Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lok Satta to strengthen base

VISAKHAPATNAM: Expressing satisfaction over the overwhelming response of people to Lok Satta in the just concluded election, its founder-president, Jayaprakash Narayan, said that the party would now concentrate on strengthening organizational base and leadership--the two areas where the party was found to be wanting.

Addressing mediapersons after reviewing party performance in the four north coastal districts here on Monday, Dr. Narayan refused to hazard a guess on the number of seats or the percentage of votes his party would get, asserting that politics is not just winning or losing elections, it is a continuous process of creating awareness among people and helping create a better society. “People now believe that, unlike other political outfits, Lok Satta stood for what it said and did what it promised to do. We have scored moral victory,” he said. People have also realized that other political parties had become morally bankrupt.

He said that with a view to reaching people and helping them, Lok Satta would set up civic centres in all mandals initially. This would be followed by setting up of similar centres in all villages. There would also be a call centre to help people in all aspects with phone no.40405050. The idea was to help and guide people solve their day to day issues in their own. He came down heavily on politicians who abuse voters, alleging that they were demanding money for votes.

“This was like devils quoting Vedas. It was the politicians who, taking advantage of the helplessness of the poor, purchased votes, got elected and made crores of rupees. The allegation was atrocious,” he said.

Answering questions, Dr. Narayan asserted that there was no dearth of leaders in Lok Satta party. Media has a tendency to recognize only persons with some designations, like MLA etc, as leaders. Because of certain problems, the party could not put up candidates in all Assembly and Lok Sabha segments. This issue of leaders would also be taken care of.

Senior Lok Satta leaders Y.D. Rama Rao,V. Ramachandraiah, Srinu Mahesh, Lakshman Babji, Jhansi were present.

Courtesy: The hindu

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