Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ethical politics alone will end Corruption: Dr. JP (Telugu)


  1. why common man so silent this eminent personalities fighting against corruption for our better future only. One thing should remember every common man of India if you think there is no problem for you with this dirty politics means …. We are literate also we are equalant to illiterates . this eminent personalities are in well position for them and their family there is no problem. They smelled if the same situation continues some more years there is no future for everyone here means in this country …. With service nature …. Only they are coming out and fighting on behalf of us… they dedicated their life for us… we should aware … the same thing Mahatma Gandhi did when first freedom fight . Mr. JP , Limgdo , Baba Ramdev , Kiran bedi , Anna Hazare … etc doing because they know the present necessity

  2. All political parties should follow the path laid by mahatma gandhi.But presently political leaders are not serious about the future of Bharath.Every one should fight against coruption. venugopal surydevara madhira