Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lok Satta primary in Patancheru

For the first time in India’s parliamentary history, the Lok Satta Party is conducting an open primary election between two candidates who are in the race for the Lok Satta Party ticket to contest from the Patancheru Assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. The party’s constitution stipulates that the party shall choose the candidate by conducting a primary if the number of qualified and eligible applicants exceeds one.

According to Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, both the candidates – Mr. K. Sankara Rao and Mr. D. Satyanarayana (Satish) Gowd -- are committed and dedicated to the Lok Satta. Mr. Sankara Rao, a Master of Arts in Politics from Osmania University, had as a student fought for employment opportunities to youth and as a journalist for better transportation system in Patancheru area. Mr. Satish Gowd, an IIT graduate, has been striving to enlighten the youth on health and environment issues and training them in martial arts. Both are keen on utilizing their leadership qualities to cleanse politics of corruption.

Dr. JP told the media today that both the candidates would campaign for their candidacy in the next few days and seek the voters’ mandate on Sunday, May 15. All the registered voters in the constituency are eligible to exercise their franchise by secret ballot. The candidate who wins the highest number of votes would be declared the party’s candidate. Both the candidates have pledged to work for the party’s success, whoever be the winner in the primary.

Dr. JP added the conduct of the primary exemplifies the democratic culture in the Lok Satta Party, in contrast to traditional parties, which have become the pocket boroughs of a few families or individuals.

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