Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lok Satta meetings to review Party performance (Telugu)

Lok Satta meetings to review Party performance

The Lok Satta Party is organizing a series of meetings from May 3 to 7 to review the party’s performance in the April 2009 elections and chart out the future course of action. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, party President, will head the review teams.

Giving this information at a media briefing, party spokesmen Ravi Maruth and Dr. Bhaskara Rao said the party irrespective of the electoral outcome in terms of the number of seats would come up with specific plans to serve the public. The party would associate the youth, women and middle classes, who tremendously responded to the Lok Satta call, with its activities and try to forge into rural areas.

Following is the review schedule including the venues and districts covered:

May 3, Hyderabad: Medak, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad

May 4, Visakhapatnam: Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari

May 5, Vijayawada: West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam and Khammam

May 6, Tirupati: Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool and Anantapur

May 7, Hyderabad: Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Warangal

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lok Satta the real victor in elections: Dr. JP (Telugu)

Lok Satta the real victor in elections: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said that the party would be taking a number of citizen centric initiatives, whatever be the outcome of the current elections. “The Lok Satta is the real victor in the current elections in that it has earned the silent support of lakhs of youth, women, middle classes, and sections of the poor without inducing voters with money and liquor anywhere in the State. The party has emerged stronger with its credibility enhanced in the elections.”

Addressing a meeting of some of the party contestants and campaign organizers, Dr. JP said that what the Lok Satta has achieved is nothing short of a miracle because even the so-called top leaders of all the traditional parties and the new parties had to buy votes even in their own constituencies.

Asking party leaders and cadres not to be disappointed at the electoral outcome in terms of numbers, he said “Let us not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”.

“We have truly laid the foundation for transforming the nature of politics in the entire country,” Dr. JP said adding that it was a job which could not be accomplished overnight.

Dr. JP said that the party should not lose time in consolidating the large support base it had acquired in the elections. Tens of thousands of youth had come on their own to campaign for the party and act as polling and booth agents. The party proposed to open citizen service centers all over the State to serve as a bridge between people and the Government. The service centers would also serve as counseling centers for the unemployed youth and try to provide livelihood opportunities to them depending on their skills.

The youth would be associated with the running of the centers. The party workers would also select a village in every mandal and try to address some problem concerning health or education plaguing the village with the cooperation of the local people.

Dr. JP announced that the party would wage an all-out war against the illegal belt shops (unauthorized liquor outlets). It would help people get themselves registered as voters and get errors in voters’ lists corrected.

Dr. JP said that the party would ruthlessly take action against all those who harmed party interests in the recent elections by their acts of omission and commission.

The Lok Satta Party, he said, has a formidable base in urban areas. It would leverage its significant presence in Greater Hyderabad by contesting in the municipal corporation elections and spread its influence all over the State.

“There is enormous reservoir of goodwill in villages. We need to convert this into political strength.” Dr. JP categorically stated that millions of people have great hopes and expectations from the Lok Satta Party. “We shall never, let them down. The Lok Satta Party shall always be a part of the solution, and will never be a part of a problem. We shall maintain high ethical standards, restore public confidence in politics and put the nation above the party at all times”.

Interim Elections is Definite : Dr.JP

Courtesy: Eenadu

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The future belongs to us, Asserts Dr. JP (Telugu)

The future belongs to us, Asserts Dr. JP

All the mainstream parties including the old and the new and some ideology-driven parties today "stand as culprits before the public for having tried to seduce voters with monetary and other inducements in their unabashed quest for power and lust for money."

Making this charge at a media conference here today, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan added the very fact that even the top leaders of these parties were no exception to buying votes testified to the absence of real leadership.

In stark contrast, Lok Satta candidates and campaigners upheld the true spirit of democracy in not only standing up to the hostile environment but also by not resorting to money and liquor distribution. "This itself is a miracle in the present vitiated political climate." He recalled that the Lok Satta candidates had taken an oath to uphold true norms of democracy and promote public interest. Millions of ordinary citizens - youth, women, middle classes, large sections of the poor and families ruined by the liquor menace - extended their support to the Lok Satta Party and silently voted for it.

"The peaceful revolution witnessed in the 2009 elections shows that Andhra Pradesh has become the epicenter for transformational politics. In five years, politics of India will change for good as people discover their strength and realize they are the masters of their destiny and not the parties and their candidates.

"The people perceive the Lok Satta as a party that practices what it preaches. Humbled by the enormous public support, I today pledge myself to stay the course and not let down people even in my dreams."

The Lok Satta, he said, had to reckon with tremendous resource constraints. In addition, people with ability and leadership qualities would not publicly stand up for what they believed in. Yet the people showered their affection and warmth on the Lok Satta. "The long night is over and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Millions of people are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Lok Satta, mirroring the powerful stirrings for change. The future belongs to the Lok Satta."

Dr. JP said the 2009 elections brought to light surrogate and concealed advertising with contestants and their parties "buying ad space and distorting news, manufacturing and purveying myth. This menace of epidemic proportions has elbowed out honest politics altogether. The media, which is supposed to be the sentinel of democracy, has itself become a part of the problem. The elections result will show that the space the media devoted to political parties and the public support they enjoyed was disproportional and as a result, the Lok Satta pursuing honest polictics was sought to be marginalized. But thanks to the overwhelming support of the ordinary people, the Lok Satta today stands tall and proud, with its dignity preserved, principles upheld, and credibility enhanced. At the end of the day, the people decide in a democracy, and they have decided that the Lok Satta stands for the future."

Dr. JP appealed to the Election Commission of India to immediately take into account the money spent by contestants through surrogate advertising and add it to their election expenditure. All the guilty, who exceeded the limits and did not disclose the expenditure should be disqualified from the present and future elections.

Dr. JP commended the Election Commission for acting with integrity and impartiality. It was true the commission and the police could not thwart the flow of money and liquor. But it was not their fault. The deep political crisis caused by political parties could not be overcome by non-political means.

"There are, however, serious complaints of defective electoral rolls. The Lok Satta's effort and the Election Commission decision to utilize post offices resulted in improvement in Hyderabad city. Now the commission must aggressively pursue this, and extend post offices as nodal agencies in the whole country so that transparency and access are improved."

Dr. JP appealed to the media to introspect whether it was not subverting democracy by promoting surrogate advertising. He asked the leadership of all parties to help transform political culture, failing which the system itself gets de-legitimized.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Conscientious voting the Need of the hour: Dr. JP (Telugu)

Conscientious voting the Need of the hour: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President today appealed to every voter to exercise his or her franchise because the vote is the only instrument in a democracy by which they can transform the country. “Deem voting as a sacred duty in the interests of your children and you,” he told a media conference.

“Not voting is not an option for any citizen. Vote is the only effective from of raising your voice in a democracy. As Martin Luther Kind said, ‘The silence of the good people is more dangerous than the brutality of the bad people’. We can transform India only by honest exercise of franchise”.

He pointed out that he was heartened by the large turnout of youth, women, middle class people, the victims of liquor menace, the poor daily-wage earners, Government and private sector employees and retired employees in the first phase of polling, and hoped the second phase too would witness similar enthusiasm.

He accused all the mainstream parties of perverting democracy by unabashedly and openly inducing voters with money and liquor in an unprecedented manner. Considering that what the police have seized all over the State – a little over Rs.36 crore -- in their drive against distribution of money did not constitute even one percent of the money spent by parties, Dr. JP said democracy could be preserved only when citizens become its sentinels. “Democracy is too a precious thing to be left to constitutional authorities alone for safekeeping. They have certain built-in limitations.”

Dr. JP referred to his whistle-stop election campaigning in the State and said he was touched by the warmth he received everywhere. “Every heart is beating for change – the educated and the illiterate, the old and the young, men and women. The need of the hour is conscientious voting. There is a tremendous surge of hope and confidence among the youth, women, poor and middle classes. We together can transform the country and unveil a bright future for our children.”

Dr. JP wanted all those who have led a silent revolution against the politics of big money, muscle power, casteism, corruption and parochialism to come forward and take up leadership positions. “The second freedom movement is now on. Please join it and be counted.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is the Last Chance

Vote with discretion, appeals Lok Satta

“If you succumb to inducements like money and liquor for a day’s enjoyment, you will continue to be mired in poverty for the next 1800 days.”

That was the piece of advice the Lok Satta Party gave today to voters casting their votes in the second phase on April 23.

The party cautioned voters that the traditional parties were once again trying to take them for a ride by dangling short-term sops or promising schemes that could not be implemented. Poverty could be eradicated only when quality education and health care are free, the youth are provided employment skills and livelihood opportunities, farmers and others engaged in traditional occupations are ensured higher incomes.

The elections provide a historic opportunity for people to elect a party that is committed to and has the capacity and competence to transform the present corrupt political system.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr. JP visiting Anantapur on April 21st (Telugu)

Dr. JP visiting Anantapur on April 21st

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will be taking part in a road show and addressing a public meeting at Kalyandurgam in Anantapur district at 11-30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 21 as part of his campaigning for the party. He will be taking part in a road show earlier in Anantapur (09-30 a.m.) and later at Kanaganepalli (1-30 p.m.) and Dharmavaram (2-30 p.m.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dr.JP's Tour on April 20th (Telugu)

Dr. JP’s tour schedule on April 20th

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will be campaigning for party candidates by undertaking road shows and addressing public meetings in Nellore, Kadapa and Chittoor districts tomorrow (Monday, April 20). Following is his schedule:

April 20 (Monday):

10-30 a.m. Gudur

11-30 a.m. Venkatagiri

12-30 p.m. Rajampet

6-00 p.m. Tirupati

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dr. JP visiting W. Godavari, Krishna Districts on 19th (Telugu)

Dr. JP visiting W. Godavari, Krishna Districts on 19th

Lok Satta Party President is visiting West Godavari and Krishna districts tomorrow (Sunday, April 19) as part of electioneering. He will be taking part in road shows and addressing public meetings as per the following schedule:

April 19 (Sunday):

09-30 a.m. Tanuku

11-30 a.m. Tadepalligudem

01-30 p.m. Bhimavaram

05-00 p.m. Akiveedu

07-00 p.m. Kakikaluru

09-00 p.m. Gudivada

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lok Satta leaders leave for Andhra region (Telugu)

Lok Satta leaders leave for Andhra region

Top Lok Satta Party leaders have fanned out to different districts in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema districts to campaign for the party in the second phase of the polling due on April 23.

Party spokesman Dr. P. Bhaskara Rao released the names of the members at the regular briefing at the party headquartes. The districts and the party campaigners are:

Anantapur: Nandipet Ravinder, Mrs. D. Lakshmi, M. Jaswant Reddy

Chittoor: Enuga Rama Rao, C. V. L. Narasimha Rao, P. Rohit Kumar

Kadapa: Mrs. Gita Murthy, G. Raja Reddy

Kurnool: V. Vijayender Reddy, T. L. Narasimha Rao

E. Godavari: Y. Ramadevi, C. Vinod, Jagan, V. Laxman Balaji

W. Godavari: D. V. S. Varma, B. Shivkumar, Gouthu Jhansi Lakshmi

Krishna: B. Shivkumar, Srini Mahesh

Guntur: Katari Srinivasa Rao, Mrs. A. Maharani, Ravinder Reddy

Prakasam: Bhisetty Babji team

Nellore: V. Ramachandraiah, Siddhartha

Dr. JP in East Godavari today:

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will undertake a road show and address a public meeting at Rajahmundry between 9-30 – 11-30 am on Saturday, April 18. He will be addressing public meetings at Jaggampet (12-15 p.m.), Peddapuram (3-30 p.m.), Pithapuram (5-00 p.m.) and Kakinada (6-45 p.m.).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A wind of change blowing All over AP: Dr. JP (Telugu)

A wind of change blowing All over AP: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today congratulated voters on withstanding terrific inducements like money and liquor and major deterrents like poor publicity in the media, and voluntarily coming forward to vote for the Lok Satta in large numbers.

Addressing the media, Dr. JP said the first phase of polling in the 2009 elections witnessed a wind of change blowing all over Andhra Pradesh. “What is heartening is that youth, women, serving and retired employees in the public and private sectors and unorganized workers had taken part in the polling, many of them for the first time in many years.”

Dr. JP said that the voters have now realized that they are the architects of their own destiny and that every vote counts. They did not succumb to the poisonous propaganda that a vote to the Lok Satta would go waste. They did not mind that the Lok Satta Party and its candidates could not go in for costly advertisements camouflaged as news or that sections of the print media chose to virtually black out the party from their columns.

The Lok Satta President congratulated the Election Commission on conducting the elections in a free and fair manner by and large, notwithstanding the fact that there were complaints of voters’ names not being found in voters’ lists, the EVMs malfunctioning in certain areas and minor and sporadic skirmishes.

Dr. JP noted that the police did make an attempt to arrest the flow of money and liquor, but the task is beyond them. The traditional parties, their candidates and supporters did splurge money like water in their determined bid to influence voters. The money and liquor seized by the police all over the State did not equal the amount spent by traditional party candidates in one Lok Sabha constituency.

The elections would demonstrate that voters are wiser than politicians, who have viewed them as purchasable commodities and not as human beings in flesh and blood with their own hopes and aspirations. “The era of swinging electoral verdicts with inducements is coming to an end.”

Dr. JP appealed to voters to exercise their franchise without fail in the second phase of polling too and help bring about the change in the political system they have been yearning for. “A bright future for your children and you is just a vote away,” reiterated Dr. JP.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't get cheated for another five years

JP's Second Phase Tour Starting From 16th

Loksatta is Ready for Polling

Dr. JP visiting Guntur district On Thursday

Lok Satta Party President is leaving for Guntur district tomorrow (Thursday April 16) by road to campaign for his party candidates in the elections. He will be addressing public meetings at Macherla at 5-00 p.m. and Piduguralla at 7-00 p.m. tomorrow and halts for the night at Guntur.

On Friday, April 17, Dr. JP will be addressing public meetings at Vemuru (9-30 a.m.), Mangalagiri (3-30 p.m.) and Guntur (6-30 p.m.) and address the media at Tenali (12 noon).

He will be visiting East Godavari district on April 18, West Godavari and Krishna districts on April 19, Nellore and Kadapa districts on April 20 and Anantapur district on April 21.

Time to act is now, Dr. JP tells voters

In a letter to Andhra Pradesh voters on the eve of the first phase of polling, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan appealed to them not to succumb to inducements like liquor and money or short-term sops and perpetuate the corrupt political system. All along, he pointed out, they had been changing players in election after election but found themselves falling from the frying pan into fire. “The need of the hour is a change in the rules of the game.”

Dr. JP said the elections presented a golden opportunity to voters to put an end to dynastic rule and politics of business. The Lok Satta Party, he recalled, had been formed to usher in new politics for a new generation and provided a platform to people who are fed up with the present corrupt and rotten political system. “Now is the time to act.”

Dr. JP reiterated that the Lok Satta is totally committed to providing opportunities for growth to every child irrespective of its caste and religion. It will provide quality education and health care, job skills and employment opportunities, and ensure that farmers and those engaged in traditional occupations earned higher incomes. It would form district governments and make a per capita grant of Rs.1000 to every village and ward/division and create 1250 new towns and provide livelihood opportunities to 50 lakhs of people in five years.

Dr. P. Bhaskara Rao, party spokesman, told the media that youth were coming on their own to work as booth and polling agents for the Lok Satta Party. Party activists were preventing distribution of money and liquor to voters.

Dr. JP will be casting his vote tomorrow in a polling booth near Income Tax Colony on Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, which comes under Khairatabad constituency.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dr. Ambedkar behind Voting right to all: JP

It was because of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar the Constitution conferred the right to vote to on every eligible Indian without any discrimination based on caste, class and religion, said Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today..

Addressing a gathering after garlanding the statue of Dr. Ambedkar at Moosapet Y Junction, Dr. JP appealed to people to utilize their vote by electing candidates with credibility. They should put an end to dynastic and exploitative politics by exercising their franchise wisely. Traditional political parties merely observed the birth and death anniversaries of the great leader without following him in practice, unlike the Lok Satta which lived up to his ideals.

Movie Director Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Lok Satta Party leader Srinivasan and others took part in the function.

At 10-00 a.m. Lok Satta contestants including Dr. JP and activists all over the State blew whistle, the party’s election symbol, to remind people of the need to vote for the Lok Satta.

Dr. JP visiting Prakasam district today (Telugu)

Dr. JP visiting Prakasam district today

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will be visiting Nandyal in Kurnool district and Giddalur, Kanigiri, Ongole, Parchur and Chirala in Prakasam district tomorrow (Wednesday, April 15) to campaign for party candidates contesting the Assembly and the Lok Sabha elections. He is scheduled to address a public meeting at Kanigiri at 11-30 a.m. and at Parchur at 5-00 p.m.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yesterday Train... Today Bus

Dr. JP boards passenger bus

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today traveled by a bus from Balanagar Cross Roads to KPHB Colony and interacted with passengers as part of his election campaign. He bought tickets for all those who boarded the Zaheerabad-bound bus along with him. He had traveled by train on two occasions to carry the Lok Satta message to the people.

Talking to a family, which was leaving for Mumbai in search of work and livelihood, Dr. JP told them that the Lok Satta Party, if elected to power, would create 1250 towns all over the State and ensure livelihood to 50 lakh of people. Then people need not migrate to far off places.

He told college students traveling by the bus that the Lok Satta is committed to making quality education the centerpiece of its politics. The party would improve public transport and ensure that bus services are extended to all remote colonies. He appealed to passengers as also commuters at bus stops to vote for ‘whistle,’ the Lok Satta election symbol.

The bus driver, the conductor and passengers in the bus as also those waiting at bus stops were overwhelmed by Dr. JP’s off-beat electioneering. Dr. Lavu Rattaiah, the party’s Malkajigiri Lok Sabha candidate traveled with Dr. JP in the bus.

Lok Satta refutes charge against Mrs. Pratibha Rao

The Lok Satta Party said in a statement today that its Jubilee Hills Assembly constituency candidate Mrs. G. Pratibha Rao did not give her PAN in the affidavit as she was not expected to.

The party clarified that only those who have over-dues to public financial institutions or dues to the Government have to give their PANs.

The party took strong exception to the inference drawn by the National Election Watch that those who did not give their PAN might not have paid their wealth tax or income tax in full.

Mrs. Pratibha Rao has been a regular income tax assessee and her PAN is ACGPG1914P.

“The Election Watch inference, as quoted in certain reports, is unwarranted and malicious and intended to tarnish Mrs. Pratibha Rao’s reputation and damage her electoral prospects in the Jubilee Hills constituency.”

Sunday, April 12, 2009

14th Morning at 10 AM, Whistle in North Andhra and Telangana

I alone cannot change the country : Dr.JP

Shed complacency and vote for Lok Satta: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today appealed to voters to shed their complacency borne out of the feeling that there would be no change in their lives whichever party came to power. He wanted them to vote for the Lok Satta, which has emerged as an alternative to the traditional parties. “The Lok alone could not change the country. You will have to utilize the platform provided by the Lok Satta.”

On a whistle-stop tour of the Khairatabad constituency, Dr. JP addressed gatherings at a number of places appealing to people not to be swayed by Government’s short-term sops. “Don’t part with your vote worth Rs.2.33.000 for a paltry Rs.500. Hitherto you have been electing traditional parties and losing in the process. It is time you won the elections this time by availing of the Lok Satta platform.”

If elected to power, the Lok Satta would provide free and quality education and health care and job-oriented skills and livelihood opportunities to all. In addition, it would provide a per capita grant of Rs.1000 to every division so that all the local needs could be attended to.

Mr. R. Chandra, a Badruka College student who lost his eye in the Gokul Chat blast incident of Aug 25. 2007, is campaigning on behalf of Dr. JP in the Kukatpally constituency. The Lok Satta stood by him when the Government wavered in extending him relief.

Party spokesman Dr. P. Bhaskara Rao said that Lok Satta candidates contesting Assembly and Lok Sabha elections as also party activists in Telangana and North Coastal Andhra would blow whistles at 10-00 a.m. on April 14, the last day of campaigning, from a central place in their constituencies. By whistling, they call upon voters to revolt against the present political system by voting for the Lok Satta Party.

100 Year Old Woman Whistles

Courtesy: Eenadu

We Will Not Distribute Money and Liquor

Courtesy: Eenadu

Loksatta's Ad in Eenadu

Tupaki Pattalanipinchindi

Courtesy: Eenadu

Teach a Lesson to Traditional Parties : JP

Courtesy: Eenadu

Saturday, April 11, 2009

JP's Never Before Historic Speech : 12 APR 8:30PM "Praja Chaitanyaniki JP Pilupu"

Dr JP is going to address the state in Exclusive TV5 Live show. Meeting will be held in an open function hall.

Venue for the meeting :

Tumu Padma Rao Patel Gardens,
Opposite Kukatpally Bus Depot,

Timing : 8:30 - 9pm (Entry till 8:15pm ONLY. Gates will be closed after 8:15pm)

As this is a live show on TV5 channel, meeting will be started on the dot ie., at 8:30pm. To minimize the distraction, the function hall gates will be closed @ 8:15pm. (This has been instructed by TV5 folks and entry beyond 8:15pm is non-negotiable.) So request everyone to be there on-time to avoid inconvinience.

Appreciate if all of you can keep your cell phones on silent mode during the meeting. As this is a live show, this can affect the audio quality over TV.

Lok Satta candidates pledge not to Buy votes or distribute liquor (Telugu)

Silent revolution under way In AP: Dr. JP

A silent revolution in favor of the Lok Satta is sweeping Andhra Pradesh now and is gaining momentum hour by hour, said Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today.

“But the Lok Satta is handicapped by lack of adequate resources and organizational structure to tap it. The Lok Satta is voicing the agony and anguish of the voiceless and is providing a platform for the common man to stage a constitutional revolt. The people, therefore, have to come forward and act as booth and polling agents and ensure their win in the elections.”

Taking part in a ‘Meet the Press’ program organized by the Andhra Pradesh Working Journalists’ Federation, Dr. JP said in reply to a question that “the Lok Satta is handicapped by the dominant public and media prejudice that none could win an election without spending crores of rupees on buying votes with money and liquor. Secondly, it does not have adequate number of local leaders who have guts and leadership, although the party has the power of ideas. Where it has leaders, the media would not give publicity to them. Thirdly, the media ignored the Lok Satta so much that a visitor to the State would feel that the party is not at all existent in the State. After all, the party’s election campaign budget for the entire State is less than half of what a traditional party candidate spends in one parliamentary constituency.”

Dr. JP said the traditional parties behaved as if the people are ignorant and do not know what is good for them. They believe they can win elections by dividing people on the basis of caste or religion or offering short-term sops. They would like to keep the people in perpetual poverty so that they can continue to be in power indefinitely. In contrast, the Lok Satta believes people are intelligent and wise and have their own hopes and aspirations. They have repeatedly demonstrated that when there is a fight between Dharma and adharma, they always stand by Dharma. Today, the people all over Andhra Pradesh are thirsting to change the rotten and the corrupt political system by voting for the Lok Satta. Neither the people at large nor the media in particular have been able to capture the public mood, Dr. JP said.

The Lok Satta is committed to providing opportunities for growth to every child irrespective of its accident of birth in a particular caste or religion, free and quality health care to all, job-oriented skills and livelihood opportunities to all youth, and social security to one crore of poor people, empower people with the formation of district governments and ensure higher incomes to farmers and people in traditional occupations.

In reply to a question on Prohibition, Dr.JP said the Lok Satta stood for strict restriction of liquor consumption as total Prohibition was not a success anywhere in the world and spawned mafias everywhere. “Do not expect the traditional parties to impose Prohibition or restrict liquor consumption since it will be suicidal for them. They believe that without distributing liquor they cannot win votes and they can take the people for a ride if they remain intoxicated.”

Answering a question on the party’s stand on irrigation projects, Dr. JP said big reservoirs are necessary to capture flood flows in rivers in a country dependent on monsoons. But the Lok Satta would not take up a project like the Pranahita-Chevella which involves a capital cost of Rs.38,500 crore and an annual maintenance expenditure of Rs.50,000 per acre and consume one-third of the total power produced in the State. Once the Polavaram and Pulichintala projects are completed, the Nagarjunasagar waters can be utilized to serve Telangana districts. In addition, small lift irrigation schemes can be taken up on the Godavari and its tributaries. The party favored the constitution of a tribunal to decide on the allocation of river waters among different regions of the State.

On subsidies, Dr. JP said his party did not believe in waiving loans, or providing color TVs or transferring cash to people. It subscribed to providing free and quality education and health care and job-oriented skills all of which entailed subsidy but helped people stand on their own feet, contributed to higher productivity and incomes.

On the black money stashed away by Indians in foreign banks, Dr. JP said if the Government of India provided preliminary evidence that the money had something to do with organized crime or fraud, foreign banks could give information. International protocols now provided for such disclosure and the US Government succeeded in making a Swiss bank part with some details.

Mr. Koteswara Rao, President of the federation, presided.

Lok Satta candidates pledge not to Buy votes or distribute liquor

People contesting on the Lok Satta Party ticket to the Assembly and the Lok Satta all over the State today pledged themselves to relentlessly work for people's welfare and not to abuse power under any circumstances to serve his/her or relatives’ and friends’ interests.

They swore to eradicate poverty and illiteracy, provide corruption-free politics, work for total decentralization of powers and restriction on liquor consumption, and stand for democratic values and constitutional rule in thought, word and deed. They pledged not to buy votes with money or liquor.

Mrs. Y. Rama Devi, Joint Secretary, administered the oath to candidates contesting from Greater Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts.

Cine writer Agastya Sastry, music director Nalluri Sudhir Kumar, TV director Raja Varma and a number of engineering students joined the Lok Satta Party today.

Addressing the party candidates, Lok Satta Party President Dr, Jayaprakash Narayan said they had to live up to the great expectations the people had in them. If party candidates were guilty of inducing voters with money and liquor, he himself would appeal to voters to defeat them. Dr. JP unveiled a giant size whistle, the party’s election symbol, and a CD of party songs.

Friday, April 10, 2009

TRS charges absurd, says Lok Satta (Telugu)

TRS charges absurd, says Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party this evening rebutted point-by-point every allegation made by TRS candidate Sudarshan Rao against the Lok Satta Party and its President Dr Jayaprakash Narayan in a TV channel interaction with Assembly candidates in the Kukatpally constituency today. Following are the allegations and Lok Satta Party’s responses:

1. That we talk a lot and do little.

Lok Satta’s response: There could be nothing farther from truth than this absurd allegation. If there is any party in the country with absolute clarity and conviction on the nature of our problems and precise solutions, it is only the Lok Satta. Just to name a few, the following are some of the significant achievements of the Lok Satta:

  • Right to Information law
  • Political funding law
  • Citizens’ charters in municipalities
  • Candidate assets’ disclosure law
  • Campaign against criminalization of politics which succeeded in arresting the entry of new candidates with criminal record.
  • Campaign for empowerment of local governments which drew the support of 1 crore people
  • At the forefront of debate on political and governance reforms in the country

2. What has Dr. JP done before and what does he intend to do for the constituency?

Dr.JP’s record as an IAS officer in different parts of Andhra Pradesh is well known. He has successfully rehabilitated the thousands of families displaced by the Vizag steel plant. As Collector, he bought 160,000 acres under irrigation through lift irrigation schemes in Prakasam district with very little help from the Government. He successfully turned around the AP State Co-operative Bank.

Unlike other candidates who do not have any agenda, Dr.JP has a precise plan for the Kukatpally constituency, which includes the following:

  • Ensuring consistent supply of safe drinking water to all areas
  • Comprehensive plan to tackle drainage problem
  • A massive housing plan to allow tens of thousands of people living in slums to live with dignity
  • Ensuring that every child has access to quality education from 1st to 12th grade
  • Ensuring that every citizen has access to quality and free healthcare
  • A massive re-skilling program to train the unemployed

3. That Dr. JP will be inaccessible to the people of the constituency

This is a ridiculous allegation coming from the conventional parties who are available only to goondas and land grabbers. Yes, Dr. JP will not be available to land grabbers and goondas. But he will be available to every citizen of the constituency 24hrs a day. He is the only District Collector in probably the country’s history who made himself available at all hours of the day to the common man. Even as a Secretary to the Chief Minister he made himself available at all times to discuss genuine civic issues. But apart from that we also intend to open a citizen service centre on a permanent basis for every division in the constituency, to assist the citizens obtain a range of civic services

4. Assuming that Dr. JP gets elected, what can he accomplish as a single MLA ?

First and foremost, we are going to win more seats than the TRS. A single MLA from the Lok Satta is equivalent to 100 MLAs from other parties, given our credibility and sense of purpose.

5. Where is social justice in the Lok Satta?

None of these candidates has any clue of this term ‘Social Justice’’; even if it is construed very narrowly only in the sense of nominating candidates, our record speaks for itself:

Out of the 249 candidates nominated by the Lok Satta, 88 are BCs, 42 SCs, 15 STs, 10 minorities, 28 women and one is physically challenged.
Out of the 33 MP candidates 7 are BCs, 5 SCs, 2 STs, 2 minorities and 4 women

More importantly a majority of the candidates nominated are from a modest background as opposed to other parties who have nominated only candidates who can afford to spend crores of rupees.

NRIs' tele-campaign for Lok Satta (Telugu)

NRIs' tele-campaign for Lok Satta

Lok Satta supporters in the U. S. are making 1200 calls a day to their friends and relatives in Andhra Pradesh asking them to vote for the Lok Satta Party in the ensuing elections. Their message is that while traditional parties are trying to influence voters by dangling short-term sops, only the Lok Satta is offering policies and programs that promise a bright future for them and their children.

Disclosing this here today, party spokesmen P. Ravi Maruth and V. Vijayender Reddy told the media that in their response to NRIs, even ordinary people tell them they will show the door to people trying to garner votes with the offer of money and liquor.

The spokesmen said that NRIs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand too are carrying on the tele-campaign in Lok Satta’s favor. The NRIs are also using the Internet for their campaign.

Among the NRIs orchestrating the campaign are Mr. Srinivas Ranabothu and Mr, Prasad Gattu.

The party spokesmen condemned the attack on Siasat Editor Zahid Ali Khan, contesting for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat, saying that violence has no place in a democracy.

Lok Satta contestants all over the State will be taking an oath tomorrow on the policies they will be adhering to. Candidates in and around Hyderabad will be gathering at the party headquarters to take the oath.

JAMAT-E-ISLAMI HIND declares to back Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in Kukatpally

This is a press release from Jamat-e-islami.

Jamat-e-islami hind, the biggest muslim socio-religious organization in the country, has announced its support to Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, as he is advocating a clean and value based politics.

Loksatta party made public its irrevocable and clear commitment in the form of its 50 garantees, which form the blue print of lok satta party's political and governance agendas. Lok satta party is un-compromisingly committed to achieve every single commitment listed within it. It is therefore our pleasure to inform you that the JIH’s People’s Manifesto and Lok Satta Party’s 50 Irrevocable Guarantees have much common, in terms of overarching political philosophy and governance agenda.

Lok satta party had a meet with the jamat president Mr. Malik Mostism khan and Mr Azharuddin media relations secratery at the jamats office, which was a great sucess. Mr Laxman Balaji, general secretary LSP represented the party and came on the understanding to work for the people of the nation for a corruption free country.

Later on, the jamat president Mr.Malik Mosatim khan along with the party senior members came to Loksatta office and had word of support with Dr. Jayaprakash offering their complete support to the party because of its credibility towards people friendly politics and a communal free ideology of the party.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lok Satta Party will produce Dramatic results: Dr. JP

The Lok Satta Party will remain “alive, thriving and kicking” long after the elections are over, irrespective of its performance in the short term, said party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today. “But the Lok Satta will surprise everybody by producing dramatic results.”

Taking part in a ‘Meet the Press’ program organized by the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists, Dr. JP said Lok Satta’s political opponents as also the media had contributed to its growth. He pointed out that the traditional parties by relentlessly exposing each other’s corruption have succeeded in promoting revulsion against current day politics in common people. Paradoxically, sections of the media too have contributed to Lok Satta’s growth by downplaying Lok Satta’s impact and triggering a “word of mouth” campaign in party’s favor.

Dr. JP described the response among the public to the party as tremendous. The Lok Satta, he said, has emerged as the voice of the voiceless and as a platform for constitutional revolt against the present, corrupt political system. But the party does not have the organizational structure to convert the tremendous good will in enjoyed into votes. He would, therefore, appeal to the youth to come forward and take up responsibilities as booth and polling agents.

Replying to a question on social justice, Dr. JP said that it entailed creating equal opportunities for growth to every child, equal treatment of all in matters of law and justice and proportional representation. Social justice did not mean granting party tickets to those who could afford Rs.5 crore. Pointing out that some other parties too were mouthing Lok Satta slogans like ‘silent revolution’ and ‘change’. Dr. JP explained that real change comes about not by changing the players but in changing the rules of the game.

The Lok Satta, he revealed, has allotted the party ticket to 88 BCs, 28 women and 11 minorities. The party is fielding 12 SCs and STs in general constituencies.

Replying to a question on the party’s stand on the Telangana issue, Dr. JP asked whether the demand for a separate State was an end or a means. The Constitution did provide for the carving out of States as also their merger. A mere change of capital without a change in the political setup would not bring about any change in people’s lives. The Lok Satta proposed to form district governments to empower people.

Dr. JP said “the Lok Satta is committed to eradicating poverty in five years since we have the requisite resources and technology. Sixty-two years after the country attained Independence, 80 crore people are living on a per capita of income of Rs.20 a day. In other words, they live on Rs.600,000 crore a year. In contrast, those who have looted the country have stashed away Rs.75 lakh crore of their black money in foreign banks.

Dr. JP said that poverty could be eradicated only with well conceived policies and not gimmicks. Provision of free quality education to every child up to the 12th class, free and quality universal health care, job skills and employment to youth, social security to every family and ensuring higher incomes to farmers and those engaged in traditional occupations alone would eradicate poverty. The Lok Satta agenda included formation of district governments with devolution of resources, powers and personnel and strict restriction of liquor consumption.

Asked whether he could guarantee that the Lok Satta would not degenerate like other parties after elections, he said the Lok Satta could be judged by its credentials. The credit for ushering in historic reforms in governance goes to the Lok Satta. The people can also judge the party by the way it is functioning now. Asked how many seats the party would win, he said it was for the people to decide. All along, the people had been defeating themselves by voting for traditional parties. Asked which party the Lok Satta Party would support in case the election results in a hung Assembly, he said the Lok Satta would support those who subscribed its manifesto containing 50 guarantees to the public.

Mr. D. Somasundar, President, Mr. Narender Reddy, Secretary, APUWJ, and Mr. D. Amar, Chairman, Press Academy spoke.

Election Commission concedes Lok Satta plea

The Election Commission of India today conceded the plea of the Lok Satta Party that candidates contesting elections should be entitled to appoint as polling agents in a polling station even those who are registered voters in neighboring wards/divisions (in urban areas) or neighboring revenue villages (in rural areas) of the same constituency.

The ECI was responding to a petition the Lok Satta filed in the High Court.

The ECI’s instructions currently mandate that a person appointed as an electoral candidate’s polling agent for a polling station should be a registered voter in the same polling station area.

Questioning the instructions, the Lok Satta pointed out that in many pockets, the local landlords, slum-lords or criminal elements evoke fear among voters, and victimize the polling agents of rival parties. Even polling personnel are intimidated or coerced into submission. As a result, there will be no fair polling. In particular, this requirement would prove impractical to smaller, newly-formed parties or independent candidates and heavily favors entrenched parties and candidates. In turn, it would prove to be counter- productive to the very intent behind the appointment of polling agents on behalf of the electoral candidates. This requirement runs against the ECI’s mandate of providing a level playing field to all electoral candidates – the foundation of free-and-fair elections.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A bright future is just a vote away: Dr. JP

The Lok Satta Party has become the darling of the masses following their revulsion against traditional parties, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said here today.

Talking to the media on his return from a whistle-stop tour of North Coastal Andhra districts, Dr. JP said that people turned up in large numbers for his meetings because they believed that the Lok Satta alone represented them whereas the other parties have become properties of certain families. As he asked people not to part with their vote worth Rs.2,33,000 for paltry inducements, a poor young man at Tagarapuvalasa in Visakhapatnam district commented that traditional parties threw alms at voters even as they looted enormous amounts meant for them. “That the Lok Satta idiom has gained currency is evident from the young man’s remarks.”

Dr. JP revealed that people who had gathered to hear their favorite movie stars came running to listen to the Lok Satta message. The upsurge among the youth, middle classes, women, daily wage workers, families affected by liquor, employees, senior citizens and retired employees for the Lok Satta is clearly evident everywhere. However, in certain pockets the party did not have a strong organizational structure. He appealed to the youth to volunteer themselves as Lok Satta booth workers and polling agents.

Dr, JP rubbished the insidious propaganda that a vote to the Lok Satta would go waste. “A vote to traditional parties which have become the dens for goondas, land grabbers and political business entrepreneurs would be a wasted vote and not if the vote is cast to a party committed to implementing a well-laid out program for people’s empowerment and development.

“The Lok Satta Party is lending its voice to the voiceless majority and giving expression to the feelings of all citizens. A vote for the Lok Satta gains value and gives the voter dignity and self-respect. Traditional parties are fighting like wolves to grab power. The innocent voter lambs should focus their attention on ending the wolves’ raj and not on choosing one among the wolves. A bright future is just a vote away.”

Dr. JP. Referring to comments from certain sections that the Lok Satta is in a hurry to change the nature of politics when the society is not prepared, Dr. JP said such an attitude amounted to criminal negligence of people’s problems. “The delay in changing the nature of politics even by a day will harm more and more people. Go and tell the mothers that are concerned about their children’s future to wait for another decade before they are provided good education, health care, job skills and employment.”

Dr. JP disclosed that the Lok Satta Party has so far spent only Rs.1.5 crore on campaign over television channels. The party is spending its meager resources on legitimate campaigning and not on luring voters with liquor and money. “For every Rs.1000 crore traditional parties spend, we spend only Rs. one crore.

Lok Satta candidate of Repalle passes away

The Lok Satta Party today expressed is profound grief over the death of Mr. Tummala Satyanarayana Choudary (59) its candidate contesting the election to the Repalle Assembly constituency.

Although he hailed from a family of freedom fighters, he had kept himself off politics. But he joined the Lok Satta Party a few months ago, drawn by its ideals. It was distressing that he died of a heart attack even as he led the party towards victory, said Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today.

Dr. JP pointed out that since the Lok Satta Party is not recognized as a party, the election in the Repalle constituency will take place. He wanted the voters to vote for the whistle, although the candidate is no more as a mark of respect to the deceased leader and protest against traditional party politics.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Every third Lok Satta candidate is a BC (Telugu)

Every third Lok Satta candidate is a BC

Every third person fielded by the Lok Satta to contest the elections to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly belongs to the backward class. And unlike those of other parties, the Lok Satta contestants are from poor and middle class BC families.

The Lok Satta and its ally Backward Class United Front together are contesting 271 of the 294 Assembly seats. Of them, the Lok Satta has fielded 81 and the BC United Front 14 BC candidates. In addition, the Lok Satta and the BC United Front have given representation to 44 SCs, 16 STs. 30 women and 8 minorities. The physically challenged and former naxalites are among the candidates chosen. The Lok Satta is contesting in 33 of the 42 Lok Sabha constituencies. More than 50 percent of candidates are youth.

Disclosing this at a media conference here today, party spokesmen V. Laxman Balaji and Dr. P. Bhaskara Rao said that although the Lok Satta was committed to giving 33 percent representation to women, not many with leadership qualities had come forward to seek the party ticket.

They pointed out that while all other parties chose candidates who could spend the highest amounts, the Lok Satta chose its candidates on the basis of their integrity, leadership qualities and their commitment against luring voters with money and liquor.

The Lok Satta had attracted a large number of prospective candidates because of the opportunities it provided to the hitherto unrepresented common people, they said.

In future, the Lok Satta Party will name candidates chosen by people in a secret ballot and make the screening committee redundant.

The spokesmen appealed to the people to come forward and shoulder responsibilities as polling agents since the party belonged to them and not so some leaders.

JP Whistles in his Home Town

Saturday, April 4, 2009

MLA Contestants

S.No.PhaseDistrictMP ConstituencyConstituencyCandidatePhone NumberAge
11AdilabadAdilabad (ST)Sirpur Kagaj NagarDubbula Janardhan 944127869641
21AdilabadPeddapalle (SC)Chennuru (SC)Saroja Mekala939628958035
31AdilabadPeddapalle (SC)Bellampalle(sc)Not Contested  
41AdilabadPeddapalle (SC)ManchiryalaThammadi Srinivas 996617177735
51AdilabadAdilabad (ST)Asifabad (ST)Not Contested  
61AdilabadAdilabad (ST)Khanapur(ST)Not Contested  
71AdilabadAdilabad (ST)AdilabadNot Contested  
81AdilabadAdilabad (ST)Boath (ST)Not Contested  
91AdilabadAdilabad (ST)NirmalPonduri Narsa Reddy986688658636
101AdilabadAdilabad (ST)MudholeNot Contested  
111NizamabadNizamabadArmoorBokkena Krishna 9440793333
121NizamabadNizamabadBodhanJameel Ahmed9396322574 
131NizamabadZahirabadJukkal (SC)A.K.Latha9959450123 
141NizamabadZahirabadBansvadaK.Geeta murthy9949457990
151NizamabadZahirabadYellareddyDr Marri Ram Reddy934720886551
161NizamabadZahirabadKamareddyPratap Sivaratri 984940912536
171NizamabadNizamabadNizamabad (Town)D.Sekhar970556277737
181NizamabadNizamabadNizamabad (Rural)Banoth Biloji Nayak9000009466 
191NizamabadNizamabadBalkondaNavin Reddy Kyatham9390308341
08462 230640
201KarimnagarNizamabadKorutlaDr.Muthyala Venkat Reddy9908319464 
211KarimnagarNizamabadJagithyalaMenneni Vidya Sagara Rao984925291263
221KarimnagarPeddapalle (SC)Dharmapuri(SC)Maddela Ravindar985031177736
231KarimnagarPeddapalle (SC)RamagundamTangada Anil Kumar9866168372
241KarimnagarPeddapalle (SC)ManthaniOdela Sampath9951754042 
251KarimnagarPeddapalle (SC)PeddapalliMadasu Srinivasa Rao9394579578
261KarimnagarKarimnagarKarimnagarLenkala Raja Reddy9490355355
271KarimnagarKarimnagarChoppadandi (SC)Thodeti Babu9395113314
281KarimnagarKarimnagarVemulavadaNot Contested  
291KarimnagarKarimnagarSirisillaRanganayakula Santhosh Babu 9441426537
301KarimnagarKarimnagarMaanakonduru (SC)Not Contested  
311KarimnagarKarimnagarHuzurabadKinnera Shyam Sundar984942042731
321KarimnagarKarimnagarHusnabadThatikonda Jaipal Reddy9395555997
331MedakMedakSiddipetThummanapally Srinivas 944084508137
341MedakMedakMedakKarnam Soujanya949148268231
351MedakZahirabadNarayankhedM.D.Ulfath Ali9640006783
361MedakZahirabadAndole (SC)Not Contested  
371MedakMedakNarsapurKammari Srinivasachari998509942533
381MedakZahirabadZahirabad(SC)Dr.I.Prathap Kumar9440702509
391MedakMedakSangareddyPatolla Madhava Reddy944049522835
401MedakMedakPatancheruDasugari Satyanarayana Goud (Satish)994864555735
411MedakMedakDubbakaGeedipally Prabhakar Reddy 9391109019
421MedakMedakGajvelBandaru Rammohan Rao 986607402751
431RangareddyMalkajgiriMedchalTallapally Shivakumar 9440560090
08418 220042
441RangareddyMalkajgiriMalkajgiriKancherla Dharmareddy 990820874249
451RangareddyMalkajgiriQuthbullapurNandipeta Ravinder939115336443
461RangareddyMalkajgiriKukatpalliDr.Jayaprakash Narayan040-23231818 
471RangareddyMalkajgiriUppal M.Jashwant Reddy934801010739
481RangareddyBhuvanagiriIbrahimpatnamMuthyala Rajasekhar Rao9346608571 
491RangareddyMalkajgiriLalbahadurnagarAnugu Ramarao984977433340
501RangareddyChevellaMaheswaramKottam Jangaiah Yadav9848093255 
511RangareddyChevellaRajendra NagarSolkar Reddy944067970627
521RangareddyChevellaSerilingampalliKatari Srinivasa Rao986607402937
531RangareddyChevellaChevella (SC)Gajulagudem Chandaraiah984985045134
541RangareddyChevellaParigiK.Satyanarayana Reddy9440008429
551RangareddyChevellaVikarabad (SC)Thimmamolla Venkatesh944037667533
561RangareddyChevellaThandurKavali Venkatesham 9912010248 
571HyderabadSecunderabadMusheerabadParsa Rohit Kumar984927270630
581HyderabadHyderabadMalakpetDr.M.Pandu Ranga Rao9440629622
591HyderabadSecunderabadAmberpetChintaboina Vinod Yadav939701211130
601HyderabadSecunderabadKhairatabadAtluri Subhashini986612792738
611HyderabadSecunderabadJubilee HillsGullapally Pratibha Rao 040-2354840553
621HyderabadSecunderabadSanath NagarInapurapu Srikanth Sharma9866693270
631HyderabadSecunderabadNampallyPagadala Venkateswara Rao 9000622522
641HyderabadHyderabadKarwanRavula Manik Prabhu 9392389383 
651HyderabadHyderabadGoshamahalHemanth Kumar Jaiswal9391022417 
661HyderabadHyderabadCharminarNot Contested  
671HyderabadHyderabadChandrayanguttaNot Contested  
681HyderabadHyderabadYakutpuraNakkaboina Veerendra Babu Yadav9346171007 
691HyderabadHyderabadBahadurpuraNot Contested  
701HyderabadSecunderabadSecunderabadAkula Maharani944082963445
711HyderabadMalkajgiriSecunderabad Contonment (SC)V.R. Vijaya Rama Raju 9866698845 
721MahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarKodangalS Jayaprakash Narayan9390038555
731MahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarNarayanapetNot Contested  
741MahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarBekkari Ram Reddy9177004333 
751MahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarJadcharlaVadla Srinu9885673767 
761MahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarDevarkadraK.Krishna Kumar Reddy9885291071 
771MahaboobnagarMahaboobnagarMaktalKotla Raja Mallesh944116786631
781MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)VanaparthiVitla Praveen Kumar Reddy9000666576
791MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)GadvalMundarinti Murali Srinivas944086280340
801MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)Alampur (SC)Bichala Swamulu 9848610595 
811MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)Nagar KurnoolKandanulu Rama Krishna9963061426 
821MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)Achchampet (SC)Gadadasu Venkateshwarlu 9440154984 
831MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)KalwakurthyBandela Ramachandra Reddy944061761953
851MahaboobnagarNagar Kurnool (SC)KollapurPebbeti Vishnu Vardhan Reddy944000583744
861NalgondaNalgondaDevarakonda(ST)Not Contested  
871NalgondaNalgondaNagarjuna SagarTera Rajini Kanth9440266961
08680 275856
881NalgondaNalgondaMiryalagudaMaddi Venkateshwarlu 9866247661 
891NalgondaNalgondaHuzurnagarKadiyam Srinivasa Reddy9246207972 
901NalgondaNalgondaKodhadaPolavaram Kalyani949018987150
911NalgondaNalgondaSuryapetRajender Karpuram 984951818939
921NalgondaNalgondaNalgondaG. Venkata Ramana Reddy9848045913 
931NalgondaBhuvanagiriMunugodeErukonda Lachchayya9912842648 
941NalgondaBhuvanagiriBhuvanagiriKishtaiah Suthrapu939620141062
951NalgondaBhuvanagiriNakrekal(SC)Vantepaka Yadagiri9704604004 
961NalgondaBhuvanagiriThungathurthi(SC)Srinivasa Rao Puduri944056210736
971NalgondaBhuvanagiriAleruSubburu Ramesh9247465414 
981WarangalBhuvanagiriJanagam Beti Raji Reddy 924650069345
991WarangalWarangal (SC)Station Ghanpur (SC)Gurram Timothi984928415538
1001WarangalWarangal (SC)PalakurthiRouthu Sujatha Rao 939635095135
1011WarangalMahaboobabad (ST)Dornakal(ST)Not Contested  
1021WarangalMahaboobabad (ST)Mahabubabad(st)Irya Banothu Nayak986630198626
1031WarangalMahaboobabad (ST)NarsampetKurma Jagan998592105540
1041WarangalWarangal (SC)ParakalaNot Contested  
1051WarangalWarangal (SC)Warangal WestSri Parcha Kodanda Rama Rao984912311556
1061WarangalWarangal (SC)Warangal EastTirunari Seshaiah988546587738
1071WarangalWarangal (SC)Waradhanapet(SC)Jatti Ravi Kumar 990822086935
1081WarangalWarangal (SC)BhoopalapalliMaheswarapu Gattaiah984902083440
1091WarangalMahaboobabad (ST)Mulugu (ST)Not Contested  
1101KhammamMahaboobabad (ST)Pinapaka(ST)Banavath Srinivasa Rao929024112032
1111KhammamMahaboobabad (ST)Yellandu(ST)Not Contested  
1121KhammamKhammamKhammamDr Raghavulu Samineni998960670363
1131KhammamKhammamPaleruKolisetti Nageswara Rao988556839839
1141KhammamKhammamMadhira(SC)Vanguri Ramesh994928567534
1151KhammamKhammamWyra(ST)Undadi Narender 934651132842
1161KhammamKhammamSathupalle(SC)Chookaiah Jadi994828971536
1171KhammamKhammamKothagudamBhupathi Lavanya9866923238
1181KhammamKhammamAswarao Peta (ST)Not Contested  
1191KhammamMahaboobabad (ST)Bhadrachalam (ST)Puli Pichchayya9395310708 
1201SrikakulamSrikakulamIchchapuramNot Contested  
1211SrikakulamSrikakulamPalasaKancharana Sudhabala 9247134969 
1221SrikakulamSrikakulamTekkaliChandrasekhar Patnayak944102987747
1231SrikakulamSrikakulamPathapatnamPullamshetti Mohan Rao 9441570220 
1241SrikakulamSrikakulamSrikakulamSeera Suri Laxmana Murthy9441708555
08942 278791
1251SrikakulamSrikakulamAmudala ValasaThammineni Annam Naidu9948045727 
1261SrikakulamVizianagaramEtcherlaGurugubilli Appala Nayudu9959367319 
1271SrikakulamSrikakulamNarasanna PetTelugu Nageswara Rao9441158963 
1281SrikakulamVizianagaramRajam(SC)Dukka Adinarayana 9985413553 
1291SrikakulamAraku (ST)Palakonda(ST)Kumari Chukka Venkata Gouri 9347203184 
1301VizianagaramAraku (ST)Kurupam(ST)Not Contested  
1311VizianagaramAraku (ST)Parvathipuram(SC)Patlasingu Ravi Kumar970403030723
1321VizianagaramAraku (ST)Saluru (ST)Not Contested  
1331VizianagaramVizianagaramBobbiliSaraswathi Penki9966418345 
1341VizianagaramVizianagaramChipuru palliReddi Lakshmu Naidu9397822674 
1351VizianagaramVizianagaramGajapathi NagaramD.Eshwar Rao9440932624 
1361VizianagaramVizianagaramNellimarlaRai Padmavathi 9396268197 
1371VizianagaramVizianagaramVizianagaramApparao Babji Beeshetti9866017413
1381VizianagaramVisakhapatnamSrungavarapukotaGogada Satyanarayana939652693140
1391VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamBhimiliSaripalli Atchyutha.Rammohan9949537891 
1401VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam (East)Jhansi Lakshmi Ravala9866278669
1411VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam (South)J.Sailaja9703123444 
1421VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam (North)Srinivas Mahesh (Independent)  
1431VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam (West)Avula Govardhan Reddy9949232390 
1441VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnamGajuvakaAnanda Beeharilal Gottimukkala (Murari Parlour Raju)986676363652
1451VisakhapatnamAnakapalliChodavaramGullipalli Narayana Murthy 994933267862
1461VisakhapatnamAnakapalliMadugulaNot Contested  
1471VisakhapatnamAraku (ST)Araku Loya (ST)Baka Manikyamma9441605870 
1481VisakhapatnamAraku (ST)Paderu(ST)Madela Balanna Dora 944042670344
1491VisakhapatnamAnakapalliAnakapalliGarimella Narayana984891202262
1501VisakhapatnamAnakapalliPendurthiBaswa Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Murthy 9246598639 
1511VisakhapatnamAnakapalliYelamanchiliNot Contested  
1521VisakhapatnamAnakapalliPayakaraopet(SC)Pilli Balaramudu984942874245
1531VisakhapatnamAnakapalliNarsipatnamSurla Naga Venkata Surya Narayana9730413323
1542East GodavariKakinadaThuniPammi Laxmana Acharyulu998968547830
1552East GodavariKakinadaPrathipaduNVV Satyanaryana929055203038
1562East GodavariKakinadaPitapuramBadam Madhava Rao986667272771
1572East GodavariKakinadaKakinada RuralY.D.Rama Rao984808086755
1582East GodavariKakinadaPeddapuramVenkateshwar Rao Karanam984931839355
1592East GodavariRajahmundryAnaparthy Karri Rami Reddy984902725930
1602East GodavariKakinadaKakinada CityKanchustambam Venkata Satya Prasad 9849665557
1612East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)RamachandrapuramDevarapalli Rama Krishna998956652655
1622East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)MummidivaramRajasekhar Reddy9491441267 
1632East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)Amalapuram (SC)Not Contested  
1642East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)Razole(sc)Badugu Srinivasa Babu996370074626
1652East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)Gannavaram(sc)Not Contested  
1662East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)KothapetaKallakuri Harinadha Rao9908003304
1672East GodavariAmalapuram (SC)Mandapeta Punnamaraju Veera Venkata Surya Rama Krishna Rao984918870641
1682East GodavariRajahmundryRajanagaramNot Contested  
1692East GodavariRajahmundryRajahmundry CityJalla Ravi  
1702East GodavariRajahmundryRajahmundry VillageGurrala Kasuri Devi984959949855
1712East GodavariKakinadaJaggampetaSmt Jayasree Kamineni9948433099
1721East GodavariAraku (ST)Rampachodavaram (ST)Katru Sudhakara Babu9490888318
1732West GodavariRajahmundryKovvuru (SC)Sodadasi Sunder Singh9866762339 
1742West GodavariRajahmundryNidadavoleBandi Satyanarayana944012580345
1752West GodavariNarasapuramAchantaNekkanti Venugopala Krishna944010419860
1762West GodavariNarasapuramPalakolluVaddadi Suryanarayana988518054233
1772West GodavariNarasapuramNarasapuramMallula Venkateswara Rao9440358874 
1782West GodavariNarasapuramBheemavaramAlluri Seetharama Raju9848013930 
1792West GodavariNarasapuramUndiGottimukkala Janakirama Raju Agriculture52
1802West GodavariNarasapuramTanukuDr.Valluri Subba Lakshmi9949785515 
1812West GodavariNarasapuramTadepalligudemKarri Seetha Ramachandra Rao984930538455
1822West GodavariEluruUnguturuUdatala Madhusudhana Rao944175128140
1832West GodavariEluruDenduluruNot Contested  
1842West GodavariEluruEluruChikka Bheemeswara Rao986627518433
1852West GodavariRajahmundryGopalapuram(sc)Arumbaka Yahoshuva944041881560
1862West GodavariEluruPolavaram(st)Garikapati Krishnamurthy9949879023 
1872West GodavariEluruChintalapudi(sc)Nunna Krishnaiah9347820221
08821 224021
1882KrishnaVijayawadaTiruvuru (SC)Dubbaka Lakshmi9948265597 
1892KrishnaEluruNujiveeduNeelam Dominik9397833288
1902KrishnaMachilipatnamGannavaramMaddukuri Vijay Kumar9989161776 
1912KrishnaMachilipatnamGudivadaYalamanchili Jyothi Rao9440466545 
1922KrishnaEluruKaikaluruPapolu Krishnaveni9848263185 
1932KrishnaMachilipatnamPedanaTammu Yedukondalu970446672129
1942KrishnaMachilipatnamMachilipatnamMaganti Venkata Negeswara Rao 9848362647
1952KrishnaMachilipatnamAvanigaddaParuchuru Chinababu9440864181 
1962KrishnaMachilipatnamPamarru(SC)Rajamani Vudiga939531980835
1972KrishnaMachilipatnamPenamaluruChennupati Vazeer984811224446
1982KrishnaVijayawadaVijayawada (West)Moghal Ahmad Baig  
1992KrishnaVijayawadaVijayawada (Central)Gnanamba Maddi944094314055
2002KrishnaVijayawadaVijayawada (east)Sri Koneru Venkata Purna Basaveswara Rao984939782556
2012KrishnaVijayawadaMylavaramJarpala Venkatesh9885889253 
2022KrishnaVijayawadaNandigama(sc)Nandru Sriramamurthy9291371729 
2032KrishnaVijayawadaJaggayyapetaRajaramakrishna Vadegharu984809428828
2042GunturNarasaraopetPedakurapaduNandipati Venkateswara Reddy994994340836
2052GunturGunturThadikonda (SC)Ekula Veeraiah939459004262
2062GunturGunturMangalagiriAmbati Madhu Mohana Krishna9966106550 
2072GunturGunturPonnuruSomarouthu Veera Sekhararao991236296230
2082GunturBapatla (SC)Vemuru(sc)Bontha Praveen Das998548421033
2092GunturBapatla (SC)RepalleTummala Satyanarayana Choudary988576983255
2102GunturGunturTenaliBonthu Uma maheshwar Reddy 949034249633
2112GunturBapatla (SC)BapatlaCherukuri Subbarao991225991460
2122GunturGunturPrathipadu(SC)Not Contested  
2132GunturGunturGuntur WestChivukula Sundara Paravathisam  
2142GunturGunturGuntur EastNot Contested  
2152GunturNarasaraopetChilakaluri petMadasu Bhanuprasad9441753329 
2162GunturNarasaraopetNarasaraopetNot Contested  
2172GunturNarasaraopetSattenapalleAbdul Raouf Shaik9849041167 
2182GunturNarasaraopetVinukondaJujjuri Irama Murthy9440535034 
2192GunturNarasaraopetGurajalaVinjamuri Anantha Krishna Iyengar984979983645
2202GunturNarasaraopetMacharlaMandada Ravi Kumar9885618222 
2212PrakasamOngoleYerragondapalem(sc)Thammedpalli Jayaprakash944192447431
2222PrakasamOngoleDarsiManchineni Srinivasa Rao988558018844
2232PrakasamBapatla (SC)ParuchuruPentyala Peddanna944062159453
2242PrakasamBapatla (SC)AddankiYarra Sambasiva Rao994916558653
2252PrakasamBapatla (SC)ChiralaKatta Krupa Vardhan Rao944194202540
2262PrakasamBapatla (SC)Santha Nuthala Padu (SC)Ramu Varikuti9676325100
2272PrakasamOngoleOngoleAllu Siva Ramesh Reddy994962459933
2282PrakasamNelloreKandukuruChimmiri Koteswara Rao924758126835
2292PrakasamOngoleKondapi(sc)Gundabathina Madhava Rao934611990935
2302PrakasamOngoleMarkapuramChittem Venkat Reddy 9866606646
2312PrakasamOngoleGiddaluruMuthumula Balranga Reddy924654050456
2322PrakasamOngoleKanigiriPaluri Ramana Reddy901002094550
2332NelloreNelloreKavaliNot Contested  
2342NelloreNelloreAthmakuruNot Contested  
2352NelloreNelloreKovuruChenukula Sudhakar Yadav9705156690 
2362NelloreNelloreNellore CityManukonda Vijaya Lakshmi984817042343
2372NelloreNelloreNellore RuralV.S.Murali Krishna Reddy9347112009 
2382NelloreTirupathi (SC)SarvepalliKrishnapatnam Bhaskar984981552230
2392NelloreTirupathi (SC)Gudur(SC)Kundurthi Venkata Krishnaiah9440528843 
2402NelloreTirupathi (SC)Sullurpeta(SC)Pellakur Kanchi Raju9291247555 
2412NelloreTirupathi (SC)VenkatagiriModiboina Subrahmanyam9885337373 
2422NelloreNelloreUdayagiriAnkaiah Chowdary Makkena9849404239 
2432KadapaKadapaBadvel (SC)Not Contested  
2442KadapaRajampetRajampetChaata Chandrasheker Yadhav9885203140 
2452KadapaKadapaKadapaPayyavula Venugopal944163583245
2462KadapaRajampetKoduru (SC)Not Contested  
2472KadapaRajampetRayachotiPatan Naseeb Jan994947687850
2482KadapaKadapaPulivendulaNot Contested  
2492KadapaKadapaKamalapuramK. Altaf Hussain939103275846
2502KadapaKadapaJammalamaduguP Brahmananda Reddy944057037840
2512KadapaKadapaProdduturuNot Contested  
2522KadapaKadapaMydhukuruNot Contested  
2532KurnoolNandyalaAllagaddaRudireddy Radhakrishna949051530828
2542KurnoolNandyalaSrisailamPokuri Srinivasachari934647229939
2552KurnoolNandyalaNandikotkur(SC)Damodaram Naga Seshulu996318859734
2582KurnoolNandyalaNandyalaS.A. Mazid944024485746
2592KurnoolNandyalaBanaganapalleNitturu Chandrasekhar Azad949057586142
2602KurnoolNandyalaDhoneMuddavaram Tirupathaiah988549934633
2612KurnoolKurnoolPattikondaKamsala Anandachary9948028611 
2622KurnoolKurnoolKodumur(SC)P.B.Raj Kumar949159262938
2632KurnoolKurnoolYemmiganuruBethapally Suryanarayana998576802247
2642KurnoolKurnoolMantralayamAnjaneyulu. C996354200342
2652KurnoolKurnoolAdhoniVenkatesulu K.G.944048133743
2662KurnoolKurnoolAluruC. Pravin Kumar949051697231
2672AnantapurAnanthapurRayadurgamAndra Prasad  
2682AnantapurAnanthapurUravakondaNot Contested  
2692AnantapurAnanthapurGuntakalNot Contested  
2702AnantapurAnanthapurThadipatriOgeti Sridevi  
2712AnantapurAnanthapurSinganamala(sc)Not Contested  
2722AnantapurAnanthapurAnanthapuram UrbanDr Kondeti Kondaiah 944028828850
2732AnantapurAnanthapurKalyana DurgamR.G. Shantha Kumari 9290972199
2742AnantapurHindupurRaptaduNot Contested  
2752AnantapurHindupurMadakasira(sc)Not Contested  
2762AnantapurHindupurHindupurSankar Mangesh 28
2772AnantapurHindupurPenukondaNot Contested  
2782AnantapurHindupurPuttaparthiPrathivadhi Bhayankaram Phanindar 998939919558
2792AnantapurHindupurDharmavaramPamisetti Nagaraju  
2802AnantapurHindupurKadiriG. Mansoor Basha  
2812ChittoorRajampetThamballapalliKotakonda Suryanarayana970319396450
2822ChittoorRajampetPeeleruKavali Venugopala Nayanavarlu  
2832ChittoorRajampetMadanapalleVeeradallu Yogendra Babu  
2842ChittoorRajampetPunganuruChiruvelu Srinivasulu9885280840
2852ChittoorChittorChandragiriP.Jagannatham Naidu  
2862ChittoorTirupathi (SC)TirupatiMalayadri. G 970158986561
2872ChittoorTirupathi (SC)SrikalahastiS. Chiranjeevi9394299097
2882ChittoorTirupathi (SC)Sathyavedu (SC)Not Contested  
2892ChittoorChittorNagariDr.G.Jawahar Ruben  
2902ChittoorChittorGangadhara Nellore (SC)K.Jayaprakash  
2922ChittoorChittorPoothalapattu (SC)Not Contested  
2932ChittoorChittorPalamaneruMallikarjuna Mokati939535378734
2942ChittoorChittorKuppamNot Contested