Saturday, September 14, 2013

తెలుగు తేజం - సంక్షోభమా... సామరస్యమా...


  1. A very good article explaining the info in detail. All the people of AP should read this article.

  2. meeku poorthiga telisthe rayandi lekapothe be silent....ysr 2004 ki t=mla's ni pampinchindi true....but trs tho alliance ki he is dead against... nd even in 2009 elections , tg istani cong anapudu ...''over my dead body'' ani ante aapesaru...kavalante karan thapar interview lo sanjay baru youtube lo untadi chuskondi.....evaru em chesina politics kosame...ysr 2000 lo pampisthe vachindi nastam emi ledu 2009 lo alliance pettukuna vallani, letter ichina vallani vadilesi anavarsamga ys ni anadam me moorkathvaniki nidarshanam....

    1. "REDDY"
      No wonder u spoke like this... :P

    2. YSR never openly stated that he was against T formation. He played a safe double game (cheating T public on one hand and blocking an open discussion on T on the other). CBN, always a copy cat, tried to play the same game in 2009 and complicated the issue even further.

  3. Discussion never happened in Andhrapradesh by all party meetings, the reason is there will be solutions for issues and state would be remained united.

    We all know that for every problem there will be a solution. If so first we should list out the problems
    being united and find solutions. When you can't find solution for known problems then how can you find solutions to
    unknown problems that would be raised after bifurcation.

    No leader could predict seemandhra people would start movement like this, unbelievable reaction from people
    who were so silent earlier. Similarly no one can predict complications after bifurcation.

    Mr.JP writing in this article is different and what he is trying to express in his tour different.
    No region is interested what he is trying give speech as he starts with signaling bifurcation, not two states, he is talking more than two, so people don't have patience to listen to Intellectuals at public meeting to speak against their will. there are allowed only in writing articles and
    discussing at studios. The true agitation is going on and always people win. While people are agitating phenomenally congress in Delhi is least bother about people concern, how do you expect if people does strike without stopping common services. It will be like a hunger strike with very good fluids that never be end as there is no threat to life.

    Now a days no value to hunger strike as that will be broken and brought the candidate to hospital and give fluids by force. I wish the logjam will be end at least before general elections.


  4. For those who are trying to respond to this article, please go through the history. Here are few hints: Gentlemen's agreement (1956), GO 36 (1969), Six-Point Formula, GO 610. If you also have time, please go through Loksatta report to Sri Krishna Committee. May be then you can understand the situation a little better.

    We can then talk about how the issue has been played out by political parties to their advantage.