Monday, November 16, 2009

Hyderabad belongs to all Of its residents: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan accused the TDP of resorting to gimmicks to hoodwink the electorate in the GHMC elections. “What have the GHMC elections to do with control of prices or declaration of a holiday for repayment of loans,” Dr. JP asked at a media conference. The TDP apparently believed that it could take the people for a ride since they are ignorant.

Dr. JP lambasted the TDP for offering protection to settlers in Hyderabad city by asserting there are no settlers in Hyderabad but only residents. People from all parts of the country have migrated and settled down here for decades since every citizen in this country has a right to live and work anywhere in the country as per the Constitution.

When Andhra Pradesh came into existence in 1956, the city’s population was about 500,000. Today, it is about nine million. “Hyderabad belongs to all of us. Let us build Hyderabad as a microcosm of the country, mirroring the composition of its people.”

Dr. JP did not spare the Congress either and wondered what the Congress meant by promising to develop Hyderabad as a global city. He also took exception to the Congress leaders’ propaganda that the corporation would get funds only if the ruling party was elected to power in the GHMC. Whichever party happened to be in power, the GHMC is entitled to get its share of funds.

Dr. JP said that the Lok Satta Party’s manifesto is unique in that it is the only party which has promised devolution of responsibilities, powers and resources on elected ward committees. “Without such people’s empowerment, their problems could not be resolved even if Dr. Manmohan Singh were to become the Mayor of Hyderabad.”

Dr. JP recalled Article 243 (S) of the Constitution provided for constitution of ward committees. Although the State also enacted a law providing for ward committees’ as a condition to avail of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission funds, it has not formed them. Neither the Congress nor the TDP believed in parting with real powers to people.

Dr. JP said that some parties’ promise to allocate tax revenue from every ward for works only in that ward was irrational since wards in which poor people live would be deprived of developmental works. That’s why the Lok Satta has proposed allocation of a per capita grant of Rs.1000 to each ward based upon its population.

Dr. JP unveiled plans to bring all the authorities – the HMDA, Metrtopolitan Water and Sewerage Board, Airport Authority, Quli Kutbshahi Authority, Buddha Poornima Authority and Transport Authority – under the umbrella of the GHMC.

The Lok Satta President said his party was committed to saving the city from land grabbers and goondas. It would save the city from the menace of mosquitoes, stray dogs and pigs. It would focus on solving traffic, transport and parking problems. It would provide training and livelihood and employment opportunities to the youth.

The Lok Satta, he said, would resolve people’s problems in a time-bound manner. The citizen would be compensated at the rate of Rs.100 per day for delay in service delivery.

Dr. JP disclosed that the State Election Commission has conceded his party’s request to relax the rule concerning appointment of polling agents. A polling agent need not necessarily be a voter in the same polling booth now, according to the relaxed rule.

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