Saturday, January 24, 2009

District governments a panacea to Regional disparities: Dr. JP (Telugu)

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  1. Awareness is important, If we wan make people realize that what are the average taxes that they are paying per head ( Direct + Indirect ), and what has been spent for development, it will be come clear to the people what they want.

    While this article preached about district level governments, it is not giving any data except a sheer promise that loksatta will give grant of 1000/- per head to the local village governments, First I would like to day this is just wishful thinking as Loksatta is not even close enough to fight with conventional parties.

    Instead it is very important to make people aware what they are losing, in a village no one know how much they are paying to GOVT and how much Govt is spending on them in return in that what is effectiveness.

    It is important to tell every one what they are losing and make them realise how much they can benefit if they chose right choices.

    This is capitalistic world, you like it or not every one will think about immediate and long term gains and take appropriate choices with best of their abilities. If you can give data enough in simple language it will be more effective.

    Hope JP is not trying to teach a social class rather he is mobilizing public opinion. In people mind perception is reality.

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