing that it will not care the cost inspite of family atrocities. Instead, try to open more and more deaddiction centres and see that the addicts get rid of the habit. To punish the addicts is not a solution at all. It is going to ruin the families and children. Other ways are to be explored.