Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keep off Indian judiciary, Dr. JP Tells European Union

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprkash Narayan today took strong exception to the European Union sending a team to monitor the bail hearing of human rights activist Dr. Binayak Sen at the Chattisgarh High Court in Bilasapur.

“India is not a banana republic to warrant such visits,” said Dr. JP in a media statement. India is a robust democracy with an exceptional record in preserving liberty both among developing and developed countries. Successive Governments in India have not fought shy of taking corrective action whenever human rights are violated, and the judiciary addressing instances of miscarriage of justice. India has a wonderful institution in the Supreme Court to preserve individual liberty and human rights.

Dr. JP recalled that the Lok Satta has already appealed to the judiciary to “fast track the appeal of Dr. Binayak Sen and ensure that justice is not only done but seen to be done. The Indian judiciary is more than capable of addressing the issue. We do not require to be taught lessons on rule of law or natural justice by meddlesome foreigners.”

Dr. JP said excessive exuberance on the part of the European Union to monitor the working of the Indian judiciary, known for its competence and transparency, was unwarranted. Indian public institutions and civil society are fully capable of meeting the challenges in preserving constitutional order and protecting our liberties.

Even indigenous groups zealous of protecting human rights should recognize that there is a clear line between protecting human rights and preserving the nation’s self-respect.

Dr. Binayak Sen had been sentenced to life imprisonment for sedition a month ago.


  1. "Keep off" not "keep of"

  2. Who are these european delegates to interfere in indian affairs, every one should oppose this move. Let everyone give their voice to send these people back into their countries.

  3. There are 1.2 billion people in india to think about this situation and 400 more tv channels to report on this and to make people understand and get idea about Dr.Binayak Sen's struggle, WE don't need any other country to interfere and give opinions on this. How the govt. allowed them into the country, it is against INDIAN SOVEREIGNTY.
    Every one should oppose this.

  4. First Anonymous,
    Thanks for pointing the mistake. It is corrected now.