Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lok Satta Party and BC Front join hands (Telugu)


  1. dear sir,
    I am a strong supporter of lsp from kadapa district.Since,you formed alliance with bc united front..there is lot off buzz going on regarding the party.i don't want that to happen for lsp.I don't say alliance is wrong bcoz u must have taken the decision correctly.But the party shud give clear picture y it is alliance with that party...since most of our supporters don't know the reason.If it is not taken seriously we may loose our supporters.[arguement:the lsp supporters arguement is since ours is not caste based party why it had formed alliance with a party which is named "bc"..which represents a particular set of people]
    pls...pls...pls...reply for this in the media so they will not loose faith on lsp and we should prove that lsp is not like other parties which wont give replies for their acts.

    with regards
    lsp supporter

  2. BC united front, muslim united front, inkaa ilaa kulam, matham perutho yerpadda partylanu kalupukondi?
    villathonaa meeru rajakiyalu marchedi?
    innaallu anavasaramga LSP ki support chesi time waste chesukunnaa!
    meeru kuda anthe, muriki guntalo inko pandi anthe,
    ippude ardamaindi!
    pettukondi babu ilane alliancelu, anni kulalaki front lu unnayi annititho pettukuni kotta rajakeeyanni srushtinchandi!