Monday, September 17, 2012

ఆయన తీరే వేరు

Courtesy: Eenadu

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  1. Loose english translation for those who can't read telugu.

    Jayaprakash narayan demonstrated to public how a sincere hardworking person working to bring positive change in system would be like with his actions. He got down from his car roughly half kilometer before the venue and took a wal to the venue. WHile on the way, He met many small business owners on the way and spoke to them at leangth. enquired about thier life and general situation. He pushed them to give him an answer until he found out why they could not come out of poverty. He also asked them about how much they would make and how thier children's accademics are progressing. He advised school drop outs to go back to school and asked his partymen to help them and make sure they go back to school.

    As soon as he entered the venue where Surajya round table conference is supposed to take place. Kids welcomed him with roses. He explained the organizers that he don't like such formalities, Asked kids how long had they been standing for him. He lovingly returned the roses to kids that were given to him by them. He blessed them to study well and progress in life.

    He spoke about the necessity of the Surajya movement for about one hour and captured the minds of youth in the hall. He replied to the questions with ease on different issues. He also explained them clearly in a way that they can relate to and understand how corription/bribery work and how to fight them