Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lok Satta launches Upadhyaya Satta

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today launched the party’s teachers’ wing – Upadhyaya Satta – with the triple objective of improving educational standards, restoring respect to teachers and ensure equal opportunities to every child without any discrimination to realize its potential.

Dr. JP, who unveiled the Upadhyaya Satta’s logo to mark the inauguration of the organization, said there is no society in the world which has registered progress without education. Teachers are the wealth of any society.

Dr. JP pointed out that 42 poor families in Allapur of Balanagar mandal in Hyderabad city today faced eviction from their houses because they happened to be illiterate. They had bought the sites 27 years ago, constructed houses, and paid taxes; yet some land grabbers sought to throw them out.

Dr. JP regretted that many schools and junior colleges went without buildings, teachers and basic facilities like toilets and drinking water. Given to worshipping money and muscle power, the society has ceased to hold teachers in high esteem as in the past.

Because of its skewed priorities, the State Government spent Rs.2300 crore on scholarships and fee reimbursement to students benefiting mostly corporate institutions but would not allocate even Rs.100 crore to provide basic facilities in them.

Pointing out that the State would be receiving Rs.710 crore under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan, Dr. JP wanted the State Government to utilize part of the funds for provision of basic amenities in schools and junior colleges.

Prof. S. Vijayakumar, President and Mr. M. Sattibabu, General Secretary of the Upadhyaya Satta, said that they had chosen to associate themselves with the Lok Satta Party because no other party attached as much importance as the Lok Satta to the education sector. They asserted that their organization would be different from the 25-odd other teachers’ organizations in the State. Mr. G. Raja Reddy, Lok Satta Party General Secretary, would liaison with the Upadhyaya Satta.

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