Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is there no place for the honest in politics, Lok Satta asks Chandrababu (Telugu)


  1. My honest opinion:
    We shouldn't appear defensive providing detailed explanation each and everytime a senseless allegation is made. Being on the defensive makes the party look weak. Once after providing a clarification, we should treat such repeated allegations with the contempt they deserve.

  2. But, it would be prudent for the party if it clarifies its stand on its internal dissenters. Otherwise, gossip sites become the only source of information:

  3. i don't accept with jujung
    sorry dude
    what i feel is
    after we have given a detailed explanation regarding everything we have done, there would be no chance for people such as chandra babu or who ever it is, to comment on LOKSATTA, with out proper reasons or proofs
    loksatta zindabad

  4. Pragathi nagar JP saar kindhee vundhaa?? vuntee road eenti alaa vunnaaai?? ..maramathhu kaaryakramaalu kooda em modhalu kaaleedhu..!! kaastha chudandi saar!!