Friday, November 13, 2009

Legal Notice to Mr.Revanth Reddy

Date: 12-11-2009.

Mr.Revanth Reddy, M.L.A.,
Telugu Desham Party,
N.T.R. Bhavan,
Opp. K.B.R. Park,
Banjara Hills,

Dear Sir,

With lots of pain and deeply hurt, I am forced to issue this notice to you, as the comments made by you on LOK SATTA PARTY in general and on Mr. Jaya Prakash Narayan (President, Lok Satta Party) in specific are defamatory and did hurt the feelings of not only mine, but also thousands of people who are working directly and lakhs of people, who voted for Lok Satta Party imposing great trust and confidence .

I, personally had (even now have ) great opinion on you, because I learnt that you are the person, who was supported by all the parties for MLC, as you promised to work for the welfare of general public. However now I do not question or doubt your integrity in joining TDP. But my question is what made you to make derogatory remarks on the party, in which thousands of students, women, youth, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and other respected persons joined the party, sacrificing their personal life, spending little money from their pockets.

Your remarks, comments are baseless, without any proof and are intended only to malign the party and defame them in society. Your comments made in press conference and also on Mahaa TV, are, thus, caused defamation to us.

I, therefore call upon you to pay Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees fifty lakhs only) to us, for the damage and mental agony caused to us, and this amount you should deposit to “CM’s flood relief fund” and send the receipt to us. Further, I call upon you to render unconditional apology to the people of this state, by conducting a press conference and also on Mahaa TV, within 48 hours, from the time of receipt of this notice, failing which, I shall be constrained to initiate legal proceedings, both civil and criminal against you and all the concerned, making you people responsible for the costs and consequences thereof.

Dear, Revanth Reddy Garu, still thinking that you are the person who wanted to do your little bit of good to the people, I request you to find out the details of following issues from your party, take steps to rectify the same on your behalf or at least promise to raise your voice and make the people to believe, you are, for the welfare of public.

1. How many low paid technicians, artistes, artisans are owning the house sites in Banjara Hills, as this land was given only to these people, apart from the infrastructure such as studios etc. (Of course in the process, you will also have the list of people who grabbed, converted the place into commercial use and doing the real estate business).

A small example… great person in the film field and also a national award winner Sri. Veturi Sunderram Murthy Garu is deprived of house site, whereas small time people who claimed to be involved in the film industry are given lands. These transactions are done in the period of Congress, but also in the regime of TDP and still continuing.

2. In 2001 itself the TDP government started the process of facility for junior doctors i.e., concept of residency, but failed to give any relief in TDP government and also in Congress government, for which the junior doctors are now agitating (please refer GOMS No. 91, dated 02-03-2000, minutes of the meeting by the then health minister on 4th and 5th November, 2001, GO.MS No. 406 dated 01-11-2001 and GO.Rt No. 1306 dated 08-12-2005 etc.).

3. Do you know how many government lands grabbed by the land grabbers under the regime of TDP and later now in the Congress regime for which thousands of cases are filed and pending. Don’t you think that this is the failure of the concerned Municipal Minister, Revenue Minister, Home Minister etc. If you have the information hope you will be able to reply. I am, sure your office will have the information. If not I will give the details on your request. This is only pertaining to Hyderabad City not even Ranga Reddy District or State.

4. I am sure that you know that the Departments of Government are the biggest litigants and more than 55% of the cases pertaining to the various Departments of the State Government are facing the trials, for which a circular memo 30302/CTS – A1 – A1/97 – 2, Dated 03-03-1998 was issued by the government of A.P., for settling all these matters in Lok Adalats. This was initiated by the Supreme Court and High Courts. Though, the memo highlighted that the “matter is most immediate and specially urgent”. Nothing was done. What are the steps taken by you, or, the then TDP government and now the Congress government. (You know the responsibility rests on the law minister and chief minister).

5. In how many cases, in which the Anti Corruption Bureau recommended action on corrupt officials of various departments of the State Government. Please mention the details in the regime of TDP and also in Congress rule.

6. What are the efforts, agitation you people made to prosecute these officials and curb the corruption in the government departments.

7. In how many cases the TDP government in its regime deferred the advices given by the ACB to initiate action against the corrupt officials. What is the action by your party.

8. In how many cases, the Congress government in its regime deferred the advices given by the ACB to initiate action against the corrupt officials. (How you have raised your voice in this regard).

These are few points I (including my party and the people of the state) wants to know your stand and the action taken by you and your party, so that the society can believe the persons, who are struggling hard for the welfare of common man.

Further, I request you to come for a “face to face” debate with me on these and other issues, in presence of print and electronic media under the supervision of journalists union on 15th November, 2009 at 11.00 A.M at the place fixed after consultation with the media heads.

I know you are too big a person to discuss with me and if it is so, kindly depute any person from your party so that we can clarify the things to people and also avoid further confrontation and unpleasant atmosphere which is not warranted. This discussion and debate is required to set a new example which is healthy and respectable to all political parties.

I hope you understand and agree for the debate.

C.V.L. Narasimha Rao.


  1. CVL Narasimha Rao garu, Hatsoff to you.

    You did a great job & thanks to you for giving a fitting reply to Revanth Reddy.

  2. Thanks Narasimharao garu,
    This is great move. We appreciate your response.
    Bala Chandar

  3. We need people like you in LSP. Hat's up.

  4. this a fitting reply ....
    never tolerate garbage from TDP or CONGRESS

  5. It is bit late but right thing to do. Show the strong response like this with all flase spead about LSP. Issue legal notices if possible to the websites & blogs like and If we cannot identify the blog writer, isue notices to the hosts so that they block the blogs. As bad words spread much faster than good, we should be very careful and strong enough against those activities. And at the same time, we should show our DIFFERENCE in protesting them through legal and constitutional way.

  6. I hope CVLN Rao is not wasting party funds in filing meaningless law suits on movie songs:

  7. Again same cvln rao against LSP what made him to change his views I think J P not paid money to him.