Monday, November 15, 2010

Dr.JP With Farmers At Mydukuru (Sakshi)

Courtesy: Sakshi


  1. Long live farmers unity, Dear Farmers believe Mr. JP honesty he will not leave anything simply , once he committed means until result comes he will fight against dishonesty . when we are unite no one can touch us .... every one we need to everyone in this mother land , up to now Scattered in different kind by this selfish politicians our farmers divided Paddy farmers , cotton farmer , Dall farmers , etc politician used us as their vote banks , and also they spited us with region and caste basis due to our innocence no more give that chance to this traditional parties ... whoever fight for us with them we will walk ... we should make him as our vision leader .... long live Dr. JP efforts for every common man better life in India ... after 63 years of freedom we found u like Gandhi , patel , Prakasam , Babu rajendra prasad , Dr. Br Ambedkar and several freedom fighters .... your are the abinava Ghandhi to this Nation ... Jai hooooo Dr JP Jai hoo Honest man in country...