Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dr. JP terms swoop on Baba Ramdev As brutal and bizarre

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan termed the police’s midnight swoop with batons and teargas on a sleeping Baba Ramdev and thousands of his peaceful and unarmed supporters at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi as brutal and draconian. Even a third rate dictatorship would not resort to such bizarre actions Dr. JP fumed at a media conference here.

Dr. JP said that spokespersons of the Delhi and the Union Governments were indulging in sophistry when they claimed that Baba Ramdev’s fast at the Ramlila Maidan was unauthorized since he had permission to conduct only a yoga camp.

The entire nation knew that Baba Ramadev was going to fast from June 4 and that was precisely why the Prime Minister rushed four Union Ministers to the airport to dissuade Baba Ramdev from going on fast.

Dr. JP accused the ruling establishment of trying to deflect attention from Baba Ramdev’s crusade against corruption and black money by tarring him with the communal brush. The fight against corruption could not be dubbed communal simply because a leader of a particular community led it. Why did Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Co negotiate with him if Baba Ramdev were communal?

If Mr. Baba Ramdev was a thug or a criminal as senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh described him, Dr. JP asked why the Government had not acted against him so far.

It was ridiculous that politicians who spent crores of rupees of black money in elections would now like to know wherefrom Baba Ramdev received crores of rupees for his agitation. One in public life has to be transparent in receiving money, accounting for it, and utilizing it for the purpose for which one received it. No recipient can testify that the donor is a Mahatma Gandhi, he said.

Dr. JP said the Government’s failure to respond to people’s revulsion against corruption and black money brought them on to streets, countering the argument that legislation cannot be decided in streets. Why had the Government taken six years to ratify the international convention against corruption? Why had the Government not constituted an independent and powerful Lok Pal for decades to combat corruption? Should people remain silent when Governments and legislatures fail to discharge their duties?

Dr. JP said that the Governments both at the Center and in the States have lost touch with people and realities. Consequently, they are displaying panic and bravado alternately. They are not serious about fighting corruption but interested only in silencing those fighting against corruption.

Dr. JP demanded that the Union Government convene Parliament immediately and spell out how it is going to recover the illegal money secreted abroad and eradicate corruption.

Dr. JP described the Delhi developments as a wake up call for all people to come together transcending their loyalties to region and religion, language and caste and fight against corruption and black money and for probity in public life.

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