Saturday, May 16, 2009

A giant leap for new politics: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan has described his victory from Kukatpally constituency to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly as a “small beginning for the Lok Satta but a giant leap for new politics.”

Interacting with people who streamed in to congratulate him at the party headquarters, Dr. JP said he was “deeply humbled as a citizen and political worker” with the voters turning Kukatpally into an arena of epic struggle for new politics. “It is a victory of the people at a time most believed that even a Mahatma Gandhi could not win without distributing money and liquor in the present climate of cynicism and despair.”

Dr. JP said that thousands of youth, middle class people, women and even the poor leading precarious livelihood had responded to the call for a second freedom struggle and laid a durable foundation for transformational politics.

The Lok Satta, he recalled, had faced formidable obstacles in converting the enormous good will it enjoyed into votes against the backdrop of there being two deeply-entrenched traditional parties displaying unprecedented money power, feudal elements exercising oppressive control over people’s daily lives and vested interests exacerbating and exploiting caste and regional divisions. “The Lok Satta has always been aware of these barriers. Yet it has chosen the narrow and arduous path to lead the country out of the current crisis.”

“The people in the 2009 elections have demonstrated they are ready for change. The failure lies in the political instruments available to them. While traditional political parties obstructed change, the Lok Satta has not yet attracted the kind of leadership required to inspire confidence in people that such a change is imminent. While most of media persons are strongly in favor of change, media barons have become power players and chosen to perpetuate the status quo. But since media is essentially a moral instrument, ultimately it too will stand on the side of people.”

Dr. JP called upon enlightened citizens with ability, means and influence to come forward and accept the burden of leadership at every level. “We can’t afford to remain on sidelines waiting for somebody else to come and bring about change. Fight for what is right and accelerate transformation. We owe it to our children.”

The 2009 elections, Dr. JP said, had not transformed the nature of politics. But people had displayed extraordinary judgment in rejecting opportunistic alliances with no coherent agenda except the one of grabbing power or unseating others. The voters displayed abundant maturity and self-respect by rejecting extraordinary inducements and freebies, and sobriety and dignity by not succumbing to caste, religion, region, language and other parochial appeals.

Dr. JP said that the elections might not have paid electoral dividends to the Lok Satta Party but had laid the real foundation across the State for building new politics. “The real work of the Lok Satta has just begun. We have to strengthen the party from the grassroots, attract competent and principled leadership, and mobilize resources honestly to sustain clean politics.”


  1. Congratulation JP...Its truly a victory of true Indian democracy. I believe with your passion, knowledge and honesty will transform hungry, Incompetence & influenced India into a knowledgeable, self sufficient & influencer nation in the world.
    All the Best
    Lets make it count!!!

  2. Sir JP, i have heard your speeches and read on your background and have let my friends know about you and your i request you to act on your promises...and not become one of 'them' that the youth of this country so loves to hate... good luck...

  3. The first step in the march for CHANGE

  4. Yes, JP is right ...

    At least people did not vote for region politics ( TRS ) or freebies ( TDP ) or unrealistic agenda ( Telangana in 100 days by BJP ).