Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Strengthen third tier of government

However wonderful the Indian Constitution happens to be, it will not serve the people unless they become partners in its implementation, said Lok Satta President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today.

Addressing a gathering after hoisting the national flag at the party headquarters, Dr. JP called for strengthening the third tier of government at the local level so that governance becomes citizen-centric. Decentralization of powers and resources would make the Indian republic strong and invincible.

A large number of Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology students joined the Lok Satta Party in the presence of Dr. JP.

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  1. As far as i know U.S and80% of european countries are following the third tired government sytem like county system within state.
    If we take U.S. although it is with 50 states there are a total of 3500-4000 couties each state having atleast 100-150 counties.
    This is the way the county system works let me an example of county near atlanta - GWINNETT the number of public schools 123 serving 158000 students, 15 public libraries, 1000 police personnal with the responsibility of providing law enforcement services to over 700,000 residents within an area of 436 square miles,fire services Responding to over 70,000 calls for help annually, the department currently operates 28 strategically located fire stations, 28 engine companies, 8 ladder trucks, 22 advanced life support medical units, plus specialty units,14 - 20 parks, 11 courts,every county has their own Board of Registration and elections and their county government channel. And the counties population is 900,000 with a total area of 437 square miles. This is what we are going to havae and how much we are going if there is a third tire system in governance.

    Its the time think seriously about third tire government (LOCAL GOVERNMENT) -Gauri