Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honor commitment to BC, EBC students, Lok Satta tells Government

The Lok Satta Party today demanded the immediate payment of fees and grant of scholarships to backward class (BC) and economically backward class (EBC) students. Lakhs of BC and EBC students are gripped by agony over the Government delay in fulfilling the promises it had made.

Talking to the media, party spokesmen Katari Srinivasa Rao, V. Laxman Balaji and E. Chennayya said the Government which sought to gain political mileage by announcing a hike in scholarship amounts for BC students and fee reimbursement to EBC students, did not the same alacrity in implementing the decision even four months after the start of the academic year.

They wanted the Government to issue immediate orders without falling back on technicalities like reconciliation of vote on account and full budget allocations to explain away the unwarranted delay. They suggested that the budgetary allocations for payment of fees and grant of scholarships be doubled so that every eligible student derived the benefit. Application collection from old and new students should be accelerated and enough staff deputed to bring about coordination between college managements and bank branches, the party demanded.

The spokesmen pointed out that 95 percent of weaker section students did not go beyond school education and consequently could not avail of Government benefits for higher education. The Government should, therefore, strengthen school education and enable everyone to have free and quality education without reference to caste, religion and economic status.

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