Sunday, March 22, 2009

Donations from public even for deposit money (Telugu)


  1. how much it cost for nomination, for a member to participate in election. and how much it cost for lanching a new party..

  2. Thank you for giving this opportunity to support our loksatta party, for better future and developing the state in as PRAJA SATTA.We give the back support of Mr. Dr.Jay prakash,From my end I will help my party by advertising our loksatta party information to all of my people & friends family.We will get our rights through loksatta party ASAP, which we have lost our human rights long ago,and lead this state as incorruptible state,i am very happy and proud to say that, we have a good and an a intelligent leader, for our up coming future and for upcoming children”s future. We will get that power by our leader in this election by electing him, in this election. We will see Mr.JP as (CHIEF MINISTER) for this (ANDHRA PRADESH), Kindly let me know if you have any upcoming programs held in hyd so that i can help my party from my end , i am very bad in financially but good in attracting people ,i hope i will inspire my people and friends with my knowledge to vote to our party , i request to you people to support me at the time of advertisement the party information .

    Thank you very much , Kindly get back to me with the below given E-Mail id and Contact number



    With Regards
    Eshwar Anand

    Contact Number

  3. Its a good decision then get to know how much loksatta have fair in money and everything............

  4. Dear All

    Come friends let start a new life by creating a new government LOK SATTA , let fight for our carrier , and for our children and make this ANDHRA PRADESH state as a PRAJA SATTA state , create you future with a good facilities and lead your family as a happy family , by electing our party in this election…………………..

    You can see the aims of our LOK SATTA PARTY comes true, which we have to make it true by electing our party,

    WE have lost every thing in our past, now we should not give the chance once again , Come will fight for your children sake

    See for tomorrow

    Do not see for today

    If you see for tomorrows life

    You live happy today

    Don’t you got fade up with these corrupted politic from past 14 years,

    Now the time have come our party is in front of us, this time our party is nominating from all place and very soon we gone create a history

    Do not support 3family in the state; Give the support to your family,

    You need to win not others

    You need to elect the leader not rowdy’s

    So plz now the time have come, use your vote to elect the a good leader (JP)

    JP = The coming future

  5. Don't believe what the eyes are telling you.All they show is limitation.Look with your understanding,find out what you already know and you will see the way to elect a good leader !

    Life is a catalogue of flocuating fortunes, and only you can make an inevitable mark becomes yours.Learn to rise when you are down with this corrupted governments

    .REMEMBER,you are the most important voter to elect a good person,Worry is the product of loving something that is not permanent,

    Nobody,no circumstance can defeat you until u accept that within you that you have been defeated Taiwo Ekerin.

    Hope is knowing that a positive outcome awaits you, it is not only expecting dreams come true, but having a deep assurance that It's within your reach

  6. Dear Eshwar Anand,
    There is already an Organization Established & Registered in 2009 Called "PRAJASATTA".And Soon Becoming Political Party.
    "PRAJASATTA" is Break Away Group of LOKSATTA.
    Pls visit on & and Know More about us.Regards,