Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lok Satta Party fulfills school Construction promise

The Lok Satta Party has set an example by adding three rooms to an upper primary school at a cost of Rs.300,000 in the flood-ravaged Kesavaram village in Aija mandal of Mahbubnagar district within a month of taking up the work.

The Lok Satta Party had adopted the village to undertake all-round development following the trail of destruction left by floods in River Tungabhadra on October 2. Most of the 400 houses in the village with a population of 2000 were damaged and four hundred acres of land was sand-cast. The Lok Satta Party undertook a comprehensive survey of the problems of the village and submitted a report to the Collector.

The Lok Satta Party deployed modern technology – Light Weight Construction Methodology introduced by LCM India Private Limited --to augment accommodation in the school by adding three class-rooms with a total plinth area of 1000 square feet to the existing four rooms in less than a month. Mr. G. V. Raghava Raju, Managing Director of LCM India and Secretary of the Lok Satta Party unit in Qutbullapur constituency, has stayed in the village for more than a month to supervise school construction.

The Lok Satta team in the village under the leadership of Mr. Raghava Raju, succeeded getting five unauthorized liquor outlets in the village shut down. As a result, most of the residents have stopped drinking. The team also worked with electricity authorities and got power supply restored and seven new transformers erected in place of damaged ones. They educated the village women who have been heavily dependent on micro finance at exorbitant interest to access bank loans at three percent interest.

Mrs. N. Saroja Devi, State Mahila Satta convener, and Mrs. K. Geetha Murthy, party spokesperson coordinated the activities in the village from the Hyderabad-end.

Giving this information at a media conference, party spokespersons Mrs. N. Saroja Devi, Mrs. K. Geetha Murthy, Mr. V. Vijayender Reddy and Mr. Bhisetty Babji said that while the Government was yet to initiate construction of houses for flood victims the Lok Satta fulfilled its promise.

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  1. I came to know about Dr. JP and the Lok Satta party only recently. I find it reassuring that such a politician lives amongst us in flesh and blood. I do hope Dr. JP's message will spread beyond the borders of Andhra Pradesh, many other capable and honest people will join him, and it will become a movement strong enough to challenge the stranglehold of corrupt, self-serving politicians on us.

    An individual based in Kolkata, I am going to try to spread information about Dr. JP and Lok Satta in my humble way. I have written about him on my blog