Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dr. YSR, a mass leader with enormous Popularity: Dr. JP (Telugu)


  1. I very well understand the respect for a departed soul.
    I want to clarify that Sonia and Manmohan's comments on Thursday(not Friday) as shown on NDTV were strictly talking about his seva to the party, his 2004 paadayatra and loss for the party. That is a clear indicator of their opinion contrary to popular belief that YSR is Sonia's favourite and all that.Compare this to JP's eulogy on YSR's 'TALLNESS' and concern for the poor and deprived.

    Secondly I am very angry that he wasted four other innocent lives along with his by ignoring the weather conditions.

    Forget the Biggest corruption; my biggest gripe is he created an unhealthy culture by lowering the standards of all walks of life : political; business; favouritsm of all forms including caste and religion;culture of bullying into submission; buying all values including politicians, GOs for anything and everything in a sentence a typical African dictator.He has created the greatest damage to the Andhra Society.Raastram emaina vaadi abba somma nachchina vadiki panchataniki??

    Sorry my friend:Mother earth is better off without him and people like him. I agree that there are thousands like him and they will continue to be as long as cheese cakes like you exist. I wish he did not die like this as people like JP are making him a martyr.

    Viplavaalaku vaagudu pittalu kaadu puli biddalu..

  2. When sincere and honest leader like Dr JP has himself given a good tribute to YSR, i now believe that YSR is true people's leader. The shear number of people who attended the camp office and idupulapaya just shows his popularity. People love his as a leader at a more personal level.

    I am really sad to see some people commenting negatively against YSR. What is the negative propoganda about? Dr. JP hasnt mentioned about corruption in YSR regime in this tribute. So why the hell some people are commenting about corruption here? This is not the right page for such comments. And guys, you dont get anything (i assume) by cursing or vandalising the image of a dead man. I sincerely pray his soul rest in peace.