Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dr. JP to contest from Kukatpally

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will be contesting to the Assembly from the Kukatpally constituency in Hyderabad.

The jam-packed Image Garden in Kukatpally, where Dr. JP announced his decision, , reverberated with tumultuous ‘Jai Ho, Jayaprakash’ slogans. The 1000-odd people, who attended the meeting, pledged they would sincerely strive for a historic win to Dr. JP.

In his 40-minute passionate address, punctuated with repeated applause, Dr. JP revealed that “I have never in my life sought any office nor run away from any responsibility”.

“I now humbly bow to the wishes of all of you who, transcending caste and religion, region and language, would like me to represent you in the Assembly.” But Kukatpally is only the starting point; the Lok Satta will change the course of politics in the country, not merely in Andhra Pradesh.”

He appealed to people, who are steeped in despair and despondency over the rotten state of affairs in the country, not to lose hope. “Revolutions around the world take place in the minds of people before they happen on the ground. People in India today are thirsting for change in their heart of hearts. But they don’t believe it will take place, because established parties with money and muscle power, short-term sops and inducements to voters will stage a comeback.”

He asked people to shed their doubts and fears since they have the powerful weapon of vote in their hands. “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Together, we can bring about a silent revolution in the country with our vote.” He quoted a verse from the Upanishads which says, “Sankalpa parimitam drusyam” (the will determines one’s vision) and said, “We could accomplish whatever we visualize.” He wanted the youth, middle classes and women to take the lead in the historic fight for change. “You need not make the supreme sacrifice. All that you have to do is to spare a little time and effort in the interests of your children’s future.”

Dr. JP explained that change meant creation of equal opportunities for growth to all children irrespective of their caste and religion, region and language. It meant enabling people to hold their heads high as sovereigns, by liberating them from their current slavery status and ensuring equal justice to all.

“Political parties have now become the pocket boroughs of a few families or individuals. They invest in elections to reap multifold returns, treating citizens as beggars. They exploit caste, religion, region and language to create vote banks and perpetuate themselves in power.”

“The Lok Satta is committed to providing free universal and quality education and health care and job-oriented skills and employment opportunities to every child, and making agriculture and traditional occupations lucrative. It will create 1250 towns at a cost of Rs.40000 crore spread over five years to provide employment opportunities to five million people. It will make a per capita grant of Rs.1000 to every village and town so that people at the grassroots can spend it on projects they need, without looking to authorities at the district or State level. It will provide social security to one crore families belonging to the unorganized sector.”

Dr. JP said people could judge the Lok Satta Party’s capacity and competence to deliver on its promises by reviewing what it had accomplished as an NGO. Nowhere else in the post-second world war an NGO had achieved so much in so short a time as the Lok Satta.


  1. I can truly understand the intention behind this and appreciate it for bringing the transparency in politics . But I don't think that our people (specially those who work on daily wages and illiterate) would be able to understand this. I think we all need to focus on informing the reason for change by explaining in their words like how do we provide work 365 days a year, food less days and remove belt shops. This kind of polished talks will not enter into their hearts and cannot understand our intention. In my opinion, undoubtedly, who loves India, educated, would vote for us. But the needed cannot vote us because they are not understanding what we are saying. In this week end, I visited couple of weaker area sections and understand their pulse. I am very sad by hearing that they don't know who is JP and LokSatta. I hope JP and team can work on this.

  2. Lets take responsibility of this individually to convince them wherever and whenever possible. let us come with ideas to overcome such constraints.

  3. Hi fellas,
    We can't sit in here and write comments about all the things JP sir has to do . We shoudl indeed take some initiatives and come out with some better ideas. Start telling each and every friendof yours, your family members, etc and spread da message of our party !!
    I hope we see JP sir win from Kukatpally .....

  4. Yes lets start with our families and also use social networking sites like Orkut/Facebook.