Saturday, March 7, 2009

Women and Youth Welcome to Contest on Lok Satta Ticket

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today called upon educated women and youth of integrity and competence with leadership qualities, who are thirsting for a change in the present corrupt political culture, to contest the ensuing elections on the Lok Satta Party ticket.

Addressing a number of youth from Medak district who joined the Lok Satta Party under the leadership of Mr. Satish Goud, Dr. JP said the party would like to field women candidates in one-third of the seats in the ensuing elections. As of now, the response from women is not adequate, although hundreds of male candidates are in the race.

Dr. JP said that hitherto people wondered whether the Lok Satta Party and its candidates could compete with traditional parties and their candidates who are getting ready to spend an astronomical Rs.4500 crore in Andhra Pradesh. They seemed to ask whether a basil plant can survive in a cannabis plantation. "Yes, we can", answered Dr. JP.

The party needed Rs.20 crore to Rs.25 crore to conduct a State-wide campaign, even as candidates stick to the ceiling on expenses imposed by law. The party had, therefore, asked party candidates who could afford to donate whatever they could by way of cheque, assuring them that the party headquarters would be supplying them campaign material and equipment. He added, "Honest money is needed to usher in honest politics."

Referring to the promises including universal health care, education and skills and jobs being made by traditional parties on the eve of elections, Dr. JP said they had neither sincerity nor competence to carry out their promises. The Lok Satta, he said, would eradicate poverty in five years and enable every family to live with dignity. Mr. Akurati Murali Krishna, party Vice President, said the youth who joined the party had seen through the empty election promises being made by traditional parties. Among those who joined the party were Mr. Kola Nageswara Rao, movie director, and leaders of Mudiraj and Gowda communities.

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