Tuesday, July 15, 2014

లోక్ సత్తా పార్టీ తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర అధ్యక్షుడిగా ఎన్నికైన బండారు రామ్మోహనరావు, 17 మందితో కార్యవర్గం

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  1. Recently Andhra Jyothy Telugu daily published two significant articles. One by Ranganayakamma garu and the other by Sri Kancha Ilaiah. The articles titled ‘Samasya vente Parishkaram’ (Problem has Solution with it) and ‘Prabhutva Pathasaala teacherlu Eemicheyali’ (What should the government teachers do) mainly say that, even the Maoist/Marxist ideology followers did not bother about quality education, without which annihilation of caste and eradication of poverty are not possible.

    These articles explicitly stated that quality education alone enables every child to select a career of his/her choice and overcome discrimination by birth, caste-based profession barriers and finally enhance income. The authors, who are considered as the stalwart scholars and guiding forces to Marxist, Maoist, Dalit Bahujan forces, did not even mention Loksatta, which brought quality education to the centre stage of Indian Polity. The writers did not seem to take into notice the fact that Loksatta has long been fighting for the cause which they stated in their latest thought flow.

    Even KCR, who has been pledging everyday to build new Telangana is simply trying to imitate Loksatta ideology to achieve the goal. His conscience clearly knows that Loksatta ideology alone can build Nava Telangana. But for some short-term political benifits he is pretending and trying to seem as if he is getting new ideas from people SK Dey, Swaminathan etc. Nothing wrong in mentioning stalwart figures like SKD or MSN, but KCR should also acknowledge Loksatta’s original contribution for those reforms publicly. It is not for Loksatta or Dr.JP. It serves as an inspiration to many in society to come forward for such contributions at their level. Loksatta leaders should focus on this aspect at least now.

    Again, Whatever KCR has in mind, Loksatta should go on working on its goal of empowering Telangana people. In the process, it should work with KCR government in a proactive manner. Loksatta Telangana State leaders should try to convince and compel KCR govt. for the key reforms Loksatta is batting for over corruption, decentralization, quality education. Health care, agriculture, citizens’ service guarantee etc. At least some good things start happening with this, Let us believe. If the govt. does not heed to act on Loksatta reforms with commitment, then continue the fight to enlighten people in an effective way.