Friday, March 11, 2011

Let demolishers re-install statues: Lok Satta

Severely condemning the demolition of statues, and attacks on media and Members of Parliament on the occasion of ‘Million March’ on Tank Bund in Hyderabad on March 10, the Lok Satta Party said today there is no place for anarchy, destruction and violence in democracy and that people should pursue their legitimate causes peacefully and constitutionally. Those leading agitations should realize that violence and destruction would ultimately be counterproductive.

In a media statement, Lok Satta Party Working President D. V. V. S. Varma said that destruction of 16 of the 33 statues of Telugu legendary figures on Tank Bund could not be wished away as coincidental or collateral since the demolishers had come prepared with the requisite tools to carry out their diabolical mission. Some people had earlier kicked up a row over the statues describing them as symbols of cultural imperialism. Taking pledges at the statue of Pothana, author of the Bhagavatam in Telugu, and demolishing the statue of Yerrapragada, the author of the Mahabharatam in Telugu, merely exposed the cultural bankruptcy of the participants. Neither Mahabharatam nor Bhagavatam can be de-linked from Telugu culture.

Mr. Varma said that it was not proper for a Government, which could not protect the statues to assert it would re-install them. “We will be doing great disservice to the Telugu legendary figures as long as there are iconoclasts on the one side and installers on the other and as long police have to be deployed to safeguard their statues. Only when the demolishers deemed the statutes as forming part of our cultural legacy, their reinstallation will be appropriate.”

Whoever might have physically demolished the statues, the organizers of Million March would have to take responsibility for the March 10 incidents. It would be in the fitness of things if they take the initiative for re-installation of the demolished statues, Mr. Varma added.

Mr. Varma asked people to maintain restraint and not display passion in the wake of such unfortunate incidents.


  1. Absolutely, Why should public money need to be spent by the govt when somebody else destructed it, Let KCR, Kodandaram pay for it.

  2. Whether govt or not, they should be installed only when Telangana activists and leaders heart fully feel that statues are appropriate and they condemn the attacks not for the sake of media. No point in forcing them and encouraging them to attack again.

  3. As long as people dont change there mind set, how many ever statues been rebuilt, this case would happen again...Y cant people just think they were born as human with humanity first and rest all comes later. Governement truely is responsible for all this. This is what happens when they give party ticket to every illiterate heads..
    JP's speach inspires a lot atleast people can listen and act upon...

  4. For your information Saji(I mean no offence, but urge you to come out of the cliches like you have mentioned) 85% of our MLAs have a minimum of a degree. They are not illeterate. Please do not talk about changing mindsets. It is not the right attitude. We need to demand for a functioning govt machinery. If we could only punish the guilty and reward the rightful there is no need to change mindsets. period.
    Please see this JPs speech