Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lok Satta Survey on Drinking Water

About 200 Lok Satta Party volunteers will be conducting a survey on the quality of drinking water in some 3000 poor people localities all over the Twin Cities and prepare a report within 48 hours (that is by Saturday) and place it before the public and the Government.

Announcing this, party spokesman Katari Srinivasa Rao told the media that the Lok Satta Party would make supply of safe drinking water an important issue in the upcoming Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. Polluted drinking water has become the bane of innumerable localities and not merely of Bholakpur where nine people died and nearly 200 were hospitalized.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao pointed out that it cost about Rs.25,000 officially to get a water connection, not to mention the huge bribes the applicant had to pay in Hyderabad city. Yet the authorities had failed to supply protected water.

The Lok Satta staged a street play at Indira Park highlighting the travails the common man is forced to undergo because of Government negligence in day-to-day life. To name a few, he has to live with open drains and manholes without covers, polluted air and unhygienic eating places, adulterated liquor and non-functioning streetlights.

Lok Satta Party leaders N. Ravinder, V. Rohit Kumar, CVL Narasimha Rao, A. Maharani, Dasari Ratnam and N. Ravinder Reddy took part in the event.

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  1. Please lets us also survey on the quality of drinking supplied by Private companies(ex. Kinley, super aqua etc...). As lots of Hyderabadies depend on water suppliers.

    -Ravindranath D