Monday, March 30, 2009

Loksatta's sixth list of candidates (Telugu)

Lok Satta's sixth list of candidates

The Lok Satta today released the sixth list of its candidates comprising 13 contesting to the Assembly and three to the Lok Sabha.

Releasing the list, party spokesman. V. Viayender Reddy disclosed that a Kukatpally businessman, Mr. D. Dilip Kumar, donated Rs.25000 to the Lok Satta. He expressed happiness over the Election Commission allotting the whistle symbol to the party.

Candidates for Assembly:

Navin ReddyBalkondaNizamabad
Ramdas NaikDornakalWarangal
Ravinder RaoParkalaWarangal
P. RameshMadhiraKhammam
Chokka RaoSattupalliKhammam
Srinivasa NaikPinabakaKhammam
E. AnandChandrayanguttaGreater Hyderabad
M. D. RafiqBahdurpuraGreater Hyderabad
B. ChiranjeeviIchhapuramSrikakulam
S. S. N. MurthySrikakulamSrikakulam
G. SatyanarayanaS. KotaVizianagaram
Reddy Lakshmu NaiduChipurupalliVizianagaram

Candidates for Lok Sabha:

Mahbubabad (Warangal Dt.)Banotu Malchand
KarimnagarM. Sasikanth
VizianagaramK. K. M. Raju

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lok Satta fields Vignan Rattaiah for Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat

The Lok Satta Party today admitted renowned educationist Dr. Lavu Rattaiah in the party and named him as the candidate for the Malkajgiri Lok Sabha constituency. Dr. Rattaiah has had the distinction of shaping the lives of tens of thousands of students in Andhra Pradesh by establishing the Vignan group of educational institutions. The Vignan Engineering College founded by him is today a deemed university.

Welcoming him into the party, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said Dr. Rattaiah has helped lakhs of poor and middle class students to come up in life by imparting them education of very high standards. He was glad that Dr. Rattaiah had accepted his invitation to join the party and share the burden of leadership. "His joining the party marks a turning point in the Lok Satta history."

Dr, JP pointed out that the people were thirsting for a fundamental change in the nature of politics and instanced how Mrs. Santakumari a practicing chartered accountant from Kalyandurg in Anantapur district has come forward to contest the elections on behalf of the party which alone can lead the country out of the present mess. Dr. JP said that Miss Samhita, a 14-year-old girl, donated the Rs.1000 the birthday gift she had received from her grandmother because she could not vote for the Lok Satta Party for four more years to go.

Dr. Rattaiah disclosed that he had joined the Lok Satta Party with a view to repaying the debt of gratitude to society which has made him what he is today. "I have achieved the ultimate in education by founding a university." Although he had a good understanding of politics and society, and was educationally qualified, he did not want to knock at the doors of any political party seeking a ticket to contest elections. The Lok Satta Party, in contrast to other parties, had invited him to join the party and serve the country. The Lok Satta decision would serve an eye-opener to other parties in that they too would have to choose deserving candidates and rowdies to contest elections.

Asked whether Dr. Rattaiah could overcome the "outsider" tag by contesting from Malkajgiri, Dr. JP replied that every one in India is an insider for the Lok Satta. The Constitution guarantees every one's right to live and work and contest elections from anywhere in the country. Dr. Rattaiah replied he has been living in Hyderabad for more than two decades and educating thousands of children through his educational institutions.

The Lok Satta Party today released 5th list of it's candidates to contest the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. With this list the party has so far released the names of 170 candidates for the Assembly and 18 for the LokSabha elections.

MLA Candidates

1Majid Bin AbidAdilabadAdilabad
2Battula MadhuBellampallyAdilabad
3Shanta KumariKalyanadurgamAnantapur
4P B PhanindarPuttaparthiAnantapur
5Kinnera Shyam SundarHuzurabadKarimnagar
6L Raja ReddyKarimnagarKarimnagar
7R Santhosh BabuSircillaKarimnagar
8Krishna Kumar ReddyDevarakadraMahaboobnagar
9K Raja MalleshMakthalMahaboobnagar
10P NarenderShadnagarMahaboobnagar
11Chinta Lakshman RaoAndoleMedak
13B KrishnaArmoorNizamabad
14Geeta MurthyBhansuwadaNizamabad
15Manchineni Srinivaswa RaoDarsiPrakasam
16G ChandraiahChevellaRanga Reddy
17Satyanarayana ReddyParigiRanga Reddy
18VenkateshVikarabadRanga Reddy
19Irya Banothu NayakMahaboobabadWarangal
20Kurma JaganParakalWarangal

MP Candidates

1Dr Raghuveer ReddyChevella
2L RattaiahMalkajgiri
4S ManoramaNarasapuram
5Jupalli SatyanaraynaKhammam

Lok Satta fields Vignan Rattaiah for Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat (Telugu)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dr. JP files nomination, warns against three families out to grab power (Telugu)

Dr. JP files nomination, warns against three families out to grab power

“Three families in Andhra Pradesh – those of Chief Minister Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, Opposition leader N. Chandrababu Naidu and Praja Rayam President Chiranjeevi – are fighting among themselves to grab power by hook or by crook. People, in their eyes, are only pawns in the power game”, charged Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today.

Addressing party workers before and after filing his nomination for the Kukatpally Assembly seat, Dr. JP said that only the Lok Satta regards people as the real sovereigns in a democracy.

Describing the elections as a fight between people on the one hand and politics of family rule, corruption, exploitation and business on the other, Dr. JP said the Lok Satta alone voiced people’s anguish and aspirations.

“Elections are about the future of our children and us and not about the fortunes of politicians and their families. Politics should revolve round our children’s future and not the other way round”.

Dr. JP said that the ballot is more powerful than the bullet in transforming people’s lives, and therefore people should not part with it for currency. “Those who bought tickets for crores of rupees are out to buy votes at Rs.1000 each”, he said.

Accompanied by party supporters and admirers, Dr. JP walked from Truck Bay to Kukatpally municipal office, a distance of two km, to file his nomination papers. En route, people spontaneously contributed amounts totaling about Rs.25,000 to the Lok Satta Party.

Dr. JP in his address referred to a young garbage collector he had seen en route and said that although he too was endowed with intelligence like all others, he had to earn his livelihood the hard way because of his family background. The Lok Satta, he said, would be creating a society in which every child irrespective of its caste and religion and family background would have the opportunity to realize its potential. That’s why people transcending their political affiliations are supporting the Lok Satta not merely in Kukatpally but all over the State. Kukatpally will be replicated all over the country in the next five years, he said.

Dr. JP said that, if elected, he would develop Kukatpally as a model constituency in three years.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Loksatta Candidates' Fourth List

10 Contestants including JP Files Nominations on 28th

Blow the whistle and change history: Dr. JP

“Blow the whistle and help transform history”, appealed Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today. “You are the heroes in your real life and the power to transform the country lies solely in your hands.”

Releasing the fourth list of party candidates to contest 37 Assembly and seven Lok Sabha seats, Dr. JP disclosed that 95 percent of the party candidates belonged to middle classes and poorer sections. “They are candidates who will never be entertained by traditional parties which think they can swing the voters in their favor with money and liquor”. Dr. JP added most of the Lok Satta candidates cannot spend even the expenditure stipulated by the Election Commission, leave alone exceeding it.

The Lok Satta has so far released the names of 152 candidates to contest the elections to the Assembly and 13 to the Lok Sabha. In addition, it has left 14 seats to be contested by the Backward Classes’ United Front, with which the party has entered into an electoral understanding.

Welcoming the Supreme Court directive to the Election Commission to allot a common symbol to the Lok Satta Party, Dr. JP said the party has chosen whistle as its election symbol deliberately. The common man can now blow the whistle and break his silence. “After all, elections are about the future of our children and us and not about the fortunes of political parties and their leaders. You vote for the Lok Satta Party so that you can hold the reins of power in your hands.”

Dr. JP said that unlike traditional parties, the Lok Satta Party viewed political power only as a means to promote people’s welfare and not as an end to promote the interests of parties and their leaders.

Conveying his greetings to people on the Telugu New Year, Dr. JP hoped that the New Year would witness new blood entering politics and transforming the country. He wished Junior NTR, who was injured in a road accident, speedy recovery.

Vanga Sai Aditya, a nine-year-old student of Class III in Dwaraka St. Peter’s School, Ashok Nagar, donated his kiddy bank collection of Rs.340 to the Lok Satta Party. His mother, Yashoda, is a reporter in Andhra Prabha daily and father, Bhumeshwar, a Gemini News reporter.

The following is the list of candidates released today.

MLA Candidates List

1K Chalapathi RaoAsifabadAdilabad
2T SrinivasMancherialAdilabad
3Ponduri Narsa ReddyNirmalAdilabad
4Hemanth Kumar JaiswalGoshamahalGHMC
5Nakkaboina VeerendrababuYadavYakutpuraGHMC
6Mohd Ishaq KhanNampallyGHMC
7V R VijayaramarajuCantonmentGHMC
8K Dharma ReddyMalkajgiriGHMC
9M Vidyasagar RaoJagityalaKarimnagar
10Toeti BabuChoppadandiKarimnagar
11Jaipal ReddyHusnabadKarimnagar
12Tangada Anil KumarRamagundamKarimnagar
13Bekkam RamreddyMahaboobnagarMahaboobnagar
14P.Vishnuvardhan ReddyKollapurMahaboobnagar
15K VenkateswarluAchampetMahaboobnagar
16Kodati SuhasiniAndoleMedak
17Dr I Pratap KumarZaheerabadMedak
18M VenkatreshwarluMiryalagudaNalgonda
19Nenavath. Rambabu NayakDevarakondaNalgonda
20Arukonda LatchaiahMunugoduNalgonda
22Enduri Lakshma ReddyPargiRanga Reddy
23Chandrasheker PatnaikTekkaliSrikakulam
24P. Mohan RaoPathapatnamSrikakulam
25G. Appala NaiduEcharlaSrikakulam
26D AdinarayanaRajamSrikakulam
27Rai PadmavathiNellimarlaVijayanagaram
28S J MariyammaSaluruVijayanagaram
29J SailajaVisakha (S)Visakhapatnam
30Avula Govardhan ReddyVisakha (W)Visakhapatnam
31BVV Satyanarayana MurthyPendurthiVisakhapatnam
32Nagavenkata SuryanarayanaNarsipatnamVisakhapatnam
33G Narayana MurthyChodavaramVisakhapatnam
34BVVS Ganapathi RaoYalamanchiliVisakhapatnam
35Ravindra GopalNarsampetWarangal
36K Sujatha RaoPalakurthyWarangal
37Alluri Seetharama RajuBheemavaramWest Godavari

MP Candidates List

1Dr M.T. VenkateshwarluVishaka
2Mallesh Ravinder ReddyZaheerabad
3Vallepu Venkata Narsinga RaoWarangal
4Vidya Sagar Nagar Kurnool
5Ramavath Lingaiah NayakNalgonda
6DSR ChowdaryNizamabad
7Racha Subhadra ReddyBhongir

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Engaged in unequal fight: Dr. JP (Telugu)

Engaged in unequal fight: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said today that the Lok Satta Party is engaged in an unequal fight with traditional parties. “The Lok Satta views politics as a noble endeavor and believes in powerful ideas and a practicable agenda to transform the lives of people. On these issues, agenda and building a new political culture there is no competition from others with the Lok Satta. In contrast, the traditional parties repose their faith in distributing money and liquor, exploit caste and religion and offer temporary sops. The Lok Satta will not compete with them in following those practices.”

Addressing party activists from the Malakpet Assembly constituency, Dr. JP said the country is ripe for basic changes. “For the first time in India’s history, people all over the country have come to believe that the political system is rotten and needs to be replaced. Although they believe that the Lok Satta Party has the will, determination and competence to usher in fundamental changes, people doubt whether the party will make it in the elections. But together we can, if we use our ballot as our weapon.”

Dr. JP pointed out that a vote to any party other than the Lok Satta would go waste. “By voting for any traditional party, people will be falling from the frying pan into the fire. It is time the people decided whether they want any of the three families belonging to the three traditional parties in the State to win the 2009 elections or the people to win.

Dr. M. Panduranaga Rao, who is contesting from the Malakpet Assembly constituency on the Lok Satta ticket, spoke. Dr. Panduranga Rao, who retired as the CEO of a multinational company, has plunged into politics, inspired by Dr. JP. He is also the founder President of a voluntary organization, Manava Vikasa Kendra.

Dr. JP to file nomination on Saturday (Telugu)

Dr. JP to file nomination on Saturday

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will be filing his nomination to contest the election to the Assembly from the Kukatpally constituency at 11-00 a.m. on Saturday, March 28.

Party activists from all the divisions in the Kukatpally constituency will take out a bike rally around 8-30 a.m. and arrive at Truck Bay next to Metro in Kukatpally. Dr. JP will be addressing them around 10-00 a.m. Thereafter, Dr. JP will go on foot to the Municipal Office in Kukatpally and file his nomination.

Interactive Session with Dr. JP on Sunday, 29th MAR at 10.30 AM

Lok Satta welcomes all professionals for an interactive session with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan on Sunday, 29th March at 10.30 AM.

Venue: Swagath Hotel Conference Hall, Alluri Trade Center, KPHB, Hyderabad.

Call Event Co-ordinators to register:
9966932341, 9885374560, 9490751908, 9246116312, 9949778139.

Hotel Contact No. : 040-23161999

"There is no substitute to politics. If you really care for democracy, there cannot be democracy or liberal institution without politics. The only true antidote to the perversions of politics is better politics and more politics, but not negation of politics." - Dr. Jayaparakash Narayan

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

High Court Orders to Give Common Symbol to All Registered Parties

Accept wine dealers’ offer for liquor- free Elections: Lok Satta (Telugu)

Accept wine dealers’ offer for liquor- free Elections: Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party today welcomed the liquor lobby’s offer to cooperate with the Government in facilitating liquor-free elections and requested the Election Commission to accept it in the interest of conducting free and fair elections.

Representatives of the Andhra Pradesh State Wine Dealers’ Association, who met the party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, submitted a copy of the memorandum they had presented to Chief Electoral Officer I. V. Subba Rao. They pointed out that candidates fighting the elections are expected to spend about Rs.40 lakh each on liquor distribution during elections. Since there will be multi-cornered contests this time, the expenditure on liquor by all candidates will range between Rs.1,5 crore to Rs.2 crore. In other words, the State will account for liquor sales worth Rs.450 crore to Rs.600 crore purely on account of elections.

The association disclosed that political parties bought liquor at prices at which they lifted them from the Beverages Corporation and left them with no profit and occasionally with bad debts even. In addition, free liquor distribution by candidates cut into dealers’ normal sales. The dealers also faced the threat of license cancellation if stocks were seized from unlicensed people.

The Association told the Election Commission that the dealers were prepared to shut the shops and bars until the elections were over if they were returned the license fee for the duration the liquor outlets remained closed. In the alternative, the Andhra Pradesh Beverages Corporation could restrict liquor sales to licensees. The supply during March and April could be limited to the average supply during January and February.

The Lok Satta wanted the Election Commission of India to seize the offer made by the AP Wine Dealers’ Association, and make history by conducting liquor-free elections for the first time in Andhra Pradesh. The wine dealers’ demand for reimbursement of the license fee for the duration of the closure of shops and bars is justified and reasonable. Assuming that the Andhra Pradesh Government earns a total of Rs.3000 crore a year by way of license fee from wine dealers, the loss it incurs in revenue because of the liquor outlets’ closure will be only Rs.200 crore. It is miniscule considering that the State Government’s budget expenditure exceeds Rs.100,000 crore during 2009-10. Instead of refunding the license fee collected for the period, the government can simply extend the validity of the license for the same period after the normal time of expiry. Thus there will be no outflow of cash from state exchequer.

Party spokespersons P. Ravi Maruth and S.Manorama told the media that a survey by the Lok Satta had revealed that inducements like money and liquor swayed 30 percent of voters. Although the Election Commission cannot control distribution of money undertaken clandestinely, it can definitely halt liquor distribution by accepting the dealers’ offer to shut down their outlets until the elections are over. The election outcome can be immunized at least from the liquor menace, if not money.

The Lok Satta, if elected to power, will drastically restrict liquor consumption by reducing the number of outlets and their working hours, banning public drinking and empowering village panchayats to enforce the ban on unauthorized outlets or face dissolution of the elected body.

People are on our side: Loksatta

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lok Satta Party and BC Front join hands (Telugu)

Lok Satta Party and BC Front join hands

The Lok Satta Party and the Backward Classes’ United Front today entered into an electoral alliance and decided to contest on a common symbol.

Announcing this at a media conference, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and Mr. P. Ramakrishnaiah, President of the BC United Front, said that the Front would contest from 14 seats.

The Lok Satta President disclosed that his party was also working closely with the Muslim United Front.

Dr. JP said that both the old and the new parties pursuing traditional politics, reciting the social justice mantra, are fielding only candidates who can spend lavishly in elections. There could be real social justice only when every child irrespective of caste, religion and family has equal opportunities for growth, rule of law applies equally to all and when all classes and castes have proportional representation in legislative bodies.

Dr. JP said that the Lok Satta entered into an alliance with the BC United Front because of their shared ideals and objectives. The Lok Satta had offered its hand of friendship to all parties which committed themselves against inducing voters with money and liquor and against turning people into beggars. But none of the parties had made an unequivocal commitment. In contrast, the BC United Front, a party registered in 2004, has come forward to enter into an alliance with the Lok Satta Party because it too believed in proportional representation and opposed to offering inducements to voters.

Dr. JP asserted that a silent revolution fuelled by word of mouth is under way in Andhra Pradesh. The middle classes, youth, and women victims of the liquor menace are today determined to vote for the Lok Satta which alone could usher in new politics.

Mr. Ramakrishnaiah, quoting Dr. Ambedkar, said that the key to rendering social justice lay in acquiring political power. He said that the BC United Front and the Lok Satta Party would win a respectable number of seats in the coming elections. Mr. Jupally Satayanarayana, Vice President of the Lok Satta Party, spoke.

The following are the constituencies and candidates contestent on behalf the BC United Front:

District - Constituency - Candidate

1. Chittoor - Chittoor - Krishna Yadav

2. Chittoor - Kuppam - Chengaiah Lakshmi

3. Anantapur - Kalyanadurgam - Krishnamurthy

4. Anantapur - Uravakonda - Rudrananda

5. Anantapur - Raptadu - G. Sanjeev kumar

6. Kadapa - Mydukur - Gampa Tirupati

7. Kadapa - Badvel - Dr. Danam

8. Kadapa - Proddutur - Paluru Ramakrishnaiah

9. Kurnool - Allagadda -

10. Kurnool - Nandikotkuru -

11. Kurnool - Kodumuru - Sanjeeva Rao

12. Nalgonda - Nagarjuna Sagar - C.H. Mallikarjuna Goud

13. Mahaboobnagar - Shadnagar - K. Venugopal

14. Mahaboobnagar - Maktal - J. Suryanarayana

Monday, March 23, 2009

Congress silent on combating corruption: Lok Satta (Telugu)

Congress silent on combating corruption: Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party today faulted the Congress for not coming up with a coherent and integrated policy to combat poverty and unemployment. Reacting to the Congress Party’s 2009 election manifesto, the party said it was significantly silent on mitigating corruption, leave alone eradicating it.

Lok Satta Party spokesmen P. Ravi Maruth and Dr. P. Bhaskara Rao said that the manifesto did not promise free and quality education and health care to all, irrespective of their caste or religion. It was true that nearly 225,000 people had been enabled to undergo surgeries under Rajiv Arogyasri. Advertising this, the Congress sought to conceal the fact that millions of people do not benefit under Arogyasri.

The Lok Satta leaders also pointed out that the Congress Party has not spelt out any strategy to tackle the growing unemployment in the wake of the economic downturn in the country. That more than 11 lakh young men and women applied for 844 Group IV posts in the State mirrored the magnitude of the problem.

Mr. Ravi Maruth and Dr. Bhaskara Rao said the manifesto was silent on tackling corruption, which has become widespread. It had not talked of making agriculture remunerative and warding off suicides by farmers. It publicized loans at three percent to women as revolutionary even as the Government ruined their lives by promoting liquor consumption.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Donations from public even for deposit money (Telugu)

Donations from public even for deposit money

Lok Satta Party candidates contesting elections will be collecting donations from the public to pay even the deposit the amount as they file their nominations beginning March 23.

Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan has told the candidates that the Lok Satta Party, unlike traditional parties, is a people-centric party. The Lok Satta movement was instrumental in bringing about electoral reforms, which sought to curb the flow of black money by granting tax exemption for donations to political parties. The Lok Satta Party has set an example to others by placing its accounts of income and expenditure on the Internet and by accepting donations only by cheque.

Traditional parties are issuing the party ticket only to those who contribute crores of rupees to the party and are prepared to spend crores of rupees in elections. Pointing out that most of the money squandered in elections is unaccounted black money, Dr. JP says the candidates hope to make many times more than their investment once they get elected. The menace of black money cannot be ended so long as parties are not transparent in collecting and spending money.

Dr. JP has advised party candidates to publicize their collections from the public towards the payment of the deposit money. He wants them to stick to the expenditure limits imposed by law and carry on their election campaign with dignity.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lok Satta chief’s novel campaign in a simple journey

Jayaprakash Narayan takes a leaf out of Gandhiji’s life; says journey aimed at taking politics to the people

AMONG PEOPLE: Lok Satta Party chief Jayaprakash Narayan interacting with passengers in Krishna Express after launching his election campaign on Friday.

HYDERABAD: It was an unusual scene of excitement at the Secunderabad railway station in the early hours of Friday. With the flags of Lok Satta held aloft, ‘zindabad’ slogans renting the air and the shrill sound of ‘whistles’ (party’s symbol) adding to the cacophony, it was time for an unusual election campaign.

Taking a leaf out of the life of Mahatma Gandhi, Lok Satta president Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) embarked on his simple election campaign tour by boarding the Krishna Express accompanied by supporters and a clutch of media persons in contrast to the pompous campaigns of traditional parties.

What stood out was the enthusiasm of the party workers as well as scores of youngsters who turned up on their own. Lok Satta candidates of various constituencies were present in good numbers to cheer their leader as he explained that the objective of the train journey was to take politics to the people and address local issues wherever the train halted.

People waited to greet him at Bhongir, Aler, Kazipet and other places as the Tirupati-bound Krishna Express stopped briefly at different stations en route.

Travelling in a second class chair car, Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan alighted at all the stops and addressed the gathering on the platform wherever time permitted.

The 530-km whistle-stop campaign tour from Secunderabad to Nellore passed through seven districts and concluded with a public meeting in Nellore.

Mr. Narayan reiterated the Lok Satta’s commitment to decentralise administration and empower people by giving equal opportunities to all irrespective of caste and creed. He assured basic amenities, schools, healthcare centres in every village and developing 1,000 small towns with all infrastructure facilities and employment opportunities to curb exodus of rural people to cities.

He said the Lok Satta would generate 50 lakh jobs by investing Rs. 17,000 crore and agri clinics for every 3,000 acres. He said the people were vexed with corruption and were yearning for a clean and value-based political party.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Loksatta TV Programs on 22nd March 2009

Channel : HMTV
Program : JP Sainyam
Time : 3 PM - 3.30 PM

Channel : TV5
Program : Praja Paksham (With Dr.JP) Live Show
Time : 8.30 PM - 9.00 PM

Channel : HMTV
Program : MukhaMukhi (With Dr.JP)
Time : 9.30 PM - 10.30 PM

JP Rail Tour

Middle classes now in the forefront: Lok Satta releases third list

Most of the candidates contesting the 2009 elections on the Lok Satta Party ticket belong to middle classes who have so far kept off from politics because of their revulsion against the rotten political system.

Disclosing this here today, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said that all these candidates have plunged into politics now because the Lok Satta Party has provided them a platform for launching the second freedom movement. Their determination to change the nature of politics has received a boost with the traditional parties revealing their true colors in the current election campaigning.

Mr. Lakshman Balaji, party General Secretary, released the third list of candidates comprising 61 for the Assembly and six for the Lok Sabha. Thirty-eight of the candidates named belong to BCs, Dalits and minorities. Dr. JP's name figures in the list as the candidate for the Kukatpally Assembly seat. Mr. Madapu Srinivasa Rao, a physically challenged man, is contesting the Peddapalli Assembly seat in Karimnagar district.

The party had released the names of 55 candidates to contest the Assembly elections earlier.

Addressing a media conference, Dr. JP said in reply to a question that the party was on course in giving tickets to backward classes. It had pledged to give tickets to BCs in proportion to their population. The party, however, could not field a large number of women or candidates belonging to minorities because of poor response from them. He once again appealed to women and minorities with leadership qualities, integrity and an urge to transform the nature of politics to come forward and avail of the Lok Satta platform. "After all, we can't compel anyone to contest, said Dr. JP.

He also appealed to the many honest and competent citizens with leadership qualities who are still staying away from politics to come forward and accept the burden of leadeship. "The Lok Satta is the right platform for all right-thinking citizens. Come and transform politics and people's lives."

Dr. JP said that that the party had chosen candidates on their merit and not pedigree or money power. "The Lok Satta Party ranks No. 1 in Andhra Pradesh and perhaps in the country in giving representation to the youth and the educated. Most of the candidates are graduates and are either professionals or self-employed."

Dr. JP, who returned to Hyderabad this morning after undertaking election campaign by train from Secunderabad to Nellore, saidt the youth now believed that the Lok Satta can perform a miracle because the people are thirsting for change. The urge is universal in that a 21-year-old man disturbed him last night to plead for a ticket to contest to the Assembly. He had to be told the minimum age for contesting the election is 25 years. A retired neuro surgeon from the U. S., now recuperating from serious illness,, is eager to plunge into elections on behalf of the Lok Satta, provided doctors permit him. "Not to be a part of the Lok Satta Party's historic movement is a sin", he had said.

The Lok Satta Party, he revealed, would be entering into an electoral understanding with a couple of small parties in a day or two. Together, they would field candidates in all the Assembly and the Lok Satta seats.

Told the BJP has objected to a Lok Satta Party candidate using a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in his election campaign, Dr. JP said people the world over honored their national leaders and national flags. "If the Election Commission gives any ruling on the point, we will abide by it. I don't know whether anyone will object even to the singing of the national anthem."

Following are the Lok Satta Party candidates contesting the 2009 Elections to the Assembly and Lok Sabha 21st March 2009

Name Constituency Dist
Jaya Rathod Boath Adilabad
Bhushan Reddy Mudhole Adilabad
D Janardhan Sirpur (T) Adilabad
Sundera Parwatheesam Guntur-2 Guntur
T Satyannarayan Chowdery Repalle Guntur
Manik Prabhu Karwan Hyderabad
Dr Pandu Ranga Rao Malakpet Hyderabad
Inapurapu Srikanth Sharma Sanatnagar Hyderabad
Manddela Ravindra Dharmapuri Karimnagar
Dr M Venkat Reddy Korutla Karimnagar
O Sampath Manthani Karimnagar
Madasu Srinivasa Rao Peddapalli Karimnagar
Puli Pitchaiah Badrachalam Khammam
Bhupati Lavanya Kothagudem Khammam
M Nani Madhira Khammam
Dr M Vijaya Kumar Gannavaram Krishna
M Padma Panyam Kurnool
P Srinivasa Chary Srisailam Kurnool
B Swamulu Alampur Mahaboobnagar
Vadla Srinu Jadcherla Mahaboobnagar
Bandela Ramachandra Reddy Kalwakurthy Mahaboobnagar
S Jayaprakash Naik Kodangal Mahaboobnagar
K Ramakrishna Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
Vitta Praveen Kumar Reddy Wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar
Prabhakar Reddy Dubbaka Medak
Rammohan Rao Gajwel Medak
Karnam Saujanya Medak Medak
Mahesh Sharma Narsapur Medak
Dasugari Satyannarayana Goud Patancheru Medak
Patlolla Madhava Reddy Sangareddy Medak
T Srinivas Siddipet Medak
Subburu Ramesh Alair Nalgonda
Kadiyam Srinivas Reddy Huzurnagar Nalgonda
Polavaram Kalyani Kodada Nalgonda
Vantepaka Yadagiri Nakrekal Nalgonda
M S Mani Venkatagiri Nellore
Cyber Jameel Bhodan Nizamabad
A K Latha Jukkal Nizamabad
Biloji Naik Nizamabad Rural Nizamabad
D Sekhar Nizamabad Urban Nizamabad
A Ramesh Reddy Ongole Prakasham
Pentyala Peddanna Parchuru Prakasham
Mutyala Rajashekhar Ibrahimpatnam Ranga Reddy
Jangaiah Yadav Maheswaram Ranga Reddy
Dr Jayaprakash Narayan Kukatpally Ranga Reddy
T Shivakumar Medchel Ranga Reddy
K Venkatesham Tandur Ranga Reddy
CH Venkatagouri Palakonda (ST) Srikakulam
M Sudhabala Palasa Srikakulam
Telugu Nageswara Rao Narsannapeta Srikakulam
Dr D Mohan Rao Srikakulam Srikakulam
K Gourishankar Cheepurupalli Vijayanagarm
S A Ramohan Bheemili Visakhapatnam
Srini Mahesh Visakhapatnam - North Visakhapatnam
Maheswarapu Gattaiah Bhoopalpally Warangal
P Raji Reddy Janagam Warangal
Gurram Timoty St Ganapur (SC) Warangal
J Ravi Kumar Vardhannapet (SC) Warangal
Thirunahari Seshaiah Warangal East Warangal
Elicherla Prabhudas Gopalapuram West Godavari
Dr Valluri Subbalakshmi Tanuku West Godavari

MP Candidates

Koppula Venateswara Rao Machilipatnam
J Venkateswar Kurnool
V Pentaiah Araku
K Sudheer Reddy Medak
CVL Narasimha Rao Secunderabad
Devineni Kishore Vijayawada

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Courtesy: Eenadu

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Election authorities expose Government duplicity On belt shops' closure: Dr. JP (Telugu)

Election authorities expose Government duplicity On belt shops' closure: Dr. JP

“What the State Government could not do in four years and a half, the Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami and the Chief Electoral Officer I. V. Subba Rao did it in less than a week.”

That was how Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayapraksh Narayan reacted to the news of the closure of unauthorized liquor outlets, also known as belt shops.

Dr. JP recalled how the State Government had consistently refused to acknowledge even the existence of belt shops, leave alone ordering their closure. Activists of the Lok Satta and the Mahila Satta had drawn the attention of the Chief Minister as also Excise Department officials through representations and direct action. Yet, the Government would not act. Apparently, the Government which auctioned licensed shops to the highest bidders wanted to boost its revenues further by promoting liquor sales through belt shops also.

“The very arrest of more than 5000 belt shop operators in the last one week exposes Government’s duplicity. The Government which is supposed to uphold the rule of law itself has been guilty of not merely condoning but encouraging the belt shop culture.”

Dr. JP hoped that the belt shops, which have played havoc with millions of poor people, would remain permanently shut after the elections.

Lok Satta Party is deeply committed to protecting the future of 70 lakh poor families which are in deep crisis on account of liquor consumption. The men and young people are getting addicted to liquor, and in most cases their first taste of alcohol is during election campaigns.

The women in these families are facing unbearable suffering. The children are ignored on account of drunkenmen and poverty. Lok Satta will strictly regulate liquor trade, close down all belt shops and give the village community the responsibility and power to close down unauthorized outlets and to stop illicit distillation and adulteration of toddy. If a panchayat fails in its duties, it will be dismissed and fresh election held” Dr JP declared.

“The swift success of the Election Commission in closing down belt shops shows that with will, we can implement people centric policies. Lok Satta alone has the will today to address the liquor problem. Traditional Parties which are distributing liquor during elections cannot ever succeed in curbing liquor menace” Dr. JP added.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

India can be transformed in 5 years: Dr. JP (Telugu)

India can be transformed in 5 years: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan has told NRIs that it will not take more than five years for his party to reform the present political system and usher in revolutionary changes in a number of fields.

“A decent healthcare system comparable to the one in Britain can be put in place in India within a year, although reforms in education may take longer.”

Close to 150 NRI Lok Satta supporters from the U. S., the U. K., Canada and other countries interacted with Dr. JP in a teleconferencing session and posed a host of questions.

On the role of NRIs in the Indian democratic system, Dr JP said the 2009 elections presented a priceless opportunity to change history for all. “The NRIs are aware of the possibilities and the absurdities in Indian democracy.”

On the issue of there being no visible leadership other than himself in the party, he said it was one of the most crucial challenges the party was facing right now. He, however, pointed out that a number of leaders had come to the fore in the recent past.

Asked how he ensured that that party representatives adhered to the party’s core values, he said the party conducted internal elections by secret ballot to various elected posts and put in place a disciplinary authority to keep a check on erring individuals. For the first time in India, the candidate for State Assembly from the Patancheru constituency has been elected by secret ballot in open primaries. Lok Satta Party will institutionalize such a mechanism in all elections to make the party the forum of the public for political engagement and not a private family estate.

On the issue of NRI voting rights, Dr. JP said that proxy voting was a practical solution. NRIs should be allowed to appoint a ‘person of trust’ as a proxy voter to cast ballot on their behalf, he added.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dr. JP undertakes electioneering by train (Telugu)

Dr. JP undertakes electioneering by train

Taking a leaf out of the lives of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan is embarking on a train journey from Hyderabad to Nellore as part of his electioneering.

Party spokespersons Mr. DVVS Varma and Mr. Katari Srinivasa Rao told the details to the media.

Dr. JP will board a reserved second class bogie attached to Krishna Express at Secunderabad at 6-00 a.m. on Friday, March 20 and reaching Nellore around 6-00 p.m. the same day. During his literally whistle-stop 530-km tour, Dr. JP will interact with party candidates contesting the 2009 elections to the Assembly and the Lok Sabha as also party leaders from constituencies in and around the railway route. He will briefly address people who come to see him at some of the important places en route. The contestants and leaders will travel with him in the special compartment to some distance.

Dr. JP has hit upon the idea of the Spartan train journey to cover a vast area in a short time and conserve the party’s meager resources. They say: “Firstly, we don’t believe in organizing huge jamborees at colossal expenditure on mobilizing people and showing off our strength. Secondly, we are not given to collecting black money like the traditional parties and their clones to run the party and offer inducements like money and liquor in elections. Political parties, which view politics as a lucrative enterprise, spend a fortune, most of it unaccounted, in elections because they know they can make fabulous returns on their investments once they assume power. The raison d’etre of the Lok Satta Party is burying the present rotten political system six fathoms deep and unveiling a new corruption-free system for a new generation. Dishonest means and honest politics don’t go together.

Dr. JP will talk to people including the media at important stations like Kazipet, Khammam, Vijayawada, Tenali, Chirala, Ongole and Kavali. At Nellore, he will address a public meeting in the night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Candidates who splurge money in elections Can't remain honest: Dr. JP (Telugu)

Candidates who splurge money in elections Can't remain honest: Dr. JP

“How can you expect a candidate who spends up to Rs.5 crore to get elected to the Assembly to remain honest and sincere and fight against corruption?”

Posing this question at a media conference, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today told all thinking people in the State that no purpose would be served if they merely grumbled in silence over the rotten and corrupt politics. “All those who love their country and concerned about the future of their children and with leadership qualities should plunge into politics and cleanse the system. Don’t we have a few hundred people in the eight crore population who could fight for justice? Please shed your silence and use the platform provided by the Lok Satta. Realize in your own interest that the silence of good people is more harmful than the evil deeds of bad people. Please stand, fight and be counted.”

Dr. JP said it was common knowledge that political parties and contestants distributed money and liquor as inducements to voters during elections. But it was difficult to prove the charges in a court of law as both the givers and recipients would not be eager to be convicted. “Now, the political parties have gone one step further by openly offering color TVs and mobile phones to voters at the cost of the Government, i.e. from the taxes collected from the public.”

Dr. JP pointed out that that the offer of TVs and mobile phones was unconstitutional. Lists II and III in the Constitution nowhere specify that color TV or mobile phone distribution is one of the States’ duties. By offering these inducements, political parties have crossed the “Lakshmana Rekha”. The Election Commission had not mustered courage to declare the promise of color TVs in the past as unconstitutional as a result of which parties are emboldened to offer more and more baits to hook voters now. “If the Election Commission does not act even now, the Lok Satta will be forced to approach the Supreme Court”, Dr. JP said.

Dr. JP quoted Gresham’s law in economics which says bad money drives away good money and said that bad politics would drive away good politics as is evident from the political parties’ attempts to try every trick in the trade to corner votes. “If we allow the traditional parties to get away with their dangerous, repulsive and illegal practices, the future of the country and of our children will be in danger.”

Dr. JP regretted that sections of media, which had once stood for Dharma, are now unabashedly backing adharma. He referred to the Lok Satta’s meeting at Ramakrishna Beach in Visakhapatnam on March 14 and said the media, which goes hysterical in reporting meetings attended by paid crowds, virtually ignored the Lok Satta meeting attended by 10,000 people on their own. “I have no grouse against journalists, most of whom are personally concerned about the country’s future. All that I appeal to you is to stand by people who are fighting against entrenched political parties. Be a part of the solution and not of the problem.”

Dr. JP referred to the TDP promise to reimburse farmers of the loans they had already repaid and said that like the Union Government’s loan waiver, the proposal would merely destroy the credit system. Political parties conveniently forgot that only 30 percent of farmers have access to institutional credit whereas 70 percent of farmers borrowed from private moneylenders at exorbitant rates of interest. A solution to the agricultural crisis lies in making available credit to every farmer and tenant. The Lok Satta’s agriculture policy provided for formation of 10,000 agri-clinics all over the State to facilitate crop planning and marketing, extension of credit to every tiller and promotion of agro industries to add value to agricultural produce. “We have the resources to implement such a policy but don’t have the political will. Traditional parties are interested in keeping farmers forever dependent on the Government and loan waivers form part of their tactics.”

Mr. K. Madhusudhana Rao, member of the party’s Election Authority, announced that Mr. B. Satyanarayana (Satish) Gowd would be fielded as the Lok Satta Party candidate from Patancheru constituency. He had trounced Mr. K. Shankara Rao in the open primary held on March 15. for the first time in the country. Of the 4413 total polled votes, Mr. Satish got 3713 and Mr. Shankar Rao 648, while 52 votes were invalid.

Dr. JP described the conduct of the primary as a golden chapter in India’s political history.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Come for Public Debate on Donation Collection

Lok Satta to follow up belt shop closure

Lok Satta to follow up belt shop closure

The Lok Satta Party and the Mahila Satta today profusely thanked the Election Commission of India for having directed the District Collectors and Superintendents of Police to shut down all unauthorized liquor outlets known as belt shops within two days. Lok Satta President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan had drawn the attention of Mr. N. Gopalaswami, Chief Election Commissioner, to the omnipresent belt shops in Andhra Pradesh and said they posed a threat to free and fair electioneering.

Talking to the media, Mrs. N. Saroja Devi, State Mahila Satta Coordinator, Mrs. S. Manorama and Mr. V. Lakxman Balaji, party spokespersons, recalled they had launched a State-wide agitation against belt shops for the last two years. Addiction to liquor has played havoc with the health and finances of nearly 75 lakh families in Andhra Pradesh. Against 6,000 odd licensed liquor shops, there are more than 100,000 unauthorized or illegal outlets.

The Lok Satta and Mahila Satta leaders told the media that despite repeated representations and agitations all over the State, the Government had so far dodged the demand for belt shop closure maintaining there are no belt shops. The Government which views liquor as a cash cow would not like to forgo it by shutting down belt shops.

The leaders said that the proliferation of belt shops could be traced to the Government’s determination to maximize revenue from liquor. It conducted auctions for liquor shops and granted licenses to the highest bidder. Those who came forward to pay astronomical amounts for the license promoted and nurtured belt shops to maximize their turnover and profits. “There are thousands of villages in Andhra Pradesh without safe drinking water but there is not a single village which does not have a belt shop that makes liquor available.”

Lok Satta, Mahila Satta and Yuva Satta leaders would be launching a drive to identify the belt shops and draw the attention of Government officials to them. If the officials do not ensure their closure, they would be taking the matter to the notice of the Election Commission of India.

Mrs. Manorama and Mrs. Saroja Devi described the Election Commission of India directive as a victory for the womenfolk of the State. The Election Commission did what the State Government was expected to do. The State Government continued to pretend there were no belt shops at all because admission of their existence amounted to admission of the absence of rule of law.