Friday, April 3, 2015

New Direction for Loksatta Party

The Loksatta Party’s national council meeting, a three-day affair that is expected to chart a new course for the party, began in Hyderabad on Friday with a session of the national steering committee.

Speaking to reporters after the session, A Srinivas, who chairs the party’s national communications committee, said, “This is the first national convention to be held after Mr Surendra Srivastava took over as party president. More than 200 delegates from nine states across India are expected to deliberate and decide on the course to be taken by LSP and will be announced to the public on April 5th.”

Srinivas said many organizational and political decisions are expected to be made by the national council. The goal, he said, is to grow the party across the country and make it a serious player in politics. The council will discuss these ideas and finalize a strategy. National President Mr Surendra Srivastava and party founder Dr Jayaprakash Narayan will disclose the new programmes on April 5 after the national council session ends.

Ms Hyma Potineni, National General Secretary, said, “Loksatta Party had the highest number of members in Hyderabad in 2006. We are going to take our party to such heights again by strengthening the organization and launching innovative programmes.”

Jagadheeswaran Dakshinamoorthy, National Spokesperson from Chennai, said, “Loksatta will fight for the rights of unorganized labour and build a mass movement to assert their rights, improve safety and working conditions, and eliminate corruption that impacts their lives. These proposals are ready to be presented to the National Council and will be announced on April 5.”

Rajeev Pai, party spokesperson from Mumbai, said, “Loksatta pioneered the idea that politics is the vehicle of change and inspired millions to look at politics without disdain. Many political parties and intellectuals are now speaking Dr JP’s language. Under the leadership of our National President Mr Surendra Srivastava, Loksatta is expanding to other states. The Bihar unit will be launched in the National Council in view of the upcoming assembly elections there.”

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