Sunday, March 27, 2011

Countdown for Clean Politics in Tamil Nadu!

Elections in Tamil Nadu… Mega scams, blatant corruption, nepotism and family rule. A tsunami of freebies…utterly shameless bribing of voters in the name of poll promises. Money-and-muscle power politics in the State: now ‘certified’ by Wiki leaks itself! Don’t we deserve better than all these?

Time for Clean & Honest Politics

Lok Satta Party - Makkal Sakthi: New Politics for the New Generation

Lok Satta Party (LSP) is contesting elections in Tamil Nadu. Known also as Makkal Sakthi (‘People Power’) in this southern State, it stands for clean & honest politics, curbing corruption (remember the famous Zero-Rupee Note campaign?) and government that actually works for the citizens. More than 50 eminent citizens are contesting elections on behalf of the party as people’s candidates. A number of reputed voluntary organizations fighting against corruption and reforms groups led by eminent citizens too have joined this landmark effort.

Join, Support & Make a Contribution. Today!

You can join the efforts, become a member or register as a supporter. Make a contribution to Makkal Sakthi directly or through Lok Satta Party (LSP). Just visit or websites and click on the ‘Contribute’ link: make a quick, easy, safe and secure contribution to Lok Satta Party or Makkal Sakthi from anywhere in the world. You can donate via e-transfer, credit card, cheque or cash (LSP office addresses are in the website). All contributions will be immediately acknowledged and receipt will be given. All contributions are 100% exempt from income tax in India.

Become an Election Volunteer/Media Team Member

You and your friends can become our Election Volunteer (field campaigner) in Tamil Nadu today. You can also join the TN LSP Media Team and help coordinate the campaign efforts in the State. Spread the word about LSP: Makkal Sakthi among your friends everywhere and through various media: Twitter, Facebook, online groups or even plain old email! Call your friends and family in Tamil Nadu and tell them to support and vote for LSP:Makkal Sakthi in the April 2011 elections.

The next two weeks are undoubtedly crucial for the future of Tamil Nadu. Every vote for LSP: Makkal Sakthi is a vote against politics of freebies, blatant corruption, incompetence, nepotism and dynastic rule. The ongoing campaigns against corruption are leading to a noticeable upsurge in support for Lok Satta Party: Makkal Sakthi, and new people are joining everyday with their ideas, energy, time, enthusiasm and resources. If this trend continues, the 'long journey' for reforming Indian politics and ending corruption may not be such a long one after all! Meaningful change is now within reach.

Please visit or now for more details on:

  • Lok Satta Party: Makkal Sakthi in Tamil Nadu
  • Candidates, constituencies, agenda and activities
  • Making a contribution, supporting the cause and spreading the word
  • Joining the cause and becoming a volunteer with the Party/candidates

Lok Satta Party: Makkal Sakthi’s New Political Culture and Clean Politics are not mere ideas. Tamil Nadu needs them today. And in turn, we need your support now to make real change in this State possible.

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan
President, Lok Satta Party

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  1. I feel this information has come little late. Still its worth working towards the direction. If the party's vision is "to keep the politics clean" (though its not so easy to do that) at least to come extent it will be nice to see the learned, and clean and young get into the field.
    I will support.