Friday, May 29, 2009

Lok Satta launches Project 2014

The Lok Satta Party is launching Project 2014 with a view to coming to power in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections and transforming politics and people’s lives. Lok Satta is the only authentic and credible alternative to the politics of corruption and incompetence prevailing now. Among traditional, vote-buying, family - controlled parties, it doesnot matter which party is in power. Nothing changes in people’s lives as long as these parties are elected to office. Plunder, family rule, populism and poverty of ideas are their hallmarks. Perpetuation of poverty is the sad result of their failed policies and poor governance. Lok Satta alone has the will and clarity to transform politics, eradicate poverty and give power to people.

Announcing this at a media conference here today, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said that the party is going in for a massive restructuring to reflect the changed ground realities. The Lok Satta Party had generated tremendous enthusiasm and support for the party in sections like the elite, middle classes, youth and women in the 2009 elections. The party, however, could not translate the support into vote because of organizational and resource constraints.

At a three-day brainstorming session, the party reviewed its strengths and weaknesses and decided to restructure itself by overhauling membership criteria and co-opting people of integrity and with leadership qualities.

Dr. JP announced that pending the membership drive and elections afresh, all the elected committees now in place would become ad hoc committees. They would be restructured following a detailed district-wise review.

Dr. JP disclosed that hereafter there would be three types of members: Associate members who pay Rs.2 for admission, primary members who pay Rs.25 for three years and executive members who pay Rs.100 per month. Executive members will be eligible to contest elections within the party. The party will confer honorary membership on opinion makers who have standing in society and are eager to work for changing politics and transforming people’s lives.

Dr. JP asserted that the Lok Satta is supremely confident of coming to power in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections because, unlike in elections to the Assembly and the Lok Sabha, there won’t be caste-wise polarization of voters nor will there be tactical voting. In addition, the voters would be interested in electing a party that has a clear-cit agenda and competence to solve their day-to-day problems.

The Lok Satta Party’s agenda is unparalleled in that it will straightway devolve Rs.2 crore on each divisional committee from the corporation’s resources to enable it to identify and resolve the people’s immediate needs. It will strive to persuade the State Government to make a per capita grant of Rs.1000 to each divisional committee. The divisional committees will be elected by people. The party will ensure merger of Metro Water Board and the Urban Development Authority with the Municipal Corporation for effective coordination among different authorities and speedy solution to problems pending for many, many years.

The Lok Satta will come up with a division-wise agenda with definite time schedules for implementation. Some problems will be resolved in 100 days, some in one year and some others in five years.

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