Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dr. JP faces contest from two others in Lok Satta Party elections

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and two others filed their nominations for the position of the Lok Satta Party President here today. The other two challenging the incumbent President Dr. JP are D. V. S. S. Varma, General Secretary and Mrs. Akula Maharani, Greater Hyderabad Mahila Satta President, at present. Mr. Nanidpeta Ravinder, the incumbent, filed his nomination for the post of President, Greater Hyderabad party unit.

All the three submitted their nominations to the Chairman of the Election Authority, Mr. V. Ramachandraiah.

A candidate contesting for the State President’s position should have the support of at least 1000 active members of the party. Dr. JP is backed by 1438, Mr. Varma by 1230 and Mrs. Maharani by 1131 active members from various districts.

December 25 is the last date for filing nominations. The final candidates in the fray will be announced after scrutiny on December 26. The elections to positions in the party at all levels will be conducted during January 4-7 and the results announced on January 9.

Dr. JP appealed to party members to take part in the polling actively, and pledged to work with anybody who is elected. Anybody who becomes a member even on the polling day is eligible to vote.

He recalled that Subhash Chandra Bose had fought against Mahatma Gandhi and won as Congress President in the Haripur Congress and added that post-Independence, parties have shed their democratic culture and become leaders’ pocket boroughs.

Dr. JP said: “In leader or dynasty-centered politics, corruption will have a field day. Internal democracy is essential if ordinary members were to have any say in politics. We are conducting organizational elections, unfazed by the general elections round the corner, because we believe in democratic functioning.”

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