Monday, January 26, 2009

Let us break our silence and transform India: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today called upon people to rededicate themselves to building a people-centered political system, the real objective behind forming a republic, by uprooting dynastic and monarchic rule. “Although the Constitution begins with the words ‘We the people of India,’ the real people enjoyed no powers as a few individuals or coteries monopolized all powers. As a result, the future of any child depended on the caste or the family in which it is born.

Addressing a meeting after unveiling the national flag at the party headquarters, Dr. JP said that the architects of Indian Independence unified India geographically for the first time in 5,000 years by integrating 500 princely States into the Indian Union in 250 days. But afraid of Hindu-Muslim rivalries and other narrow loyalties sapping the country’s unity, they sculpted India as a unitary and centralized State. Had they displayed a little more vision and patience, and formed India as a federation and empowered people by opting for strong local governments, India would have witnessed a thousand flowers in the shape of leaders blooming.

Dr. JP warned that the history that prevailed during the partition of the country would repeat itself if the people are not entrusted with powers to carve out their destiny. The Lok Satta, which has been striving for the last 12 years to empower people, would not rest until it achieves it goal undeterred by obstacles in the way. By conducting organizational elections through secret ballot, ensuring proportional representation to various sections in the party organization and forming district governments, the party has made some progress in accomplishing its goals.

“But history cannot be changed overnight. The road is long and arduous, more so for a party like the Lok Satta in the prevailing complex political situation. We should be prepared for a long-term struggle to build a society, which does not discriminate any child on the basis of its birth in a particular caste or religion or family and allow it to realize its true potential.”

“ A silent majority of voters- particularly the Youth, middle class, the women who are paying a heavy price in an unequal society, and the poor who are deprived of dignity and opportunity are seething with anger. Our republic has been stolen. Lok Satta has a historic role in mobilizing them and make the constitutional values real and tangible. The coming elections provide us a wonderful opportunity to lay the foundation of new politics for a new generation of Indians. All of India is ready for transformation. Andhra Pradesh will pave the way in 2009 for building a new India in which every child will fulfil her potential, no one will suffer from preventable causes, and all people enjoy dignity, opportunity and justice.”

Dr. JP appealed all citizens stand united, break their silence, and fight against injustice, brutality, corruption, poverty, prejudice and narrow divisions undermining our nationhood.

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