Saturday, November 21, 2009

Loksatta Pamphlet For GHMC (Telugu)


  1. people should open their eyes.

    present Media should work with the spirit of media at the of Freedom fight ,

    then only loksatta will won and people will come to power.

    Balaji - Katragadda

  2. If everyone should think and rethink before going to poling station, then cast the vote according to what soul truely says that is one and only one - LOKSATTA (We should govern by ourselves not by others).

    If we lose the chance tomorrow then you have to wait for 5 years, it results promoting alteast 125 dishonest people and to make suffer 5 Million fellow Indians which include you.

    Time, Chance and Word are precious and should be used properly.

    Vote for Loksatta and you are Winner.

    Kiran G.P