Wednesday, April 23, 2014

మల్కాజిగిరిలో ధర్మానికి, ధనానికి మధ్య పోరాటం: జేపీ


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  2. Not able to understand, why we are hesitating to comment on TDP or CBN. We are able to comment on YSRCP & Jagan. But not on TDP and CBN.

    This needs to addressed from State Committee to the LSP cadre. We are not able to justify ourself at ground level during campaigning...

  3. One more thing, we comment directly on AAP during press meets. But not able commenting on TDP.

    1. JP is some what high level guy and much ahead of his times thats why people like you dont understand him well. he criticizes all parties on policy basis and how they harm the country by their attitudes and actions. he will not criticize anybody just like Arvind Kejrwal without solid proof with him. JP style is he criticizes opponents indirectly and in soft manner.....he is saying here dhana verses dharma...means here he is referring to TDP...Please increase the understanding level and think again.....It took me long time to understand him and LSP policies(even though I am IITian and preparing for Civils)....nearly 2- 3 years of continuous follow up of JP speeches and articles. Trust him.anyway we don't have any choice.
      AAP may have clean in funding like LSP but that is minimum requirement...India needs much more than that. AAP policies are not going to do much good to country. they are treating symptoms rather than root cause. unlike AAP, LSP will work with all parties. AAP says give us power we will give you heaven otherwise take hell. LSP says give us power we will give you heaven otherwise we will work with others to give you heaven depending on LSP strength. that means whether with complete power or little power or no power LSP will try hard to give good to society. AAP's attitude doesn't allow that.Social change is always gradual never sudden-poor AAP doesn't realise and wasting precious energy of country.

  4. Peeda poyindi... TDP voddu, BJP voddu JP sir... We fight with all the political mafias in India. Educated Youth is the biggest support for Loksatta. All the Best PK. Hopes are high on you..Hope he wont fall for politikal foxes and dont misfire your anger on corrupted politikal system. Remember, BJP and Cong are diff. sides of same coin. TDP and YSRCP the same... Jai Loksatta.. Jai Hind

  5. Believing this political(fraud) maestros is jumping into the fire, you can not believe Pavan kalyan bcs he never had stable mind... I was die-hard fan of him but not now. PK you speak so much in media about honesty and truth but you are really coward as you could not stand on your words then how can people believe you ... shame on you.
    His brother copied loksatta party name (Lok - praja , satta - rajyam) and political caption but followed corrupted policies as traditional parties. this guy also from same clan.
    I completely agree with ANIL . don't trust traditional parties so they foxes , they want power not policies bcs they don't love people they love their people ...
    people can understand and come in our way , it may be slow but Almighty will give the win to the truth over lie.
    I work in Chennai my colleagues hard core supporters of TN parties voted today for loksatta , I had debate with them in somany events but finally they accept we should give moral support to loksatta whether it is winning or not. now a days they are telling me the loksatta news :) .... so don't loose hope ,we are soldiers in battle ground and we will fight till we win or die but don't accept defeat ..
    actors cannot change peoples life , they do drama bazi for money.