Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beware of huge money spenders in GHMC elections: Lok Satta

“Beware of GHMC election candidates who are splurging lakhs of rupees every day on campaigning. They are in the race not to serve the public but to earn many times their investment once they are elected. For them politics is business.”

Talking to the media here today, Lok Satta leaders Mr. Babji, Mr. Laxman Balaji, Mr. Raja Reddy, Mrs. S. Manorama referred to reports that traditional parties have fielded many multi millionaires and that they are ready to spend up to Rs.2 crore to just get elected as a member of the GHMC Council.

In contrast, the Lok Satta leaders pointed out, the Lok Satta had the distinction of fielding young and educated candidates. Of the 126 Lok Satta candidates in the race, 72 are youth and 86 graduates (51 male and 35 female). It is the only party which has fielded 27 women and BCs in 52 general seats.

The Lok Satta leaders also took exception to the campaign that the Lok Satta does not deserve a vote because it is small in size. “It is not for other parties to decide whether a party is small or big. It is you, the voter. If you vote, the Lok Satta too will grow bigger.”

The party leaders also appealed to the public to judge the party by its commitment to and track record of pursuing clean politics. “We should be ashamed that we rank 84th in the Corruption Index of Transparency International. If you continue to elect traditional parties, they will perpetuate the rein of corruption.”

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