Thursday, May 12, 2011

Render justice to farmers, Law makers told

The Andhra Pradesh Federation of Independent Farmers’ Organizations has appealed to all members of Parliament from the State and members of the State legislature to exert pressure on the Union and State Governments and render justice to the paddy grower.

In letters addressed to the law makers, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, President, and Mr. P. Bhaskara Rao, Convener, of the federation drew attention to the rural background of most of them and said that they are duty bound to go to the rescue of the farmer. The farmer in Andhra Pradesh is not getting even the minimum support price for paddy fixed two years ago.

Giving facts and figures on the demand for and supply of food grains at the national and State levels, the federation pointed out that a solution to the problem lies in exporting surplus food grains outside the country. State undertakings like the STC can undertake exports and share profits with farmers. The MPs should lead a delegation under the Chief Minister’s leadership to Delhi and exert pressure on the Prime Minister and other Central leaders to permit rice exports.

In their letter to members of the State legislature, the federation leaders said that farmes received less than Rs.250 per quintal of paddy against the minimum support price of Rs.1030. Although the Government claims it has opened a number of purchase centers, the purchases are only meager.

The legislators should strive to get committees of farmers constituted to supervise paddy purchases at the MSP in market yards and ensure that the purchase centers have the infrastructure and funds to carry out purchases. The Government which appointed senior officials to monitor purchase operations should publicize purchases on a daily basis.

According to the federation, Andhra Pradesh will have a surplus of nearly 60-70 lakh tons of rice, after accounting for needs of the public distribution system for the entire year, at the end of the current rabi season.

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  1. Loksatta and Dr.JP first responded to the farmers crisis long time ago may be three months and they are continously got in touch with state and central government to resolve this crisis, but other parties even the newly emerged party of 6 or 7 months is hijacking/already hijacked this as their agenda and now after every effort made by loksatta to solve this crisis are crying as their effort to resolve this.
    Loksatta leaders need to wake up and campaign this as their success, and I know that media is not going to support this but they need to find a better way to spread this among the state people.