Saturday, March 21, 2009

JP Rail Tour


  1. Definitely, One part of India is with you. We are eagerly looking for the change like this. (One part of india..means...who like to see the change in this world/who are well educated/who are looking eagerly to lead the change/who wants to make india a perfect living place.)..

    We have to see How the Second part of india & third part of india will be accepting this change (second part of india ..means....the followers/who will accept the change after everybody is accepted) & (the third part of india...means..who hate the change/who are uneducated/who are selish/foolish)

  2. We also suggest you to do the same in "colleges & universities".
    I believe you will like win like obama did here.
    The main reason obama won because of New voters/ youth.
    I believe that "you should bring the change in the next generation. because, they will always be ready to encourage the change" (as Abdul kalam did)

  3. every heart of andhrapradesh want a leader like jp sir,he will defintely five us ramarajyam.