Friday, April 18, 2014

KCR’s politics of hatred will harm Hyderabad: Katari

The Loksatta Party today warned the TRS against fanning regional animosities once again and harming the future of Hyderabad and Telangana.

Loksatta Party State President Katari Srinivasa Rao issued the warning in the wake of TRS President K. Chandrasekhara Rao’s threat to launch another movement to oppose options to Government employees in the wake of the State’s bifurcation. This is nothing but an attempt to gain votes and seats in elections by fuelling hatred and inciting violence, Katari told a media conference.

Katari recalled that the bifurcation issue had become complicated because people of one region voiced concern over loss of opportunities and threats to their security in Hyderabad city. With the formation of Telangana becoming a reality, KCR should focus on promoting amity among people in Hyderabad, an economic hub, instead of exacerbating tensions.

He welcomed KCR’s declaration to end corruption indulged in by anybody including his son and daughter. He was also happy over TDP President N. Chandrababu Naidu embracing the Loksatta slogan that people are masters and rulers servants in a democracy. Even as he promises loan waivers and other sops, Chandrababu Naidu too is touching on subjects like education, healthcare and corruption. It is a testimony to the success of the Loksatta’s sustained campaign for a change in the nature of politics, he said.

Katari said that Mr. David Santhiraj Gaddala, President of the TDP’s Christian wing, who met Loksatta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan this morning and offered to contest from Panyam in Kurnool district without resort to distribution of money and liquor did not turn up at the party office at the last minute. Perhaps, he must have been subjected to some pressures, Katari commented.

Katari wanted the Election Commission to take more stringent steps to arrest the flow of black money into the election arena. Andhra Pradesh has earned the dubious distinction of being the No. 1 State in the country in deployment of black money in elections. With a tally of Rs.103 crore, the State accounts for the lion’s share of the money seized all over the country. Even the wife of a former Minister had been caught red handed, he said. Parties playing politics of money should be reined in to safeguard parties pursuing honest politics.

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  1. Telangana employees are raising a legitimate demand that the distribution of staff among the two successor states should be on the basis of nativity.

    Questions for Mr. Katari Srinivasa Rao:

    1. What is your stand on this demand?
    2. How can fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of Telangana employees fuel hatred?
    3. Does promoting amity mean Telangana people should forego their genuine constitutional rights?
    4. Why should Andhra employees aspire to work for Telangana state instead of their own state?
    5. In what way will Andhra state & its residents benefit if their senior officials work for another state?
    6. Do you realize agreeing to this demand does not force anyone to leave as the Andhra employees can continue to work in Hyderabad for 10 years?
    7. As non-Government employees (an overwhelming bulk of Andhras living in Telangana) are not impacted in any way, why should they feel insecure?
    8. Why are you resorting to scare mongering?
    9. Finally which state (Telangana or Seemandhra) unit do you head?